Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Forces in The World

If you’re looking for the Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Forces in the World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Forces in the World.

The special forces are the most mysterious and powerful small forces in the armed forces of various countries. There are not many people, so the selection and training are extremely strict, and they usually carry out the most important secret tasks, such as “beheading operations”.

It has always been the dream of many boys to become a special force wearing sophisticated equipment and performing missions in-depth and dangerous. People still have inexplicable admiration for these well-trained fighters, such as the most famous US Navy SEALs. Every member of the team is a tough guy of steel.

Which country has the most dangerous special forces in the world? Let’s take a look at the top 10 most Dangerous special forces in the world and talk about their unique styles.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Forces in The World

10. JW Grom (Poland)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Forces in The World

Jednostka Wojskowa GROM (JW GROM)) is an elite Polish anti-terrorist unit formed on June 13, 1990? Candidates for JWGROM must pass psychological and stamina tests, credibility tests, and combat tests. At present, JW GROM has about 450 male members. The motto of the unit is “For you, Fatherland!” (For the motherland!), a group of warriors who can dedicate their lives to the motherland, what can stop them from becoming one of the top 10 special forces in the world?

9. KSK (Germany)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Forces in The World

The German KSK was established in 1994 and is the latest among the top ten special forces in the world. But being able to stand out quickly is due to the strict selection, which can be said to be truly one in a million. The selection and assessment last 15 weeks to test the three aspects of mind, body, and psychology. After passing, you will go to 17 schools around the world to study 20 different majors.

In order to cultivate the special forces with the strongest combat effectiveness, the German army invested a lot. The equipment of thousands of people is more than the number of weapons in a division.

In recent years, with the continuous development of Germany’s strength, the equipment equipped with this unit is also very advanced. It is often required to participate in joint anti-terrorism operations, and this is also a symbol of its strength.

Among the most notable incidents are operations in Bosnia and the Middle East. Moreover, the range of domestic recruitment of this army is very wide, and there is no restriction on gender, so it can receive a steady stream of supplementary troops.

8. MARCOS (India)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Forces in The World

For India’s special forces, the more well-known ones are Black Cat NSG Special Forces, SFF Special Forces, Cobra COBRA Commandos, etc. These often appear in the news media, and I feel that the combat effectiveness is not so good, especially in the Black Cat National Security Guard. , was blown very high, but the actual effect is just that.

But the real elite is the Marcos MARCOS special forces. This force often appears in the world’s top 10 most dangerous special forces in the world rankings. It is also known as India’s deadliest special operations force. This is India’s most powerful special operations force.

Marcos was officially established in 1987. It is a force responsible for amphibious operations and maritime special operations. During the India-Pakistan War in 1971, in order to deal with the threat of underwater explosions in Pakistan, the Navy set up a special diving team. The Bangladeshi army trained underwater attack subjects, but it did not play a very good role in the war. After that, the Indian Navy began to establish a special amphibious special operations force, which was the predecessor of Marcos.

The main task of the Marcus Special Forces is to perform special operations, such as amphibious operations, anti-terrorism operations, special reconnaissance, hostage rescue, combating piracy, underwater operations, asymmetric warfare, etc..

They also have their own exclusive mission in Performing missions on the Jerham River and the lakes of Kashmir, and Marcos is best at sea and underwater combat. It is also one of the few special forces in the world that can parachute and perform combat missions in the water while fully armed.

7. Joint Task Force 2 (Canada)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Forces in The World

“Joint Task Force 2” (Joint Task Force 2, referred to as JTF2) was established in April 1993. At that time, the Canadian government decided to transfer the anti-terrorism function of the “Royal Canadian Mounted Police” to the military, so it commissioned the Army to establish the “2nd Joint Task Force”. Canada once had an “Air Mobility Regiment” with 1,000 members, which was responsible for special operations.

However, the regiment was disbanded in 1995, and some officers and soldiers were absorbed by JTF2. Therefore, JTF2 is currently the only special force in Canada.

The unit is an elite counter-terrorist force, composed of Canadian military personnel, with a range of missions: it is known to provide security for political leaders around the world and to Participate in the on-site security work of large-scale events such as the 2010 Winter Olympics. In addition, they participated in many operations in many hot spots around the world, but the vast majority of operations were not known to outsiders.

