The Top 10 Most Boring Sports in The World

If you’re looking for the Most Boring Sports in The World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Most Boring Sports in The World.

There are some sports, and when you choose to watch them it’s best to do something that will keep you awake, because they are so boring that they have the effect of taking sleeping pills.

Sorry, I’m not talking about golf. On the contrary, more and more golf fans will feel excited when watching the game, especially the moment when the winner is decided in 18 holes, which can make people nervous to the point of bursting.

Of course, it is not the fierce collision of football, the crazy dunks of basketball, and the running back and forth of football. There is no objection to this. But people who dislike golf always point the finger of boredom at this sport: How can you say that a sport that is slow and involves more walking than playing is boring?

However, in this article, the following top 10 most boring sports in the world are much more boring than golf.

Most Boring Sports in The World

10. Bowling

Most Boring Sports in The World

The movie “The Big Lebowski” once made the sport of bowling look cool, but the artistic packaging did not make bowling more popular. Bowling appeared as a demonstration event at the 1988 Seoul Olympics but was later abandoned. Later, he briefly entered the waiting list for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and was eventually eliminated again. The fate of bowling has gone through twists and turns, and it has almost become a fringe sport in China because it is too unattractive.

9. Fishing

Most Boring Sports in The World

You read that right, fishing is already a sport to some extent, and various fishing tournaments have been held in China. Sitting quietly by the river, waiting for the fish to take the bait, and having to sit still to avoid making any noise in order not to scare the fish away. What is the point of this sport? If no fish takes the bait for a long time, I’m afraid it will have to sit still for a longer time. Isn’t this more boring than bowling?

8. Beach Volleyball

Most Boring Sports in The World

Beach volleyball is actually a highly competitive sport, but compared with volleyball, its status and popularity are obviously much more embarrassing. Even volleyball is still not a mainstream sport internationally, and it is much inferior to football and basketball, which are both big balls. However, due to the brilliant record of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, volleyball has a lofty status in China and can almost be elevated to a national sport.

7. Marathon

Most Boring Sports in The World

Marathon is a primitive sport and a simple sport, nothing more than running. Although simple, it is arduous. Athletes breakthrough themselves in the ever-increasing number of kilometers, but watching it becomes boring. There is no confrontational competition, no winning or losing in terms of scores. The marathon is actually more about competing with your own endurance and persistence.

6. Equestrian

Most Boring Sports in The World

Equestrian sports have always been controversial, because as a sport, it should be a competition between people, but equestrian seems to be more of a competition between horses. Compared with golf, equestrian sports are more niche and more “aristocratic”. Although the tall and handsome mixed-race rider Hua Tian supports the appearance, the audience is still not interested in equestrian sports after being obsessed with Hua Tian.

5. Sailing Boat

Most Boring Sports in The World

Navigating rough seas requires a lot of courage and skill. If you have watched movies such as “Big Wave” and “Over the Horizon”, you will be deeply impressed by the thrilling sailing scenes in them. But it is impossible to see such a scene in real sports competitions, and cameras have never followed such a long distance. It’s enough to look at the beginning and end of this sport. Most people don’t really care about the sailing part in the middle.

4. Figure Skating

Most Boring Sports in The World

Figure skating is an elegant and artistic sport, and its spectatorship sometimes offsets the tension of competition. The purpose of this sport is just to look good on the ice, and nothing else. But can you see the appeal? After 10 minutes, you may want to find the remote control to change channels. What’s even more boring is that sometimes you think a very beautiful and graceful movement is confused by the referee’s judgment.

3. Test Cricket

Most Boring Sports in The World

Cricket, like golf, is also known as a “gentleman’s sport”, but can you tell the difference between cricket, baseball, and softball? I guess most people can’t tell the difference. Cricket, which originated in the UK, is popular in countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia and New Zealand. It has a very broad mass base in these countries, probably related to British colonial history.

Cricket is not popular in the United States, but baseball, known as the “national sport” of the United States, evolved on the basis of cricket. The test format of cricket is dying, no one is likely to win a game over five days, and the speed at which players can run is always limited by the speed at which they can score, so players can have lunch or tea before continuing the game. Many people say that cricket was only suitable for the 1940s.

2. Curling

Most Boring Sports in The World

Curling is one of the most boring sports in the world. Curling is certainly a niche sport, it’s been called “chess on ice.” A stone slides for a while and then approaches the center of the target circle. Two people are sweeping it with brooms in front of it. What a strange sight! Curling originated in Scotland hundreds of years ago and is very similar to golf. Later, after the Canadians perfected and formulated the rules, it developed into today’s curling sport.

1. F1

Most Boring Sports in The World

At the risk of dividing opinion, F1 is the most boring sport today. It was not until the birth of Michael Schumacher in the 1990s that the glorious era ushered in. F1 teams are all run by top car companies with strong financial resources, and the drivers they select are also wealthy and less susceptible to outside interference. The person in pole position often has a better chance of winning the race, and the constant changes in the rules are often infuriating.


Of course, there are the most boring sports that I find, but it’s better not to talk about them. Firstly, everyone has his or her own preference; secondly, these projects are job opportunities for some people, so I can’t engage in professional discrimination! What if they get angry and hit me with a barbell or hit me with a curling stone? As a spectator, what do you think, which sports are boring?

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