Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series to Watch

If you’re looking for the Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series to Watch.

As we all know, Hollywood web series have always been known for their large scale, full of thriller, suspense, drama, etc. The scale is extremely large. Hollywood has released many large-scale high-quality best web series, which left fans dumbfounded.

The Indian audience is really passionate about the best Hollywood series. There were numerous Hollywood online shows, but only a few were well-known in India. Each season of these web series was eagerly anticipated and well-received by the audience.

Today, I will take stock of the top 10 best Hollywood web series to watch that are popular so far. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best Hollywood web series.

Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series

10. Prison Break

Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series to Watch

IMDb Rating – 8.3
First episode date – 29 August 2005
Genre – Serial drama; Crime drama, Action thriller
Original languages – English; Spanish; Arabic
No. of seasons – 5

Prison Break is an American suspenseful crime TV series released in 2005. It tells the story of an engineer who commits a crime and goes to jail and designs a complete jailbreak plan. The purpose is to save his brother from birth and return his innocence.

There are six seasons of this show, but the best one is undoubtedly the first season. The editor recommends the first season today, with a total of 22 episodes, which is very exciting.

This best Hollywood series was called a divine drama back then, regardless of the subject matter or the plot. Even the soundtrack is addictive. And the trend of the plot is also unpredictable. It has to be said that Michael with short hair was really a heartthrob back then.

9. The Walking Dead

Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series to Watch

IMDb Rating – 8.1
First episode date – 31 October 2010
Genre – Serial drama; Horror, Serial Drama
Original languages – English
No. of seasons – 11

Like Prison Break, this American drama only recommends the first season, the most exciting season. Although there have been many seasons, the latter is still meaningless.

The Walking Dead is a zombie thriller-horror TV series released in 2010, and it is also the first authentic zombie-themed TV series. When Zhen Zhi’an woke up from a coma, the world became a paradise for zombies. From then on, the story of survival began.

There are too many things to watch in this Hollywood series. First of all, the subject matter made me want to stop at that time, and the scale is also very large. The gorgeous interpretation and the exquisite philosophical thinking complement each other, which has become a work of art.

8. Lost

Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series to Watch

IMDb Rating – 8.3
First episode date – 22 September 2004
Genre – Adventure, Mystery, Serial drama, Science fiction
Original languages – English
No. of seasons – 6

An American sci-fi suspense thriller TV series released in 2004. It mainly tells about the various problems that occurred after the 815-passenger plane of Oceanic Airlines crashed on a mysterious tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, and 48 passengers survived by chance.

If you want to talk about suspenseful American dramas, it has to be Lost.

When I came into contact with the first season, I almost forgot to sleep and eat and chased the whole season in a few days, but there were too many flashbacks and it was exhausting. The whole drama didn’t give a scene for the monster, it’s too good, I like Desmond and Sayid more, Michael is very annoying. A big hole was dug at the end.

7. The Big Bang Theory

Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series to Watch

IMDb Rating – 8.2
First episode date – 16 May 2019
Genre – Sitcom
Original languages – English
No. of seasons – 12

The Big Bang Theory is a 2007 American sitcom television series about scientists such as Sheldon and Leonard and their friends.

When a photon passes through the double slit, interference fringes appear; when a beautiful girl appears at the opposite door, the funny life of the man in science and engineering begins. With four high-IQ otaku scientists and one low-IQ beauty, this setting is hilarious, so funny!

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6. Westworld

Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series to Watch

IMDb Rating – 8.5
First episode date – 2 October 2016
Genre – Sitcom
Original languages – English
No. of seasons – 4

Westworld is an American Western-style sci-fi scale TV series released in 2016. It starts with high technology, and indulgent human beings are finally resisted by robots. The scale is a bit big.

If you only want to watch cool dramas, you can watch the first season of this series. Otherwise, it will become more and more confusing, because his narrative method and timeline are quite special.

The narrative rhythm of the whole series is slow and low and gloomy, and the climax is reached in the next few episodes. In-depth philosophical discussions on consciousness, thought, existence, suffering, free will, reality, virtuality, etc. are drawn from the set of building a world close to reality with machinery and flesh and blood. Creation means destruction, it is cruel and sad. Life is suffering itself.

Humans cannot comprehend the Creator’s purpose for creation (perhaps there was no purpose at all). Human beings live in a short era of life, and they are destined to be the species with the most painful spirit and the most possibilities. And everything is revealing its infinite possibilities to the universe or as a part of the universe.

