Top 10 Famous Behemoth Bodybuilders Then and Now

If you’re looking for the Bodybuilders Then and Now, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Famous Behemoth Bodybuilders Then and Now.

Bodybuilding is an art that makes oneself stronger. Through the training of this art, people can have an enviable and perfect figure and gain the admiration and favor of others. Moreover, some outstanding bodybuilders can also participate in bodybuilding competitions. By participating in competitions again and again, they can win high bonuses. At the same time, they can also become a bodybuilding model and regard bodybuilding as a unique career.

People will eventually grow old, and their body functions will also decline. Every profession will have a retirement age, and bodybuilding athletes are certainly no exception. Compared with retirements in other sports, bodybuilding generally takes a longer time to retire. Some people are sixty or seventy years old, but they are still active in major fitness competitions.

We introduce the Top 10 Famous Bodybuilders Then and Now. They have reached the pinnacle of their sports, but now they have lost their original enviable huge bodies.

Famous Bodybuilders Then and Now

Not every bodybuilder maintains their good form forever like Robbie Robinson or Jay Carter. Some bodybuilders end up losing the gains they once worked for and all the glory that came with it. Bellow in we provide the images of Famous Bodybuilders Then and Now.

1. Ronnie Coleman

Bodybuilders Then and Now

I believe everyone should be familiar with this person. Yes, it is Ronnie Coleman, the founder of bodybuilding. He won 8 consecutive Mr. Olympia championships from the 1990s to the 21st century.

No one could come close to his massive size, shapely stature, and muscular physique. Ronnie was not only one of the best athletes in the history of sports but also one of the strongest and hardest working. He is famous for his leg press of over 900 kg, squat of over 362kg, and dumbbell bench press of 90kg.

Although he was once brilliant, However, due to years of heavy lifting and injections of drugs, he had to remove excess internal organs, and his career was over.

After 12 spinal surgeries that meant he might never walk again, he had to learn to walk again and eventually started training again, slowly regaining his training, but his massive size was gone. Although he retired, he still insisted on exercising, but he could not return to his original state.

2. Jean Pierre Fux

Bodybuilders Then and Now

He was once one of the strongest behemoths in the bodybuilding world. However, a squat accident took away his bodybuilding career. Now his girth is not as good as before. This is not the result he wanted. Although he has been training hard now, bodybuilding Their careers have long ended.

In his prime, Fox was an absolutely massive monster who commanded attention in every game. His stature took him far in his career.

After retiring from the field of bodybuilding, many muscular men indeed look younger. No longer training hard, and living a more relaxed life are the main factors!

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bodybuilders Then and Now

Everyone is familiar with this man, “The Terminator“, the governor of California. He is a bodybuilder, actor, politician, and businessman. Schwarzenegger once stated in public that he needs sex five times a day. , he said that sex is also a way of fitness for him. It has to be said that the governor is the governor, but he cannot withstand the wear and tear of time.

Although he has maintained his previous eating habits and exercise methods, his muscles are not as good as before. He also underwent aortic valve replacement surgery in March 2019. The operation didn’t go smoothly, as complications arose during the operation and Schwarzenegger almost didn’t get off the operating table.

4. Samir Bannout

Bodybuilders Then and Now

In 1983, he won Mr. Olympia, the highest honor in the top international bodybuilding competitions. In the 1960s and 1970s, there were many people with huge arms and chests. There were even more people with wide shoulders and thin waists. Samir Bannout had it. Bodybuilder with huge arms! His biceps are no less impressive than Schwarzenegger’s proud biceps! 

He didn’t leave the gym after his bodybuilding career ended! Even after retiring, he still maintains his fitness habit! Now in his 60s, he is still muscular! Such a figure is not only the envy of peers but also makes many young people feel ashamed! After retiring from bodybuilding, his muscles showed no signs of shrinking!

5. Paul Dillett

Bodybuilders Then and Now

Paul Dillett is a “big monster.” He is 188 cm tall and weighs 130 kg. Not only did he have a ton of muscle during his years competing, but he also had great muscle separation.

He once finished sixth in the Olympia and fourth in the Arnold Classic. At the 1994 Arnold Classic, he suffered severe muscle cramps, primarily due to severe dehydration, and he “froze” on stage for a period of time. Delight did not retire from racing until his retirement in 2006.

This man who was once called the Masked Monster also retired due to health problems.

when we talk about the condition of bodybuilders then and now, his name comes first on the list. However, not all bodybuilders have fitness habits after retirement. Paul Dillett once faced serious weight gain problems after retirement. Of course, this is not uncommon among bodybuilders.

6. Tom Prince

Bodybuilders Then and Now

If you want to ask which bodybuilder is the unluckiest, Tom Prince is one of them. He weighs as much as 280 kilograms in the off-season and 215 kilograms in the season. He may often use steroids to push his body to the limit. At the same time, his body always encounters ups and downs.

After choosing to retire, he stopped using the drug, his body muscles declined rapidly, and his previous muscles were far from what they are now. Tom Prince faces kidney failure and the insurance company refuses to pay the claim!

7. Bob Paris

Bodybuilders Then and Now

He is a bodybuilder who has maximized his physical beauty, although he does not have a huge waist and abdomen, nor exaggerated muscles! But he can compete with Zane against muscular men with beautiful bodies. Some netizens bluntly said that if Zane is T-800, then Bob is T-1000.

Finally, he retired in 1991. Since then, Paris has become a civil rights advocate, performed on stage and television, and written numerous books. From that point on, it was obvious that he hadn’t trained properly in a while, as his massive frame was gone.

After quitting, his figure will return to normal. I believe this kind of figure is acceptable to most people. Maybe this is the lifestyle he likes!

8. Gunter Schlierkamp

Bodybuilders Then and Now

Gunter Schlierkamp, ​​known as the “gentle giant”, is one of the top professional players from Germany. From 2002 to 2006, he finished in the top 10 at the Olympia and became one of the best pros at the time.

Eventually, he retired and turned to acting, where he received many performance opportunities, including his Oktoberfest performance in 2006. However, since then, Gunter’s muscles have suddenly disappeared like those of a dinosaur.

9. Chris Cormier

Bodybuilders Then and Now

As we all know in the fitness industry, Chris Cormier is nicknamed “The Real Deal”. He began his long and successful bodybuilding career by taking first place in the NPC 1987 Young Heavyweight Competition, including the Mr. Olympia. competition, many believe he would have become the Mr. Olympia champion in 2006 if he had not had a spinal cord infection.

After returning from injury, Chris Cormier decided to share his 30+ years of knowledge with all future athletes. But the long-term recovery from spinal surgery can have serious consequences: losing your original shape.

10. Mustafa Mohammed

Bodybuilders Then and Now

One of the most enigmatic figures in bodybuilding, Mustafa Muhammad is a promising bodybuilder. In his 20s, he won two world championships outside of the IFBB Pro League and looked like he had the potential to dominate the competition.

Then he suddenly retired and came back 9 years later. While his physical condition was still impressive, he was never able to reach the top of the sport. Another 10 years later, all of Mustafa’s achievements seemed to have evaporated from him. Despite this, he still had one of the most memorable physiques in bodybuilding history.


That was the article about the top 10 famous bodybuilders then and now. Generally speaking, after bodybuilders retire, due to their inability to maintain heavy weight training and drug injections, most bodybuilders’ bodies will be very different from before, and some even face physical health problems.

What do you think of these famous bodybuilders then and now tremendous changes and the sacrifices they have made for the cause they love? Please leave a message and let us know.

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