Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners

If you’re looking for the Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World Winners.

Since its inception in 1951, Miss World has lasted for more than half a century and has been held in more than 20 countries. Countless star-studded beauties have been born successively. Together with Miss Universe, it is called “the world’s two major Olympic beauty pageants”.Contestants usually come from countries and regions all over the world to select the most beautiful young lady to participate, and finally select through multiple competitions. Today, let’s experience the style of the top 10 most beautiful Miss World.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World

10. Tony Ann Singh

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World

Tony Ann Singh from Jamaica is the latest beauty to add to the Miss World list. She is the first black woman to win a beauty pageant since Nigerian Agbani Darego was crowned Miss World in 2001. The girl is known as a Jamaican-American singer. She was nine years old when her family immigrated to the United States. In addition to being a model, Beauty also likes psychology and has a degree.

Tony Ann Singh was born in a small town in Jamaica, a Caribbean island country. With her own efforts, she was admitted to Florida State University in the United States and obtained a double degree in psychology and women’s studies.

Her own experience made Singh understand the importance of educating women, and it also made her stand out in the final question and answer session of the finals. When asked what made her special as Miss World, Singh replied, “I represent a special generation of women who have been pushing for change in the world. I am committed to giving more women the same opportunities as me. , and that’s what makes me different.”

9. Diana Hayden

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World

In 1997, Diana Hayden won the Miss World title in India. Like Aishwarya Rai, she made her debut in Bollywood with Tehzeeb but failed to make much splash.

After the competition, Diana went to study at the Royal Academy of Drama in London and became an actor in Bollywood. However, Diana’s acting career was extremely bleak, with few successful works. Later, she tried to transform it into a TV variety show, but it still failed. Diana Hayden is an Anglo-Indian. The reason for her unsuccessful Bollywood career is probably because her appearance does not conform to the traditional Bollywood aesthetics and the competition among contemporary actresses is fierce.

8. Zhang Zilin

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World

Zhang Zilin was born in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province in 1984. She won the Miss World beauty pageant in 2007 and became the first person to win a world-class beauty pageant in China. Later, she entered the fashion circle and became an actor, but he didn’t have much success in film and television. The Empress Nuwa in the opening chapter of the new version of “A Dream of Red Mansions” is impressive, but she doesn’t need much acting skills, the goddess can just play herself.

During her career, Zhang Zilin has received many honors and achievements. As early as 1998, when she was only 14 years old, she won the “Women’s 100m Hurdles” Group C champion at the 10th Beijing Games, laying a solid foundation for her sports career.

In 2003, Zhang Zilin participated in the New Silk Road China Model Contest and won the top ten in the national finals. Three years later, in 2006, she was selected as one of the top ten professional fashion models in China, which won more recognition for her modeling career.

In 2007, Zhang Zilin participated in the 57th Miss World beauty pageant, and finally won the championship, becoming China’s first person in the international beauty pageant. This honor not only brings infinite glory to her personally but also adds a sense of pride to the entire Chinese people.

In terms of movies, in 2011, Zhang Zilin completed her personal screen debut and starred in the movie “Tough Guy 2: Stay with Me to the End”. Two years later, in 2013, she and her boyfriend Nie Lei held a wedding in Thailand and started her married life.

In 2014, Zhang Zilin starred in the romance film “My Early Girlfriend”, and participated in the modern romance film “Love Spicy Love For Life”. These two films showed her strength in acting and won recognition and praise from the audience.

In 2015, Zhang Zilin was rated as a model worker in Beijing and became the focus of more people’s attention and pursuit. Both her professional and personal life have been fruitful, giving her a solid foundation for the future.

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7. Priyanka Chopra

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World

Priyanka Chopra won the Miss World beauty pageant in 2000 and then devoted herself to acting. Since becoming famous in 2000, it has attracted much attention. She is always stealing the show on the red carpet, setting trends, and being very influential. This glamorous Indian beauty is now an international icon and making waves. She has achieved greatness in Bollywood as well as in Hollywood.

In 2004, she became famous overnight because of her cooperation with Salman Khan in “Mujse Shadi Karogi”. In 2006, “Krish” brought her to the next level, but it was in 2008 that she really pushed to the status of a queen. She has written seven movies, among which the box office hit “Hot in Miami” made her a house goddess, and “Fashion” won her the crown of Oscar in India. In the later period, Priyanka entered Hollywood and expanded her influence from India to the whole world. Now she is one of the most familiar Indian faces in the world.

