The Top 10 Worst Injuries in Football History

If you’re looking for the Worst Injuries in Football History, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the 10 Worst Injuries in Football History.

Since the beginning of the world, humans have always desired conquest. It is an undeniable part of human nature. Their basic goal is to achieve success in whatever field of life they are in. However, one never wins. Failure is inevitable. Sometimes this failure is due to the actions of the person, sometimes it is due to luck. For example, in soccer, players push and push to win the ball from opposing players and engage in physical contact with them. Most of the time, these things don’t matter, but in some cases, these issues are enough to put a player’s career in jeopardy.

Injuries like this also put a player’s entire life at risk. Some of these injuries heal over time, and some stay with them forever and they never get the chance to play again. In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 worst injuries in football that shocked the football community around the world.

10 Worst Injuries in Football History

10. Henrik Larsson

top 10 worst injuries in football history

Henrik is a Swede who has played for Celtic for most of his career. On October 21, 1999, Celtic broke both legs during a match against Lyon in France. The initial thought was that his career was over, but he underwent surgery in Glasgow and was ruled out for more than eight months. After returning from injury, Larsson scored 53 goals in all competitions and won the European Golden Boot.

9. Alan Smith

top 10 worst injuries in football history

In February 2006, the England national team was also facing quite dangerous injuries. Manchester United played against Liverpool in the FA Cup. He blocked an opponent player’s shot because his foot did not fall accurately, resulting in a broken leg and a dislocated ankle. He had to stay out of the game for seven months and on his return, he was able to win the Premier League. He joined Newcastle United in 2006 and made 94 appearances.

8. Kieron Dyer

top 10 worst injuries in football history

Dyer also suffered a fatal injury during the Carabao Cup tie between West Ham and Bristol. He suffered a two-point fracture in his leg and was ruled out for the remainder of the season. His career has seen many ups and downs since then, with the Englishman’s inability to adjust to a diminishing list of injuries taking a toll on his self-confidence. His career ended in 2012 when he returned to his original club Ipswich Town as academy coach.

7. Djibril Cisse

top 10 worst injuries in football history

Cisse can be considered one of the unlucky players when it comes to injuries. He suffered two back injuries. In the 2004-05 Premier League season, he suffered his first injury against Liverpool and Blackburn Rovers. His boot got caught on the grass and he had to endure a broken tibia and fibula. Initial speculation was that he might not join the team for more than seven months. It was later discovered that he may have lost his leg after the coach did not point to him immediately after the incident. After his return in a friendly match against China, he became unbalanced and his leg was twisted. He was again excluded from the 2006 World Cup.

6. Luc Nilis

top 10 worst injuries in football history

Nilis was his top scorer for PSV in the 1996-97 season, and when he joined Aston Villa, fans had high expectations for him, but he didn’t have good luck. His career ended at the age of 33 when he suffered a broken leg during a match between Aston Villa and Ipswich Town. He then joined the coaching staff of the PSV team and then became the assistant manager of the Turkish club.

5. Eduardo da Silva

top 10 worst injuries in football history

Another inclusion is Brazilian striker Eduardo, who suffered a fractured fibula and dislocated ankle against Birmingham City. Martin Taylor’s tackle proved to be horrific and he and Taylor were immediately sent off. His injury was serious and Sky Sports decided not to show a replay of the incident. He was unable to join his team for nearly 12 months, finally returning against Cardiff City in February 2009.

4. Petr Cech

top 10 worst injuries in football history

It is generally believed that only the outfield players are at risk of injury in this game. But during a Premier League match against Reading, the goalkeeper suffered a serious injury in October 2006. As he was defending Chelsea’s goal in his half, he collided with an opponent and received a blow to the head. After several minutes of treatment, he eventually had to be replaced with another goalkeeper who had been injured in the same game. Cech has been advised to stay out of the game for at least three months and has had several outstanding performances for his club since his return to action, making him one of the best goalkeepers of the modern era.

3. Neymar

top 10 worst injuries in football history

Neymar also suffered an injury at the World Cup. As the hosts faced off against Colombia in a tight quarter-final, Neymar was kneeling behind an opposition player while both players were trying to win the ball. But this feels more like desperation than a fair challenge. Brazil ended up winning the game but the fans were disappointed as their star player was left out for the rest of the game. Having been left out as the tournament’s top scorer, they faced a very difficult task in defeating Germany in the semi-finals,

2. Alf Inge Halland

top 10 worst injuries in football history

Derby matches between two football clubs always have more energy and enthusiasm than others. These games are more about glory than winning. In April 2001, the two main opponents of the Premier League, Manchester United and Manchester City, also staged a similar game. The whole incident happened in 1997 when Keane was injured due to a foul from Haaland. After that, in 2001 Keane committed an intentional foul on his knee and was immediately sent off with a red card. Keane was initially fined £5,000 and later given a three-match ban but said the FA committee gave him an additional five-match ban and a £150,000 fine.

1. David Bustt

top 10 worst injuries in football history

According to most fans and pundits, on April 8, 1996, David Bustt was the unlucky football player in history. During the match between Coventry City and Manchester United, Buster was tackled by two opponent players, causing him to fracture his tibia and fibula. The incident was so serious that there was blood everywhere on the ground and it took more than 10 minutes to clean up. The seriousness of the incident can be seen in the fact that Manchester’s goalkeeper vomited on the spot. This match proved to be the last of his career and he was forced to retire seven months later.


these were the top 10 worst injuries in football history. If you know more injuries in football then comment down and share your opinion.

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