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1. The copyright content defined by Article Bar includes: text, pictures, charts, logos, page layouts, and other information. All such content is protected by copyright, labeling, and other property ownership laws.

2. The copyright of the works in each column of this site belongs to the author of the article. If newspapers and publishers plan to select the works of each column of this site, please contact the author himself. Newspapers and publishers that reproduce works must pay remuneration and send sample newspapers (periodicals) in accordance with the “Copyright Law of India”. In case of unauthorized reprinting without payment of remuneration, the author of the article has the right to sue the law.

3. If the online media reprints the works of this site, the name of the author of the article should be indicated, and the reprinted from the “article bar” ( website.

4. The articles on our site adopt the creative commons copyright CC BY-NC-ND/2.5/CN license agreement. Any submitted article indicates that the author authorizes the article to its various self-media accounts, website columns, and various copyright information deal with.

5. For the content with the special statement, the statement in the content shall prevail.

User Privacy

1. Personal data
The article bar is obliged to keep the user’s registration information confidential, respect the user’s personal privacy, not to disclose, edit or disclose their registration information without the authorization of the legitimate user, and the article bar does not disclose the user’s name, address, e-mail address and ID number and other user information.

2. Non-personalized information of users
We will collect non-personalized information through your IP address, such as the nature of your browser, type of operating system, etc., to optimize the pages displayed on your computer screen. By collecting the above information, we also conduct traffic statistics to improve the management and services of the website.

3. Information security
This website will strictly manage and protect the information you provide. This website will use corresponding technologies to prevent your personal information from being lost, stolen, or tampered with. This website entrusts professional and technical personnel to modify the relevant information of users when necessary to meet the needs of the era of the professional division of labor. If this website communicates the computer notice to you, and you do not express your objection within the time specified in the notice, this website will presume that you have agreed. But the user can apply to end the user service.

4. User rights
You have the following rights with regard to your personal data: to inquire and request to read at any time; to request supplementation or correction at any time; to request deletion at any time; to request to stop computer processing and utilization. For the above rights, this website provides you with related services, you can leave us a message.

5. Principle of Restriction of Utilization
The non-public content saved by users in the article bar, unless there is a legal requirement or the article bar believes that it can be disclosed on the basis of good faith, is necessary to disclose in the following four situations:

(1) Compliance with Relevant legal regulations, follow the legal service procedures of the article;

(2) strive to maintain the privacy and security of users and the general public in emergency situations;

(3) meet other relevant requirements.

7. Public forums and speeches

This website provides you with the service of speeches. In this area, any information you publish will become public information. We remind and ask you to carefully consider whether it is necessary to disclose your relevant information in these areas.

8. This website does not need to assume any responsibility in the following cases:

(1) Any personal data leakage caused by informing others of your user password or sharing your registered account with others

(2) Any due to hacker political attacks, computer Leakage, loss, theft, or tampering of personal data caused by force majeure that affects the normal operation of the network, such as virus intrusion or outbreak, temporary shutdown due to government control, etc.

(3) Personal data leakage caused by other websites linked to this website and any legal disputes and consequences arising therefrom. The privacy protection statement of this website and its right to modify and update are all articles.