Top 10 Men With Biggest Biceps in The World

If you’re looking for the Top 10 Biggest Biceps in The World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Biggest Biceps in The World.

The biceps is undoubtedly the key part of the exercise when many people start to exercise, and having thick arms is the dream of every fitness enthusiast. So many bodybuilders also use extreme methods to increase the size of their arms. In the following article, we will introduce to you the Top 10 Men With Biggest Biceps in The World.

Top 10 Biggest Biceps in The World

10. Sergio Oliva (20.5 inches)

Top 10 Biggest Biceps in The World

“The Myth” Sergio Oliva is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, and he may be the only bodybuilder who can make “Austrian Oak” Schwarzenegger feel intimidated. He is a Famous bodybuilder, 1967-69 Olympia Mr. Bodybuilder three-peat champion, has biceps with a circumference of 52 cm.

His biceps size is 20.5 inches (52 cm). Oliva has a background in weightlifting, which helps him put muscle on his back. Years of weight training have added depth and definition to Oliva’s back that is unmatched by his bodybuilding counterparts.

9. Ronnie Coleman (22 inches)

Top 10 Biggest Biceps in The World

One of the two legendary bodybuilders who won the title of Olympia Mr. Bodybuilder eight times. His reputation in the bodybuilding industry is no less than that of Schwarzenegger. Undoubtedly go further.

Known for using heavy weights in his training, Ronnie said: “Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder, but no one wants to lift heavy weights.”

He Has a 22 inches (55 cm) bicep.

8. Lou Friggino (22.5 inches)

Top 10 Biggest Biceps in The World

Legendary bodybuilder Lou Friggino is considered one of the most successful bodybuilders in bodybuilding. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he played a vital role in the promotion and development of bodybuilding. He is 196 cm, and weighs 143 kg, his huge size won him two Mr. Universe titles, and he also won the Olympia runner-up twice in 1974 and 1977, second only to Schwarzenegger.

Italian-American actor, bodybuilder, and Hulk in a pre-computer age. From the photos, it may feel that his muscles are not as exaggerated as Coleman, but because he is 1.95 meters tall, although the proportions are not exaggerated.

The actual size of his biceps is very large, as high as 22.5 inches (57 cm).

7. Bill Pettis (23.25 inches)

Top 10 Biggest Biceps in The World

Although Bill Pettis is not well known in bodybuilding, he was a bodybuilder of his time alongside the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Friggino, and Franco Columbus. Pettis’s arm circumference is as high as 23.25 inches (59 cm), even covering Schwarzenegger’s 56 cm arm and Ferrigno’s 58 cm arm.

The bodybuilders of the 1970s, as a whole, certainly did not reach the height of top bodybuilders like Schwarzenegger of the same generation, but in terms of arm muscles, it is definitely the world The top one claims to be able to do curls with a weight of 100 kg.

Bill Pettis, an alcoholic with mental health issues who allegedly became homeless after his professional bodybuilding career ended, was found dead in a Pennsylvania creek at the age of 69 beside.

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6. Dave Crossland (25 inches)

Top 10 Biggest Biceps in The World

A British bodybuilder, but he has never participated in any competitions. He belongs to the category of “net celebrity” bodybuilders. The details of his body are not outstanding, mainly in the dimension of muscles. His biceps size is 25 inches (63.5cm). Of course, a bodybuilder like him would not use injections for bicep dimensions, but it is impossible not to use drugs.

5. Manfred Hoeberl (26 inches)

Top 10 Biggest Biceps in The World

Austrian strongmen compared with bodybuilders, participants in strongman sports don’t have to worry too much about fat. The competition is absolute strength, and the body is usually bigger. Only in terms of dimensions, but also bigger than the average bodybuilder, this Hoeberl is the representative.

His biceps size is 26 inches (66cm).

4. Gregg Valentino (28 inches)

Top 10 Biggest Biceps in The World

From here, all the shortlisted people used injections to achieve this arm size, and these few have also confessed to this, starting with this Gregg Valentino. For a long time, he was number one on this list, but then there were crazier people who used injectables.

His biceps size is 28 inches (71.1cm).

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3. Arlindo De Souza (29 inches)

Top 10 Biggest Biceps in The World

Arlindo De Souza ranks 3rd in the list of biggest biceps in the world. This person may not be familiar to many people, but many people may have seen his photos. The exaggerated biceps made him an “Internet celebrity”, needless to say, Souza’s bicep dimensions were also achieved by injecting kerosene.

His biceps size is 29 inches (73.6cm).

2. Romario Dos Santos Alves (30 inches)

Top 10 Biggest Biceps in The World

In the list of biggest biceps in the world, Romario Dos Santos Alves a bodybuilder from Brazil is 2nd, but his kerosene-injected biceps are unlikely to compete in any competitions. His biceps size is 30 inches (76.2cm).

He was obsessed with drugs to achieve tangible muscle lines. In order to pursue strong and strong muscles, he did not hesitate to inject synthetic fuels containing fuel oil and alcohol into his arms.

He tried something even more dangerous – injecting fuel into the muscles. “My muscles started to solidify, like rocks, and I couldn’t even inject into my arm,” he said. “The only thing I could do was buy a special needle for injection. This needle is used for injections in cattle.”

However, he also paid a heavy price for this. After learning the truth, his wife asked him to choose between marriage and “fitness”. He also lost his job due to depression and attempted suicide. He was admitted to the hospital when his wife was six months pregnant.

He decides to rebuild his life. The fillers caused him frequent pain, and the toxins in the fuel nearly triggered kidney failure. Doctors told him that his muscles were as hard as a rock and that the leg would have to be amputated. Fortunately, he was later told that removing the fuel that had formed a lump in his arm might relieve the pain.

Alves still wanted to become a professional bodybuilder, but he promised to “keep it clean”. He admits, “Injections for muscle-building are addictive, and once you do it you’ll want to do it again

1. Moustafa Ismail (31 inches)

Top 10 Biggest Biceps in The World

The person with the biggest biceps in the world has 31 inches (78.74cm). It should be said that in most people’s aesthetics, such an arm has no beauty at all, but A person as paranoid as Ismail probably doesn’t care what most people think.

Mustafa Ismail, an Egyptian bodybuilder, the real-life version of “Popeye“, has been certified by the Guinness Book of Records” as the person with “the world’s largest biceps”. It is reported that Ismail initially started working out only for his health, but after he heard people praise his biceps frequently in the gym, he decided to focus on making his biceps bigger.

In order to develop this pair of “Popeye” biceps, Ismail has to eat 1.4kg of chicken, 0.5kg of steak or fish, and 4 cups of almonds every day, along with drinking 9 liters of water and 3 liters of protein shakes. His daily workout starts at 5 am and ends at 8 am. During this period, he will do aerobic exercise, strength, shaping, and other training programs.

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