5. House of Cards

Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series to Watch

IMDb Rating – 8.7
First episode date – 1 February 2013
Genre – Political drama, Political thriller
Original languages – English
No. of seasons – 6

House of Cards is a suspenseful drama American web series released in 2013, also known as Chess House, with a total of six seasons and 73 episodes. The first three seasons were good, but then it started to go downhill. Overall, it’s a really good show.

The story of a ruthless U.S. congressman and his equally ambitious wife who wield power in the White House in Washington, D.C.

He is like a poisonous snake from the Garden of Eden, with a glib tongue, turning clouds and rain, biting everyone’s weaknesses tightly to achieve his goals. “There are no permanent enemies, only permanent interests”, this sentence is best reflected in Francis.

4. Friends

Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series to Watch

IMDb Rating – 8.9
First episode date – 22 September 1994
Genre – Sitcom
Original languages – English
No. of seasons – 10

Friends is the best Hollywood series of sitcoms released in the United States in 1994. It tells the story of Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, and Ross, three men and three women who live in New York as each other’s best friends, under the same roof. everyday stories of life.

A well-deserved American drama! The appeal of a classic is that it’s always funny, just like Friends.

The biggest feeling is that the concept of love in foreign countries is so open, and that was thirty years ago…but even though dates are passers-by, they are still the best among acquaintances. Watching the first episode, I guessed that Ross and Rachael ended up together. My favorite character is undoubtedly Phoebe, who is basically Luna’s character in HP, quirky but not mean or noisy.

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3. Sherlock

Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series to Watch

IMDb Rating – 9.1
First episode date – 25 July 2010
Genre – mystery crime drama
Original languages – English
No. of seasons – 10

Sherlock is a mini-series produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC, created by Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Martin Freeman Co-starring.

The play is adapted from the detective novel “The Detective Case of Sherlock Holmes” created by Arthur Conan Doyle. It moves the time background of the original work from the 19th century to the 21st century. A series of dangerous and unusual adventures of Locke Holmes and his friend John H. Watson.

“Sherlock” is an excellent and outstanding TV series. Even if it is viewed within the scope of extremely high production standards of film and television dramas, the characters are accurate, the plot is coherent, and the drama conflicts are intense and full. It is very high in the food chain of genre films and dramas, but at the same time, there is still enough room for improvement.

The arrangement of the series responds to the plot of the original work, but it is not simply copied. The screenwriters have made an ingenious adaptation of the original work, and combined the elements of different stories together, making “Sherlock” full of innovation, humorous and unexpected plots. But it never deviates from the essence and theme of the original work. “Sherlock” caters to this era and is our era’s choice.

2. Game of Thrones

Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series to Watch

IMDb Rating – 9.2
First episode date – 19 May 2019
Genre – Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Serial drama
Original languages – English
No. of seasons – 8

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy war historical TV series released in 2011. It mainly tells the story of Dragon Mother and her two dragons. It is the 2nd best Hollywood web series in the world.

There is no need to say more about the highlights of this show. Whether it is a power struggle, scale, picture, or plot, it is one of the best. Although it is not as good as Spartacus in terms of pornography, the existence of American dramas is not just pornography.

The epic and heavy feeling of the whole drama hits the face, the sense of the mission, the wise but aging father, the brotherhood of blood thicker than water, the old friends and the new generation, the feeling of fighting in blood and magic, quite like. Although there are relatively few magic elements. But still a good look.

1. Breaking Bad

Top 10 Best Hollywood Web Series to Watch

IMDb Rating – 9.5
First episode date – 20 January 2008
Genre – Crime drama
Original languages – English
No. of seasons – 5

Breaking Bad is an American crime drama TV series released in 2008. It tells a series of twists and turns and helpless stories of a chemistry teacher who counterattacks and becomes a drug queen after learning that he is terminally ill. It is the best Hollywood web series ever.

The play was selected by the British “Guardian” as the 100 best TV series of the 21st century, ranking fifth. Generally speaking, there must be a scale, a depth, and a point of view. In short, it is very beautiful.

I was ignorant before and felt that the plot was out of the ordinary. After I matured, I realized that life is so desperate that you can really do anything.

Now it seems that the first season is just the beginning, but the story’s credibility is extremely high. When I first watched the beginning, I was afraid that he would go directly into drug trafficking. Could this change be too direct, after that, it gave him a long and repeated question It was only through the transformation process that I finally made up my mind. This process made me feel very reasonable.

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