Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars in The World Ever

If you’re looking for the Most Dangerous Cars in The World Ever, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars in The World Ever.

More and more consumers will consider safety when buying cars, which is the secret of Volvo’s success. However, in history, many models have been withdrawn from the market because of their poor safety! Suzuki Samurai is one of the most representative models!

At that time, the Suzuki Samurai was very easy to roll over due to its high center of gravity, and its safety was very worrying. It was also known as one of the most dangerous cars of the year. Later, Suzuki’s sales in the United States began to slump until it officially withdrew from the U.S. market in 2012.

However, there is not only one car that is famous for being dangerous. Let’s see who else can make it to this list this time! Here in this article we will stock the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars in The World Ever.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars in The World Ever

10. Ferrari 458

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars in The World

 In the past decade or so, Italian sports cars have seemed to have been living in a flammable shadow. The Ferrari 458 is one of them. In 2012, Ferrari recalled the vehicle and made modifications. It was found that the adhesive used in the rear fender had insufficient heat resistance and was too close to the exhaust pipe, which caused the fire! The solution is equally crude, eliminating adhesives and using rivets for fixation.

9. Chevrolet Cobalt

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars in The World

As a best-selling car, it should be safe and reliable. However, it didn’t do that because due to issues with the ignition system, the Cobalt was likely to stall when driving on the highway, thereby losing any driver assistance systems. GM also wanted to cover up the matter at first, but paper could not stop the fire! So far, GM has admitted that the fault has caused 90 deaths, and another 163 serious accidents require compensation.

8. Ford Bronco II

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars in The World

After the second-generation Bronco was launched, it set off a craze for American SUVs together with the Chevrolet Blazer and Jeep Cherokee. However, the Bronco’s fatal weakness is that it is too easy to roll over. The short wheelbase, tall body, and narrow width make it very unstable at high speeds. The time came to 1990. According to official surveys, at that time about 90 people died every year due to Bronco rollovers! In ’91, it was replaced by the Explorer, which had a longer wheelbase.

7. Yugo GV

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars in The World

Yugo is a Serbian car, and the reason why it is on the list is also very strange. Because it had a rather “light” body, extremely poor handling, and a particularly “driving” shape, it was directly blown off the bridge by strong winds. Even though it was the cheapest car in the United States at the time, it could not avoid its fate of being withdrawn from the market.

6. Pontiac Fiero

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars in The World

This two-seater two-door sports car was born in 1984. At first it was very popular among young people, but it had a design flaw, that is, the engine was prone to fire and spontaneous combustion! Fortunately no one was injured and the problem was resolved a year later. But who would have thought that three years later, it was revealed that 260 vehicles had engine fires. Under the condemnation of the media, production was officially suspended in 1988.

5. DeLorean DMC-12

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars in The World

The DMC-12 is a model that very much represents the 1980s. But this car is just a classic, because as long as the collision speed exceeds 80km/h, its stainless steel frame mounted on fiberglass will wrinkle like a can. In addition, the design of the gull-wing doors prevents the occupants from escaping from the vehicle after a rollover, posing a great threat to life safety.

4. Ford Pinto

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars in The World

This car was definitely a hot topic back then. This is mainly because it has a fatal flaw in its design: the fuel tank is placed at the back. Due to the lack of safety measures, it is easy to catch fire or even explode when the rear is hit. It was rumored that Ford could solve this problem at a cost of only $1, but it just refused to do it.

In fact, Ford had known about this incident for a long time, but its approach was to contact the victim for compensation and block the news only after the accident. By 1978, Ford responded to public pressure and recalled 1.5 million Pintos it had sold, but it was too late because the car had killed more than 900 people!

3. Porsche 911

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars in The World

After 51 years of production, the Porsche 911 has become a legendary model. Its biggest feature is that the engine is further back than the rear axle.

This layout makes it easy for you to make a 180° U-turn when accelerating, so Porsche engineers are also doing their best to transform it. At first, they added iron blocks to the front bumper to balance the front and rear weight of the vehicle. Later, Porsche added The classic “whale tail” which makes it relatively comfortable on the road.

Until now, with the development of electronic assistance and four-wheel drive technology, the Porsche 911 has become less “deadly”, but don’t forget, the 911 is still the same 911!

2. Chevrolet Corvair

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars in The World

This car is really famous because Ralph Nader “demonized” this car in “Consumer Advocacy”, saying that it is a very dangerous car that may even kill you! This is mainly because it uses the same rear-engine design as Porsche, but uses a non-independent rear suspension with poor handling, which makes the Corvair prone to serious oversteer problems. And due to the rear-mounted engine, it is also very difficult to rescue the car!

At that time, Chevrolet’s Corvair itself was a rear-mounted and rear-drive product as its selling point. To put it bluntly, it was riding on Porsche’s popularity. However, when it was exposed, its sales began to plummet, and it was discontinued 4 years later!

1. Ford Model T

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cars in The World

Ford Model T is the most dangerous car in the world ever made. At that time, the Ford Model T was the first to use assembly line production, which greatly reduced production costs and production time. In 19 years, more than 15 million units were sold. But that doesn’t stop it from being the most dangerous car in the world.

At that time, its only safety equipment was the front windshield, headlights, horn, and rear brakes! Because this can greatly reduce costs. Imagine how deadly this is!


These were the top 10 most dangerous cars in the world ever. In fact, many of the above 10 cars have problems that are very easy to solve, but it seems that the car companies at that time were not willing to take responsibility for their mistakes. Instead, they covered up and covered up the truth of the matter. The reason for this has something to do with the laws at the time, so now that the laws have been improved, car companies are very willing to solve this problem. Be responsible for consumer safety, and consumers will naturally pay for you!

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