The 10 Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball History

If you’re looking for the Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball History, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the 10 Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball History.

The NBA is the league with the highest level of basketball competition in the world. The NBA also brings together the world’s top basketball players. Whether it is basketball skills or physical strength, the players who can enter the NBA are all top-notch. Because of the intense intensity of NBA games, player injuries are inevitable. However, some worst NBA injuries have even caused many talents to end their road to fame, and even almost lose their lives. Today we will take a look at those NBA players. Among the 10 Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball History.

Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball History

In the history of the NBA, there are many other players who suffered outrageous injuries like Durant this time. Today we will talk about the worst Injuries in NBA Basketball History.

1. Greg Oden’s patella fracture

Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball

Standing 2.13 meters tall and with a wingspan of 2.24 meters, in the 2007 draft, this tragically fateful player overcame Kevin Durant to become the No. 1 pick. After three seasons in the league, Oden finally played a total of 81 games. With Roy’s buzzer-beater, the Trail Blazers narrowly defeated the Rockets 90-89. However, Portland players and fans were not happy because they were I’m afraid I’ll lose Oden again this season.

In the middle of the first quarter, Oden fell while preparing to block Brooks. Although his knee did not come into contact with Brooks, after Oden fell to the ground, it was clearly discovered that his knee had been deformed. It was later confirmed that Oden’s knee patella had Broken bones, season-ending.

2. Paul George’s broken leg

Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball

Paul George is one of the league’s superstars. He has led the Pacers to challenge the Heat led by James and has been selected to multiple All-Star and All-Defensive teams. He was selected for the U.S. men’s basketball national team in the summer of 2014 and is expected to participate in that year’s World Cup.

However, during a training match with the US men’s basketball team on August 1, 2014, while Paul George was chasing after Harden to block Harden, his right leg accidentally hit the basket frame and twisted and fell. The scene when George was injured was very terrifying. George’s tibia was severely bent at a 90-degree angle, and the bloody fracture was exposed. This also shocked everyone present. George missed most of the 2014-15 season as a result.

3. Shaun Livingston’s left knee and left leg fracture

Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball

Shaun Livingston was selected by the Clippers with the fourth overall pick in the 2004 draft and is known as the successor to Magic Johnson. He is 1.91 meters tall, has a wingspan of 2.03 meters, and has excellent ball control and passing abilities. He developed into a potential point guard with the Clippers, but his career was also interrupted by injuries.

His most serious injury occurred on February 26, 2007, when the Clippers played against the Bobcats. During a layup, Livingston landed unstable and his left calf was pinned behind his butt. At that time, he hugged his knees and huddled there. There were only four big tendons in his left knee, three of which were broken, and both menisci were also comminutedly fractured. Fortunately, the aorta was not damaged, allowing his leg to be saved.

Livingston went through a long recovery process and was abandoned by many teams, but he did not give up on himself. He eventually joined the Golden State Warriors and became a key part of their three-championship campaign in four years.

4. Andrew Bynum’s elbow on Gerald Wallace

Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball

Andrew Bynum was selected by the Lakers with the tenth overall pick in the 2005 draft and is regarded as the Lakers’ future inside core. He is 2.13 meters tall, has a strong body, and excellent skills at the basket. He helped the Lakers win two championships and was selected as an All-Star.

But Bynum also has a disgraceful side, that is, he once maliciously elbowed Gerald Wallace in the game. This incident happened on January 27, 2009, when the Lakers played against the Bobcats. During a possession, Bynum impulsively elbowed Wallace in the air when he couldn’t grab the ball, causing him to get angry. Wallace fell to the floor hard, and his face showed a very painful expression at that time.

Subsequent examinations revealed that Wallace’s lungs had been severely damaged, resulting in him losing at least 30% of his lung function and suffering multiple rib fractures. This is also the most serious flagrant foul in NBA history.

