17 Animals That Saved Humans Lives in Times of Danger

If you’re looking for the Animals That Saved Humans Lives, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the 17 Animals That Saved Humans Lives in Times of Danger.

It is said that animals are human beings, and sometimes they will do things that surprise and even move us. We tend to attribute “humanity” to the cats and dogs we more commonly see, but in many cases, even wild animals and even some beasts may help humans. Here are 17 animals that saved humans in special ways.

17 Animals That Saved Humans Lives

Animals in nature are amazing. They can be cute, funny, dirty, or ferocious. Importantly, there are some animals that remain loyal to humans and even save human lives without hesitation. Through today’s article, we bring together 17 animals that saved humans in dangerous moments.

1. Tiger saves man from leopard attack

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

Zookeeper Eduardo Serio works for the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation in Mexico. Here, various big cats live together in large enclosed areas, so they have more space to socialize and run around.

One day, Eduardo was playing with a group of lions. The lions were enjoying everything very easily. According to the footage recorded by the camera, a jaguar seemed to be about to pounce on Eduardo in a hunting posture. At this moment, another tiger next to Eduardo discovered all this, quickly rushed into the jaguar, and stopped its attack. Eduardo discovered the situation and finally avoided the leopard’s sudden attack.

In fact, the way cats hunt in the wild has this characteristic. They will quietly approach their prey, hide by the plants around the prey, wait for the right time, rush forward, and attack the prey’s neck from behind. Of course, it’s possible that this jaguar in captivity was just playing and not actually attacking Eduardo, but we can’t leave anything to chance. In any case, the tiger’s behavior resolved the danger that might have existed.

2. The dog defeated the puma and saved two girls

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

The Argentine Togo is a hunting dog that was originally bred to hunt wild boar and defend against cougar, so the lethality of this dog cannot be underestimated. They are strong and alert and will protect their owners to the death if necessary. In 2008, a Dogo named Morel proved just how loyal and powerful these dogs can be.

At that time, its two young owners, girls Julie and Sophie, were playing in the large pasture. They climbed up a fig tree and planned to pick some figs to eat. Unexpectedly, a puma appeared in front of them. At this critical moment, Morel the dog rushed out and started fighting with the cougar. Later, the child’s father Thomas arrived at the scene and took out a knife to kill the puma while Morel and the puma were biting each other. Although Morell was injured, the injury was not serious. More importantly, his appearance saved the two girls.

3. A parrot saved a two-year-old child

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

Usually, we cannot leave young children alone for too long because they are not yet able to take good care of themselves. There are too many cases to prove this. In the United States, a nanny named Megan Howard in Denver, Colorado had just run to the bathroom when she heard her parrot named Willy flapping its wings and screaming loudly. She knew the parrot’s behavior must be an attempt to get her attention.

It turned out that the family’s two-year-old child, Hannah, began to turn gray and behave abnormally. And the parrot noticed everything and made a squealing sound that he didn’t usually make. Then it kept saying “Mom, baby!” After the nanny rushed out, it was discovered that the child was stuck in the food and could not breathe. Later, the nanny performed the Heimlich maneuver and ultimately saved the two-year-old child. In recognition of what this parrot has done, the local government also issued a Red Cross medal as a reward.

4. Dolphins save fisherman whose boat sank

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

In 2002, 36-year-old Australian fisherman Grant Dixon was sailing off the coast of Queensland, Australia, when his fishing boat sank. The ship sank in rough seas near Dunk Island after its nets became tangled in seaweed.

After the fishing boat sank, he tried to swim back to land, but Grant was injured and bleeding. The blood seemed to attract a shark, which began swimming around it, much to Grant’s horror. Just then, a pod of dolphins appeared and chased the shark away. Grant continued to drift in the Pacific until he was rescued by a crew member.

5. The gorilla who rescues the little boy in the zoo

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

In 1986, a little boy fell into the gorilla enclosure at a zoo in New Jersey, USA. The boy, Levin Merritt, the youngest of four Merritt children, visited the zoo that summer with his parents and three siblings. After spending some time exploring the zoo, the family headed towards the gorilla habitat.

While watching, Levin accidentally fell from a height of 6 meters into the gorilla’s habitat. He lay motionless on the ground because of broken bones. At this moment, a 2-meter-tall silverback gorilla named Jambo noticed the little boy. It began to approach him, reached out and touched him, and looked around in panic. He then began petting Levin and stood guard between Levin and the other gorillas. Later, Levine regained consciousness and began screaming and crying loudly, but Jambo still did not harm him. Later, zoo officials entered the location and removed the boy from the scene.

6. A pod of dolphins protects a family

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

Stories of dolphins rescuing swimmers stranded in the ocean are not uncommon. But this story about a pod of dolphins saving swimmers from a shark attack is worth telling. In 2004, a New Zealand lifeguard named Rob Howes was swimming with his daughter and her friends when some dolphins suddenly appeared. At first, House thought the dolphins were just playing. However, the dolphins drove them together and formed a circle around them. When they saw a great white shark swimming away from them, they realized that the dolphins were protecting them. The dolphins protected them for nearly 40 minutes until the sharks left, and they finally made it back to shore safely.

7. Beluga rescues diver

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

At the Northeast Polar Terrestrial Aquarium in China, a young diver participating in a competition was saved by a beluga whale living there.

A young diver, one of seven finalists, hoped to get a job training whales at the facility but ended up running into trouble. When she was about to swim back to the shore from the water, her feet cramped. At this time, a beluga whale named Mira noticed the abnormality grabbed her legs, and pushed her to the surface.

