Top 10 Most Dangerous Hobbies in The World

If you’re looking for the Most Dangerous Hobbies in The World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Most Dangerous Hobbies in The World.

Hobby refers to a strong interest and love for something or an activity. It involves an individual’s psychological tendency, that is, the desire to know or engage in a certain activity. Hobbies are often associated with positive emotions and can serve as an effective way to drive individuals to study hard and work actively. Hobbies can be wide-ranging, including music, painting, sports, reading, travel, and other fields. By cultivating and developing hobbies, people can have fun, relax and improve themselves. but many people in this world have dangerous hobbies. In this article, we will stock the top 10 most dangerous hobbies in the world.

Most Dangerous Hobbies in The World

1. Sea surfing

Top 10 Most Dangerous Hobbies in The World

Sea surfing is a very challenging and exciting hobby. You stand on a specially designed surfboard and use the impact of the waves to glide on the sea surface.

As the wave surges, the surfboard rises and falls, and players need to find balance in such a wave. But there is no denying that this hobby is very dangerous.

If people do not have good skills and quick reflexes, they will encounter many dangers, such as being swept away by waves or crashing into rocks, resulting in serious injuries, drowning, and other accidents. According to global statistics on surfer deaths, several people die each year in surfing.

2. High diving

Top 10 Most Dangerous Hobbies in The World

High diving is one of the most dangerous hobbies in the world. Wild high diving refers to jumping from a very high height while performing various stunts, such as flipping, spinning, etc., which is extremely visually impactful and thrilling.

This hobby requires not only to be physically fit but also to have very stable mental qualities and to strictly abide by safety regulations. If a person makes a mistake, there will be serious consequences.

According to statistics, about 200 people die each year from high diving.

3. Extreme kayaking

Top 10 Most Dangerous Hobbies in The World

Extreme kayaking is a challenging hobby of driving small kayaks in waterways. People need to cross waterfalls, rapids, and canyons in the water, which requires extremely high physical fitness, water skills, and technical levels.

However, this hobby is also extremely dangerous. If you are accidentally swept away by a big wave or a car or boat collides, the water can become very dangerous or even fatal.

According to the Canoe Association, more than 30 kayakers die in accidents every year.

4. Skateboarding at high mountain

Top 10 Most Dangerous Hobbies in The World

Mountain speed skateboarding is a high-intensity skateboarding hobby in which people drive on extremely dangerous mountain roads and steep slopes at extremely high speeds, with a maximum speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour.

Athletes need to maintain their balance on extremely dangerous sections and curves and will suffer serious impacts if they fall.

Over the past few years, nearly 60 people have suffered minor or major injuries while skateboarding each year.

5. Deep sea diving

Top 10 Most Dangerous Hobbies in The World

Deep-sea diving is a hobby loved by many people. It not only allows people to integrate with the surrounding environment, and feel the beauty and wonder of the sea, but also has the thrill of challenging the limits.

Deep-sea diving places high demands on people’s skills, equipment, and physical fitness. If an accident occurs, such as drowning or attack by marine life, it will cause irreparable consequences.

According to the U.S. National Diving Accident Database, more than 50 divers die each year.

6. Extreme racing

Top 10 Most Dangerous Hobbies in The World

Extreme racing is a car racing event that requires extremely high speed and technology, including rally racing, off-road racing, and track racing.

Motorsports is a high-stakes sport that requires a lot of reflexes and skills to drive these cars at top speeds.

However, accidents are common in this sport, including collisions, tire blowouts, rollovers, speeding collisions, and more.

In the past 10 years, the number of deaths caused by racing accidents has reached hundreds every year.

7. Skydiving

Top 10 Most Dangerous Hobbies in The World

Skydiving is one of the high-altitude deadliest hobbies. It refers to jumping from an airplane or other high places, using a parachute to cushion the free fall, and then landing on the ground.

Before skydiving, athletes must undergo sufficient training to ensure that they are technically proficient and have sufficient equipment, including parachutes and safety ropes.

The high-risk nature of skydiving is self-evident, with many people injured or killed due to technical issues or accidents.

According to the United Nations, skydiving kills at least 300 people every year.

8. Extreme mountaineering

Top 10 Most Dangerous Hobbies in The World

Extreme mountaineering refers to climbing on high-altitude mountains, usually those higher than 6,000 meters.

When climbing a mountain, players need to have sufficient knowledge of the environment on the mountain, carefully develop a climbing plan, and prepare enough equipment and food.

However, during mountaineering, athletes need to face dangers such as hypoxia, glacier collapse, and avalanches. Many people have been injured or died in such conditions.

In 2019, there were 14 deaths among alpine climbers worldwide.

9. Wingsuit flying

Top 10 Most Dangerous Hobbies in The World

Wingsuit flying is a challenging and exciting aerial sport in which competitors use wingsuits to fly or glide through the air.

In this sport, players will encounter dangerous objects such as pedestrians, vehicles, and buildings. Usually, the activity areas are in rugged terrain such as mountains, canyons, and cliffs. Once an accident occurs, it is likely to cause extremely serious consequences.

According to the American Wingsuit Association, more than 30 wingsuit athletes are injured or die in accidents every year.

10. Freehand rock climbing

Top 10 Most Dangerous Hobbies in The World

Free solo rock climbing refers to conquering peaks or cliffs using the hands and feet of an assistant without any safety ropes or protective equipment.

The most dangerous part of this hobby is the strong grasp and balance. If you make a mistake during the climbing process, falling from a height will lead to very serious injury or death.

According to 2018 United Nations data, the mortality rate from free climbing is approximately 2 people per year.


These were the 10 most dangerous hobbies in the world. Although these extreme hobbies bring high risks, for some people who challenge themselves, feel life, and interpret the meaning of life, they are still a life experience worth trying.

While enjoying the excitement, always maintain safety awareness and caution, and do not take risks to ensure your safety and health.

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