5. Andrew Bogut – sprained elbow

Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball

In 2010, during an away game between the Suns and the Bucks, Bogut dunked with both hands during a fast break. As a result, he failed to grab the basket. He lost his center of gravity and fell to the ground. He subconsciously tried to use his arms as he fell. Supporting the ground, the whole weight of the body is pressed on the arm, which directly causes the arm to be dislocated and sprained!

6. Stephen Curry – Neck Injury

Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball

Similar to Crawford, in the 2015 Western Conference Finals against the Rockets in G4, Curry wanted to catch up with Ariza to block the shot and cut to the basket. Unexpectedly, Ariza made a fake move and Curry was tripped in the air. He fell heavily to the ground, and at that moment all Warriors fans suffocated. Fortunately, the injury was not serious, otherwise, the Warriors might not have been able to win the championship.

7. Russell Westbrook

Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball

When others are injured, it is an injury. When Westbrook is injured, he is returned to the factory for an upgrade. In the first round of the 2012-13 playoffs, Westbrook was hit by Patrick Beverley while stopping the ball, causing a meniscus tear. This kind of injury was the worst injury that caused Derrick Rose to fall from his peak. However, after recovering, Westbrook averaged a triple-double for two consecutive seasons and became the league’s scoring leader and regular season MVP. This is really unexplainable.

8. Gordon Hayward’s Leg Injury

Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball

In 2017, the high-spirited Hayward left the Jazz to join the Celtics. At that time, Hayward was regarded by the Celtics management as the future core of the team. However, no one expected that Hayward only played in the first game. He suffered an extremely serious injury in two minutes. When he was standing under the basket trying to catch a pass from his teammate, he collided with the defending James in the air. After falling to the ground, Hayward suffered a dislocated ankle and a fractured tibia.

An injury almost ruined his entire career. Fortunately, after more than a year of rest, he returned to the game, but his condition was not as good as before, and during his rest time, the Celtics also experienced major changes.

9. Rudy Tomjanovich punch incident

Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball

In December 1977, during a heated game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Rudy Tomjanovich was hit by a fatal shot from Los Angeles power forward Kermit Washington. It wasn’t just a punch, the punch Rudy Tomjanovich received in the face was actually life-threatening.

The blow caused serious injuries to the head and spine. Spinal fluid leaked into Rudy Tomjanovich’s mouth. He also suffered a fracture to his face and was forced to miss five months of the season. Fortunately, he made a full recovery.

As for Washington, he was suspended for two months, the longest suspension in the league at the time, and fined $10,000. The Lakers eventually traded him to the Boston Celtics, and he was never able to return to All-Star form after the horrific violence

10. Kevin Ware’s College Injury

Worst Injuries in NBA Basketball

A very serious scene occurred in the quarterfinals of the NCAA Basketball Championship. During the first half of the game between Louisville and Duke University, Louisville guard Kevin Will had a serious injury. Fracture, the entire right leg was completely broken into two pieces. The tragic scene was unbearable to watch. Teammates and coaches shed tears on the spot.

This is also one of the worst injuries in basketball. Louisville’s game was the top 8 of this year’s NCAA Basketball Championship. In the last game, Louisville defeated Duke with a score of 85-63, but Will also suffered a fatal injury during the game.

In this game, with 6 minutes and 33 seconds left in the first half, Duke University got an open-shot opportunity from outside the three-point line. Upon seeing this, Louisville defender Will rushed forward to block it. Will flew from the free throw line and jumped high, but did not touch the offensive player and fell directly to the ground. His right leg first touched the ground, but then his leg happened. Broken, the calf was split in two in the middle, with only the outer skin connected together, and the scene was once out of control.


These were the 10 worst injuries in NBA history. All in all, injuries, as the most unpredictable unexpected factor in basketball, have had a huge impact on both the players and the game. As fans, our biggest wish is to keep injuries away from the field and allow the players to present us with the most exciting games in their best posture.

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