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6. Sayeret Matkal (Israel)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Forces in The World

The name of Israel’s special forces is very interesting. It is called the General Staff Reconnaissance Unit, nicknamed Sayeret Matkal. It was established in 1957 and is affiliated to the Israeli General Staff. Its main mission is to rescue hostages and investigate intelligence. The training intensity of this unit is even harder than that of the British Special Air Service Regiment, but no one knows the specific training content. Not only that, the elimination rate of this unit is very high. If that was all there was to it, it wouldn’t be one of the top special forces in the world.

The most distinctive feature of the Special Forces is that they pay great attention to teamwork, treat the organization like a family, and once they join the organization, they cannot leave it. And they have undergone special training, and their combat skills are also very savvy, and their status in the Israel Defense Forces is very high.

5. Alpha Group (Russia)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Forces in The World

Alpha Group was established in the former Soviet Union under the instructions of KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov. Its original name was A Group, and after 1991 it was called Alpha Group. The group was formed as a direct result of terrorist acts against Israeli athletes during the Munich Olympics. The task of special forces is to fight terrorism at home and abroad. It is well-organized and extremely agile. It was once the pride of the Soviet Union.

Members of the Special Forces are not like ordinary Russian soldiers. They generally possess unique skills. They are snipers, blasters, and communication experts. They are good at secret operations and reconnaissance missions, and they can maintain calm and clear thinking under strong pressure. Their training is extremely tough.

At first, only officers from national security agencies who passed the examination could serve in Group A. Now the selection criteria for the special forces are slightly relaxed: any healthy man between the ages of 22 and 27 who has served emergency military service Applies to join the special forces, if the candidate meets all the requirements, he has the opportunity to take a special exam.

In 1979, Group A took part in the battle to capture the Amin Palace in Afghanistan. After undergoing the “baptism of battle”, its number increased subsequently, and it put forward its espionage goal: In any environment where terrorism may occur, Group A will There must be “one of our own”. Since then, special forces have achieved remarkable results in the three major terrorist activities in the former Soviet Union from 1981 to 1986.

Alpha Some fighters joined private security agencies after retiring and became their leaders. In 1996, there were about 30 such security companies in the city of Moscow alone. In addition, the Alpha Veterans Federation has also established several security agencies. Due to its outstanding reputation, the Alpha veterans get quite high fees for security. They engage in charity activities, sponsor children’s competitions, help seriously ill children, and pay for expensive operations for them. Every year on the day of occupying the Amin Palace, the living veterans always gather together to mourn the dead comrades-in-arms, and the veterans also provide pensions for the families of the sacrificed comrades-in-arms.

4. French National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (France)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Forces in The World

The French anti-terror commando came into being under the tide of international terrorism. The waves of international terrorism in the 1970s frequently rose, and the terrorist massacre at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972 shocked Western European countries. In 1973, the Saudi ambassador to France was attacked by terrorists, making France feel deeply disrespected.

In order to deal with the increasingly rampant terrorists, France officially established a special anti-terrorist force in 1974: the French National Gendarmerie Intervention Team (GIGN). As part of the Gendarmerie, directly under the French Ministry of Defense. Because the commandos always wear black clothes and black belts when performing anti-terrorist combat missions, they are called “men in black”.

With the strong support of the French President, the French National Gendarmerie Intervention Team has risen rapidly in just a few years and has become a new anti-terrorist force that cannot be ignored. At present, GIGN has more than 80 members, including 4 officers, organized into 4 commando units. Since its establishment, it has been like a magical “Damocles” sword, hanging over the heads of terrorists at all times.

As a special commando specializing in anti-terrorist activities, it is well-known not only in Europe but also in the world. This force has carried out more than 600 missions in total, rescued 450 hostages, and arrested 550 terrorists and dangerous elements.

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3. British Special Air Service (Great Britain)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Forces in The World

The Royal Army’s “Special Air Service” (SAS for short) is led by David. A special forces newspaper unit was established by Colonel Stirling in Libya in 1942. The newspapers introduced them this way: “The Special Air Service are the unsung heroes of the British Army. Their watchword is secrecy!”

