Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World 2024

If you’re looking for the Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World.

A gang is a group of very dangerous people who work with the intent of robbery, murder, and other activities. There are gangs everywhere. Anyone with little power can form a gang. Gang members are very demanding. There are many types of gangs in the world. There are many very famous and popular gangs. A gang is formed with the aim of causing disruption and control in society.

Each gang is led by a gang. Gang members do not expose themselves to the outside world. They carry guns with them that they can use to kill ordinary people. These organizations do kill people, and in addition, they engage in all kinds of illegal activities. Here are the top 10 most dangerous gangs in the world.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World

10. 18th Street Gang

Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World

The 18th Street District was founded by some of the early Spanish immigrants. It was established in the 1960s. It is a brutal criminal organization that originated in Los Angeles, California and is known to have more than 65,000 members in 120 cities. They’re rivals of Blood, MS13, and Cribs, and they have some brutal rules like an “18-second beating” of their gang members to show respect for the gang.

Generally considered to be the largest street gang in Los Angeles and as many as two dozen different criminal gangs hiding under the umbrella of 18th Street.

Their criminal activities range from drug dealing to car theft, bombings, and home invasions. According to the only records available, there have been more than 250 deaths on 18th Street in the past decade.

9. Mexican Mafia

Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World

The Mexican Mafia is the second-largest gang in the world. This gang is a Mexican gang. The gang was discovered in 1950. From the very beginning, the gang became very famous. The gang is known for murdering rivals. The gang is also known for many other criminal cases. The gang also delivered drugs. The gang also indulged in blackmail and murder.

Mexican Mafia is one of the most notorious prison gangs in the world. If you’ve seen the movies “Gangsters” or “Mobster,” then you’ve seen the Hollywood version of the gang’s fortunes. Imprisoned outlaws, Rodolfo Cadina and Joe “Pegleg” Morgan served time in the Lia Vocational Prison in the late 50s, where they founded La Eme. Since then La Eme has become a powerful prison system to which most Southern California gangsters are attached.

Their strict protocol includes punishments for infighting, cowardice, and disrespect for code, and they’ve been hiring killers to kill those who disobey or oppose, both inside and outside prison walls.

8. The Triad Society

Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World

The Triad Society is actually the former Tiandihui, a gang with a long history. The Tiandihui was a gang in the Qing Dynasty in China. It played a huge historical role in the Han people’s resistance to the humiliation and oppression of the Manchus.

The current triad society has long been different from the previous Tiandihui. It has become a triad organization in nature, involving gambling, usury, pornography, drugs, smuggling and counterfeiting, intimidation, and other criminal activities.

Triads are a large gang network that spans Asia. Its history can be traced back to 17th-century China. Today, you can meet members of triads in many places in the world, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, and even the UK, and the US. The world’s largest and most cautious criminal organization.

7. Los Zetas

Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World

Ever heard of the notorious Mexican drug cartels? Well, the Los Zetas are the largest and most brutal group of them all.

Importantly, they also have state-of-the-art military technology, dating back to 1999. There was an entire Mexican special forces defection to a drug cartel, and a militarized criminal group like Los Zetas was formed. Los Zetas has been responsible for a number of mass murders, including the 2011 San Francisco massacre that killed 190 people and the Monterey casino attack that killed more than 50 people.

The most notable feature of Los Zetas is that when disposing of the remains of their victims, they will behead first.

Instead, its main source of funding is its involvement in drug trafficking organizations. Violent conflicts or acts of violence against civilians on behalf of drug cartels, and also engaged in collective crimes such as protection fees, assassinations, extortion, and kidnapping. Its brutal tactical practices include decapitation, torture, and mass killings while preferring outright violence to bribery of government agencies.

Los Zetas is also Mexico’s most geographically widespread drug syndicate, and clashes have erupted several times over the past three years. Thousands of police officers died in the line of duty. They even brought the war to the US-Mexico border, which also caused panic in the United States.

6. Cosa Nostra

Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World

The word Cosa Nostra is Italian and means “our stuff”. As America took in the poor and hungry, so did the Mafia, one of the most famous Sicilian mafia in the world. It is understood that they have a total of 25,000 core members and 250,000 ordinary members worldwide. Cosa Nostra works with other criminal organizations around the world, especially in the drug trade.

Cosa Nostra, which emerged in the Lower East Side of New York, was formed by Italian immigrants from the United States in the early days, translated into English as our business, and formed by Italian crime families. Their danger lies not only in their nefarious habits but also in their cooperation with other criminal gangs around the world, which allows drugs to circulate in all corners of the world.

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5. The Bloods

Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World

This is a gang from Los Angeles, formed in 1972. This group of people operates as a collection for the purpose of performing a specific task. Even when it comes to recruiting different members, each group has its own way. This is one of the top 10 most dangerous gangs in the world.

