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If you’re looking for the Top 10 Hottest Places in The World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Hottest Places in The World.

Since 2019, extreme weather has occurred in many places around the world, even breaking historical records. With the emission of greenhouse gases, the temperature of the earth is getting higher and higher, and we feel hotter and hotter. but when it comes to heat, the 10 hottest places on the earth are really hot, and the highest temperature reaches 71 ℃. Today, let’s take a look at the top 10 hottest places in the world with high-temperature weather records.

Top 10 Hottest Places in The World

10. Sulaibiya, Kuwait (53.6°C)

hottest places in the world

On July 31, 2012, the temperature in the Sulaibiya desert city of Kuwait, located in the Arabian Peninsula, broke the record and rose to 53.6 degrees Celsius, becoming the highest in Asia at that time, and once ranked third in the list of the highest temperature records in Asia. The average temperature here will exceed 40°C between April and September, making it a very typical tropical city!

9. Multan, Pakistan (53.7°C)

hottest places in the world

Multan, Pakistan is not in the desert. This city is still the fifth largest city in Pakistan, but it is also very hot here. In 2010, a high temperature of 53.7°C was detected here, but it is very uncomfortable. Surprisingly, this place has not been damaged by floods every year, which is really incomprehensible.

8. Timbuktu, Mali (54.4°C)

hottest places in the world

Timbuktu is a city in the Republic of Mali in West Africa, located on the southern edge of the famous Sahara Desert, on the north bank of the Niger River. This is also one of the hottest cities in the world. There are about 50,000 residents in this city. The highest temperature here generally occurs in April and May, and the average temperature is above 40°C. The highest temperature ever detected here is 54.4°C.

7. Kebili, Tunisia (55°C)

hottest places in the world

Kebili, Tunisia is a small village in the Sahara Desert. There are still people living here today. I have to say that these people are really “heat-resistant”! The highest temperature ever detected here is 55°C. Surviving in such weather can only be described as “tough”.

Simply put, the latter has greater climate change and evaporates more water. Aziziye in Libya is one of the representatives, and the absolute air humidity has been zero for a long time. Kebili, which is located by the salt lake, absorbs more heat and evaporates more on the basis of continuous high temperatures, making the surrounding environment extremely harsh. Climatologists draw the conclusion based on the history of the formation of the salt lake: Leigh has maintained this temperature for the past 200,000 years, if not worse.

Another important factor is that the area where Kebili is located was a vast ocean millions of years ago. The collision of the earth’s plates caused the African continent to bulge, and a small amount of undischarged seawater was trapped in the Kebili area. A large number of salt crystals have been deposited, making this land “extremely salty”. Not only are the crops in the low-lying areas difficult to survive, but even most of the land in the center of the valley is barren.

In the eyes of many tourists, Kebili is the “gateway” to the Sahara Desert, but in the eyes of locals, this area is a “forbidden place” leading to death.

6. Rub Khali, Saudi Arabia (56°C)

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Rub Khali is a desert in Saudi Arabia. It has the title of “barren land“. Animals and plants basically cannot survive here. The 6th place in the high-temperature weather record.

Located in the Arabian Peninsula, the Rub Khali Desert is the largest mobile desert in the world and one of the largest deserts in the world. It is also known as the Great Arabian Desert. The temperature difference here is huge, and the average annual temperature difference can reach 30~50°C. The highest temperature ever detected in this desert is 56°C. In summer, the ground temperature can reach over 60°C at noon. If you bury an egg in the desert, it will be cooked easily in a short time.

5. Death Valley, USA (56.7°C)

hottest places in the world

The hottest place in the United States is “Death Valley” in Nevada. There are basically no living things in Death Valley because it is too hot and there are no water resources at all, so animals are basically “heated to death”. In 1913, the highest temperature detected here was 56.7°C, which is also quite high.

From the name, we also know that the environment of Death Valley is very harsh. Located in the desert valley of California, the area of ​​Death Valley is 1408 square kilometers. It is the lowest and driest place in North America. It is known as “Dry Bones Valley“, “Extinct volcano crater” and other ominous titles. Because it is located in the desert, the temperature in Death Valley is relatively high.

4. Azizia, Libya (57.8°C)


Aziziye (also known as Azizia) is located in northern Africa, south of Tripoli, the capital of Libya, and less than 50 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. As early as September 13, 1922, Aziziye had set a record high temperature of 57.8°C in global history at that time and even set a high temperature of 58.8°C in 2014. Normally, the temperature here often exceeds 48°C, making it the hottest city in the world.

3. Flame Mountain, China (66.7°C)

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The “Flame Mountain” recorded in Journey to the West is real. It is located in the Turpan Basin in Xinjiang, my country. It is also the hottest place in China. There is no one. The highest temperature ever detected was 66.7°C. It does not rain all year round, and the average temperature in summer is above 40°C. Compared with China’s “Four Stoves” cities, it is not at the same level as here.

2. Queensland wilderness, Australia (69.2 ℃)

hottest places in the world

The Queensland Wilderness is located in the Simpson Desert in Australia. Anyone who knows about geography knows that more than half of Australia’s land is occupied by desert wilderness. Because it is very sparsely populated, it is difficult to obtain its accurate temperature in the interior of Australia.

In 2003, the NASA satellite equipped with MODIS (imaging spectrometer for monitoring climate) collected a near-surface temperature of 69.2℃ in Celsius, which is really scary to think about. I simply don’t want to stay for a second.

1. Lut Desert, Iran (70.7°C)

hottest places in the world

The current record for the highest temperature in the world was in the Lut Desert in Iran in the 1990s. A super high temperature of 70.7°C was detected, which is also the highest since the surface temperature was measured. This is also known as the hottest place in the world.

There is no place in the world that can compare with it. People simply cannot survive in this “extreme weather”. The water in the body will be evaporated and the skin will be burnt Direct sunburn.

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