At present, the SAS has about nine hundred members, with an average age of about twenty-six. This special force was reorganized into the British Home Defense Force in 1952 – “Special Air Service”. Their headquarters and training base were at Hereford, a hundred and thirty miles west of London, near the Brecon Beacons. The regiment was organized in three parts: a regular (standby) unit, and two lay units made up of lay soldiers.

Members of the Special Air Service Regiment wear serge berets and armbands with winged daggers. All of them are experts in mountain climbing, swimming, diving, blasting, unlocking, emergency radio communication, and other technologies, and they have mastered more than one foreign language.

The task of this unit, when it was first established, was to carry out assassinations, raids, and rescue of Allied prisoners of war in the rear of the Nazi German Afrika Korps. They successfully destroyed 250 aircraft and dozens of ammunition depots of the Luftwaffe in a year and a half. After World War II, the Special Air Service was used against the IRA and various other terrorist activities.

In May 1977, the Special Air Service Regiment assisted the Dutch Marine Corps and the “mounted police” to rescue a Dutch train hijacked by terrorists. In October of the same year, the regiment dispatched two experts to assist West Germany’s Pressman Group 9 (GSG-9) in successfully rescuing a German Lufthansa airliner that was hijacked by terrorists at Mogadishu Airport in Somalia. And the 87 hostages in the plane.

On April 3, 1980, five Iranian armed men occupied the Iranian embassy in the UK and took 26 hostages. Two days later, the Special Air Service Regiment dispatched 24 members, using “stun” grenades, attacked the terrorists like lightning in 40 seconds, and successfully rescued 19 hostages.

2. Delta Force (U.S.)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Forces in The World

In the eastern part of the United States, there is a mysterious military base – Brandenburg, North Carolina. This is the headquarters of the “Delta” force, which the United States began to establish in the late 1970s, to carry out anti-terrorist combat missions.

The designation of the “Delta” special forces is the US Army’s 1st Special Forces Combat Detachment. This force is an elite force derived from the US Army’s “Green Beret” special forces. Its main task is to deal with threats worldwide. There are currently two squadrons for various terrorist activities in the interest of the United States. The squadron has several teams under its jurisdiction, each with 16 people. Although this force has not had any impressive record since its establishment, it is an anti-terrorism first force in the United States.

Colonel Beckwith of the U.S. Army served in the British Airborne Special Service from 1962 to 1963. When he returned to the U.S. Army, he had been trying to establish a unit with the same organization, concept, and function as the Airborne-Special Service. After numerous attempts over the years, he finally succeeded, and the new unit—dubbed 1st Special Forces Combat Detachment (abbreviated Delta)—was officially recognized on November 19, 1997.

The Delta Force’s primary mission was to deal with terrorist activities that affected US interests, a very timely requirement given the many incidents that were happening everywhere at the time, such as the hostage incident at the Munich Olympics.

After its official formation, Delta began to select and train its personnel and successfully completed the tasks of several other different units. Then on November 4, 1979, Iranian “students” broke into the U.S. embassy in Tehran and took all staff hostage. Since then, Delta Force has gradually become deeply involved in the plan-hostage rescue operations, and finally, It culminates in practical action on April 24-25, 1980.

1. Navy SEALs (U.S.)

Top 10 Most Dangerous Special Forces in The World

One of the top 10 most dangerous special forces in the world, the US Navy SEALs are the most dangerous and deterrent special operations forces in the world. So far, few people in the outside world know where the SEALs will perform their missions, where they will be used as training bases, etc. However, this mysterious force always appears when the country needs them most. The news disclosed to the outside world is that there are only more than 200 active-duty SEALs in the entire US military.

To enter the Navy SEALs, students have to pass the special military training that is considered to be the most arduous and strict in the world, and sometimes the training is completely real guns. The students cultivate perseverance and the ability to fight in teams in extraordinary difficulties, and the last 70% of students will be eliminated. So becoming a Navy SEAL is the highest honor an American soldier can achieve.

Since President Kennedy personally formed the US Special Forces (Green Berets) in 1962, the SEALs have become legends of the special forces by virtue of their outstanding performance, whether it is performing tasks or training.

They have been involved in nearly every major modern warfare and military counterterrorism incident. In the latest anti-terrorist battle in Afghanistan, they eliminated hundreds of terrorists hiding in caves and dark places, and only 4 members of the SEALs were killed.

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