The gang is known for its criminal activities. This gang member wears shades of red as the symbol of their gang. Everyone in this group has committed numerous criminal offenses. Because of this, they are very famous. They force individuals to join them.

They have their own tactics, especially when it comes to recruiting gangs, whose members identify themselves by various gang indicators such as color, clothing, symbols, tattoos, jewelry, graffiti, language, and gestures.

4. Yakuza

Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World

Yakuza is an international criminal group centered in Japan. They are the most well-organized criminal organization in the world. Yakuza is one of the biggest gangs in the world. There are about 100,000 members of this gang! Yakuza’s main criminal activities include political extortion, forced prostitution, financial crimes, gambling, etc. Its history can be traced back to the tradition of werewolf warriors traveling with swords in the 17th century. Seriously though, tattoos are really cool!

Also, “Yakuza” is a term that comes from the Japanese card game (Oicho-Kabu) and means “not worth it”, which also somewhat reflects the way Japanese gangsters see themselves: as outsiders.

This gang has weird clothes, tattoos, grotesque behavior, and often wears long knives, intimidating villagers and even killing innocent people indiscriminately.

Each member has to disown their family to prove her loyalty to the gang. It is also necessary to continue to maintain contact with high-ranking political officials and businessmen so that Yakuza can escape from the supervision of the Japanese authorities, continue to murder and intimidate without restraint and become the most dangerous terrorist organization.

3. The Aryan Brotherhood

Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World

The Aryan Brotherhood is dominated by prisoner gangs, because they do not make waves in the streets of the United States, and most of the prison deaths in the United States are related to them. The Aryan Brotherhood was founded in 1964 at San Quentin Prison near San Francisco and has since spread to every prison in the country.

As we all know, the distinctive features of the Aryan Brotherhood are Nazi cross tattoos and bald heads. They are all white supremacists. They have also been hand-picked by the ADL (a well-known American Jewish anti-discrimination organization) as the most violent extreme criminal gang in the United States.

The gang is known for masterminding prison murders. It is known for masterminding more than a quarter of all murders in U.S. prisons. In order to be a part of them, you have to be a part of whoever they want. In the United States, there are more than 20,000 members in and out of prisons.

2. PCC

Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World

São Paulo’s Primeiro Comando da Capita (PCC for short) is generally considered the largest street gang in Brazil. Established in the 1990s, it is known for drug dealing, murder, arms trafficking, and a large number of kidnappings. They have about 34000 members and their absolute control inside the prison is the same as they are outside, so if you provoke them in Brazil, don’t think you can hide in prison It’s all right inside.

In addition to 6,000 fee-paying members, PCC also includes about 14,000 prison inmates. Said to have been founded by a prison football team, the PCC traded drugs with the FARC and Red Order before becoming a multinational drug magnate. In 2006, members of the PCC carried out a four-day attack on Sao Paulo, attacking banks, public buildings, transportation, and prisons at the same time, killing more than 150 people.

The group is best known for leading a massive riot in 2012 after a dispute with some local police officers that killed hundreds of people, including police officers.

1. MS13

Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World

The Los Angeles gang, commonly known as MS or MS-13, began as a street gang in Los Angeles in the 1980s. In recent years their spheres of influence have become intertwined into an international network: From Mexico to Canada, to El Salvador, and across the United States including Texas, Maryland, and even Washington, D.C., MS-13 is a powerful and violent drug gang.

It is very easy to identify MS-13 members, because almost all of them have MS or MS-13 tattooed on their bodies, and they really like to have tattoos on their faces!

They are often seen carrying machetes in order to cut off the fingers of their enemies. The gang often kills innocent people indiscriminately, has set fire to buses full of women and children, and recruited children. MS-13 is involved in every kind of criminal activity you can think of, from burglary to arms smuggling. MS-13 has over 10,000 members in the United States and is considered the most dangerous gang in the world because of its sheer brutality.


These were the most dangerous gangs in the world. What other dangerous gangs do you know? Which criminal gang would you add to your top ten list?

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Faq (Questions Related to The Most Dangerous Gangs)

Q. Which is the biggest gang in the world?

Hongmen is the biggest gang in the world. Hongmen has as many as 900,000 members around the world.

Q. Which is the biggest gangster in the world?

Joaquin Guzman was the biggest gangster in the world. He established the world’s largest drug trafficking group and committed murders and arson. Nearly 100,000 people died at his hands!

Q. Which country has the most gangs?

El Salvador is located in North America. This country has a dense population of more than 6 million people. The number of gang organizations is also very large, with nearly 1 million members. This means that if you walk on the street and meet 6 people, one of them is a gangster. The country is not very productive and its economy is developing slowly. The reason for the proliferation of gangs is mostly because life is not well protected.

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