Unveiling The Smallest Lake in The World

If you’re looking for the Smallest Lake in The World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Smallest Lake in The World.

After seeing the rivers and lakes, people will be attracted by their tallness and majesty, so people are always dissatisfied. These larger tourist attractions have been seen, so can you find a small but meaningful tourist attraction? For some tourists, it is impossible to appreciate the beauty of mountains without being a fan of climbing, so one always looks forward to finding a unique place to visit. Here we will know about the smallest lake in the world.

Name of The Smallest Lake in The World

In the impression of ordinary people, any lake that can be called a lake, not to mention boundless, must at least have the appearance of thousands of square meters. Normally, if it is about 100 square meters, we call it a pond.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the smallest lake in the world because it only has an area of ​​15 square meters. Originally, Benxi Lake was not called this name, but Cup Rhino Lake. Later, it was renamed Benxi Lake.

smallest lake in the world

There is a very strange phenomenon here. It is said that when it enters the lake in May every year, the lake water will flow out continuously, and then it will mix with the artificial lake in the park. Finally, when the water flow is very strong, it will flow to the Taizi River. In winter, the water will slowly decrease, and the whole lake will look very beautiful. There are more and more tourists visiting the world’s smallest lake, from which the city of Benxi got its name.

About The Smallest Lake in The World

Among the many scenic spots, Benxi Lake is indeed an exquisite one, and it is also a special one. Although it is called a lake, it is not the largest or the most famous, but it is the smallest lake in the world. People may not be so interested in hearing this, because they have never heard of such an exquisite tourist attraction in the world.

However, Benxi Lake is a pool of water, also called a lake, which is located under the cliff of Woyun Mountain in the back lake of Benxi City. Xueling Valley found that it is different from other lakes in that it is confined in a limestone cave. The lake is shaped like a rhinoceros horn, wide on the outside and narrow on the inside. The water’s surface is less than 15 square meters, making it the smallest lake in the world.

smallest lake in the world

In order to increase the popularity of Benxi Lake, a beautiful Benxi Lake Park was built around Benxi Lake. It’s different, it’s organized, and it’s very interesting. The park is free, so many people will come here to play, and it is also convenient for people to come here to enjoy it when it is open all day. It is indeed a rare leisure to be surrounded by cliffs and green pines and cypresses.

There is also a limestone cave inside the park, known as the Dragon Cave, which is more than 200 meters long and has a very peculiar stalactite landscape. The rocks in the cave have different postures, and some even resemble the shape of Arhats, so they are so lifelike that they are called Arhat Caves. People can sneak into the cave to watch it carefully, without admiring the magic of nature.

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Just 15 square meters in size, then why is it called a lake?

Benxi Lake is different. It is 15 square meters, which is inherently unusual. I believe that many friends who heard it for the first time were very surprised: why is it called a lake? I heard that there are several local theories.

Some Locals say, The old people here said that it was because a celebrity wrote a stone inscription at the entrance of the lake in Benxi Lake: Liaodong Benxi Lake, so it spread, and everyone called it that, let it take its course.

Some Locals say The geological structure and formation reasons of Benxi Lake are very complicated, and it has high research value. If it is called by other names, the characters will not pay so much attention to it, so it is called “lake”. This view is often expressed by local educated people.

Some Locals say, Although Benxi Lake has a small water surface area, its water flow is very large, which is no different from ordinary lakes, so it is called that. This is what some local officials say.

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It is said that drinking a few sips of spring water can also cure diseases

In 1984, pavilions, stone ladders, and some cultural relics exhibition halls were newly built here in Benxi Lake, which gave Benxi Lake a different kind of scenery. There is a small pavilion on Benxi Lake, and a short arch bridge connects the distance between the pavilion and the lake shore. Everyone can go to the pavilion to enjoy the cool and rest in their free time.

On the right side of the lake is the Cihang Temple, which is the Guanyin Temple built in the late Ming Dynasty. It was rebuilt in the seventh year of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty and the 19th year of the Republic of China and was renamed Cihang Temple.

There is an endless stream of people visiting and traveling here every day. They drink a few sips of holy water when they play to keep their bodies from getting sick, and they burn incense in the temple to pray for the safety of their families. An aunt who came here to drink water told Xuelinggu that the old people said that the water here can cure diseases, so they come here every day to bring water home to drink. As for whether it is a physiological effect or a real cure, only these people know in their hearts, but Xue Linggu does not agree with this statement.

There are also dozens of springs, large and small, in the area from the west of Benxi Lake to Houhu Park. Some are geysers, while others are gushing all year round. These springs are like the milk of Mother Earth, nurturing the people of Benxi.


Benxi Lake has different scenic spots all year round. No matter what season it is, it will make you feel worthwhile. In addition to enjoying the beautiful lake view here, the focus is on the special scenery here. Whenever I mention the smallest word, I believe you will think of Benxi Lake as the smallest lake in the world, and you will be proud of being here.

Have you heard of the smallest lake in the world – Benxi Lake? Have you been to this attraction? What do you think of this lake? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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