8. Bear saves human from mountain lion

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

In 2012, a 69-year-old Northern California man named Robert Biggs was attacked by a mountain lion while hiking. During his hike, he encountered a mother bear and her cub on the banks of a creek. When he finished admiring the bear family, he planned to turn around and leave but was attacked by a puma that suddenly appeared. He began to resist, and at this dangerous moment, the female bear began to step forward. The female bear threw the puma to the ground and began to fight with him. Robert took this opportunity and quickly fled the scene.

9. The beaver keeps the little boy warm

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

While many stories about beavers focus on how they use trees along shorelines to build dams that destroy wetland habitats, a beaver in Ontario, Canada, saved a little boy’s life. While he was out camping with his parents, the boy decided to stay on shore while his parents went out on a fishing expedition.

Unfortunately, the young boy watched his parents’ ship sink and drown, and there was nothing he could do. The helpless boy tried to walk to the nearest town to find help. As the boy walked late into the night, he lay down on the ground and fell asleep. When he woke up, he unexpectedly felt the furry warmth next to him. He initially thought it was a dog, but soon discovered it was three wild beavers clinging to him. If it weren’t for the beavers keeping him warm, he likely wouldn’t have survived the cold night.

10. The cat saved the sick girl

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

Some people like to say that dogs are man’s best friend, but this cat named Pudding and his owner Amy Yong might not agree. One winter, after Pudding was adopted by a new family, Amy, the hostess who suffered from Type I diabetes, began to have convulsions while sleeping that night. She didn’t realize her blood sugar had begun to plummet while she slept.

Surprisingly, her chest remained warm as Pudding lay on her chest and patted her face gently with his paws. Next, the cat started barking, which was enough to wake Amy up and let her know she was in danger. The cat started running into other rooms, waking Amy’s son up. Amy quickly called her father who was on a business trip. Under his father’s instructions, he gave his mother medicine, thus saving her mother.

11. The lion pride that protected the little girl

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

In 2005, in Bita Jinet, Ethiopia, a 12-year-old girl was kidnapped and beaten by a group of men as they tried to force her into marriage. She was missing for seven days as her worried family tried to find her. When police finally arrived at the scene, they found her surrounded by a pride of lions.

It is said that when the attackers started hurting the girl, the girl started crying and the lions appeared out of nowhere, scared the men away, and protected the girl ever since. According to police, when they arrived, the lion had just left the girl and returned to the forest.

12. Dog saved drowning baby girl in swimming pool

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

The easiest animals to help humans are naturally those smart animals that often stay with humans, such as dogs. Sometimes, some pet owners will pretend to be in distress to test their dog’s reaction. In this scene, the little girl at home pretends to be drowning in the swimming pool. As a result, the family’s dog quickly jumped into the pool after discovering it, swam toward the little girl, and pulled her to the shore.

13. The dolphin that saved the surfer

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

You may have heard that dolphins are smart and that they are able to interact with humans. But dolphins are also constantly helping humans. One surfer named Todd Enders was helped. The surfer, who had several years of surfing experience, chose a more dangerous surfing area. Unfortunately, he suddenly encountered a shark attack. Todd resisted with all his strength. Just when he almost exhausted his strength and didn’t know what to do, a miracle happened. Some dolphins appear out of nowhere and protect Todd from further attacks by sharks.

14. The elephant saved the girl from the tsunami

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

In 2004, British girl Amber, who was only 8 years old at the time, was on holiday in Thailand with her mother, where they stayed for four weeks. Every morning, Amber feeds and plays with an elephant, a 4-year-old named Ning Nong. What she probably didn’t expect was that the elephant would later save her life. One day, many people came to the seabed where the water had receded to pick up fish, but Ningnong seemed to feel threatened. It began to become restless and quickly ran inland. Not even the animal trainer can stop it from doing this.

It was this animal instinct that saved Amber and her trainer as they stayed with the elephant Ninnon. When the tsunami came, the elephant kept running away with Amber and did not stop until it found a small wall. It squeezed itself next to the stone shelf, withstood the strong pressure of the rising water, and also helped Amber Climb to a higher, safer area.

15. The pig that saved its owner from a heart attack

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

When talking about smart animals, many people don’t think of pigs, but pigs can also save people. A pet pot-bellied pig named Lulu saved her owner, Jo Ann Otsman. She accidentally suffered a heart attack while her husband was fishing and failed to notice her. The only one besides him was Lulu. When the pet pig found its owner lying on the floor, it realized something was wrong and ran outside and straight into the road to try to attract attention. One of the onlookers and angry car drivers, curious about the pig’s risk-taking behavior, followed Lulu into the house, found Otsman lying on the ground, and rescued her.

16. The puppy that rescued a 3-year-old girl

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

In 2017, a crossbreed dog named Peanut began barking uncontrollably at his home in Escanaba, Michigan. It ran up and down the stairs at home, barking, and didn’t stop until its owner followed it out. When the door opened, the dog darted into a clearing behind the house, stopped in front of a ditch, and looked back at its owner. At first, the dog owner wanted to pull the dog back, but when he took a closer look, he found a naked little girl curled up and shaking. Later, the man called the police while taking care of the child.

17. Golden retriever who fought a cougar to save a boy

Animals That Saved Humans Lives

There is a lucky boy in Canada who was not attacked by a mountain lion because of the protection of his family’s golden retriever. At that time, the 11-year-old boy named Austin was walking outside to collect firewood from his backyard. Suddenly a cougar appeared and ran toward the boy. At this time, the family’s golden retriever bravely rushed out and fought with the cougar. The boy returned to the house and told his mother that a cougar was eating the family’s dog. Austin’s mother quickly called the police. Fortunately, a police officer arrived quickly and shot the cougar. The golden retriever had some very serious injuries to his head and neck, but nothing fatal.


These were the 17 animals that saved humans lives. There are many magical events related to animals in this world. Have you heard of these rare things?

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