6. Irene Skliva

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World

The beautiful Irene Sriva is a stunning Greek model who won the crown of Miss World on November 23, 1996, in Bangalore, India. She was only 18 at the time. She later went on to a modeling and television career. In addition, she has participated in some big fashion shows in Milan, Athens, and Munich.

She won the Miss Hellas competition, Greece’s national beauty pageant, and that was the beginning of her path to the Miss World crown. Irene made a strong impact on the judges and the audience while representing her nation on the international stage by showcasing her intelligence, charisma, and beauty.

After winning, Irene Skliva used her platform to advocate for a number of philanthropic causes while also serving as the Miss World organization’s goodwill ambassador. She devoted her time to philanthropy, aiding programs for the health, education, and welfare of children.

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5. Rolene Strauss

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World

In 2014, Rolene Strauss won the Miss World beauty pageant. Model Raun Strauss is the third person to win the Miss World title for her native South Africa. So, in the spring of 2016, she opened her family’s philanthropic fund, called the Strauss Foundation, which is dedicated to women’s health.

Rolene Strauss, born in 1992, is a South African model whose ancestral home is Foxlust, Mpumalanga Province. In 2011, she began to study medicine at the University of the Free State. In 2014, she was already a fourth-year student and won the Miss World title!

The Miss World election has strict standards and complicated procedures. In addition to looking good, you have to answer all kinds of strange questions from the judges. Strauss is such a player. In the Miss World beauty pageant, she finally won the crown by impressing the judges with her beauty, temperament, vitality, and wisdom.

During the 2014 Miss World selection process, Rowling has always emphasized the “3 ving” – “living, loving, and giving” (living, loving, and giving).

She not only has an angel face and a devil figure but also knows medical skills and foreign languages ​​(Rowling, who was born in South Africa, can speak fluent English and Afrikaans). On the stage, she coexists with wisdom and beauty, and she is full of “goddess style”;

In her acceptance speech, Rowling expressed her pride in South Africa: “My country is my pride and I will always live in South Africa.” She also said: “In South Africa, we come from different backgrounds and cultures, but we have one thing in common, that is, we are all South Africans. Living in such a colorful rainbow country, I can’t express the joy in my heart.”

She loves sports. Speaking of sports, she said that she loves golf when she announced her family during the beauty pageant. Of course, she also has other sports hobbies, including netball and cycling.

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4. Manushi Chhillar

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World

Another beauty queen from India, Manushi Chhillar won the “Miss World” title in 2017. She ranks 4th in the top 10 most beautiful Miss World titles in the world. In 2017, Manuhi once again made India proud when he made headlines when he wore the blue crown. Born and raised in Haryana, this beautiful lady has millions of followers on Instagram.

Manushi Chishira broke India’s embarrassing situation of zero championships in international beauty pageants for 17 consecutive years. A medical student and a trained Indian classical dancer, she decided to become an actress after the competition. However, the first work was postponed many times due to the epidemic, the filming process was not smooth, and the results were not satisfactory after the release. However, Manuhi’s acting career has just begun, and we will wait and see her later performance. She has now ventured into Bollywood to play a major role in the historical drama “Prithviraj”.

3. Mireia Lalaguna

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World

Mirea Laguna is the first person from Spain to receive this honor. She was the winner of Miss World Spain 2015 and Miss Atlantic International 2014 and won Miss World 2015 in China in December of the same year. She also has a degree in pharmacy from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, with typical beauty and wisdom. Her blue-eyed blonde hair brings to mind all the princess stories from childhood.

Mireya is from Barcelona, ​​Spain, and is currently studying pharmacy. Her piano level has reached level 8, and she is very interested in Buddhism. She believes that music and travel are the core of her happiness. “Miss World is not just a beauty pageant. I want to be an ambassador for a perfect woman, and I can prove to the world that beauty is not just on the outside.” Mireya explained her reason for participating in the Miss World event.

According to reports, the Miss World beauty pageant is sponsored by the Miss World Organization and is currently one of the three most influential beauty pageants in the world. This contest is the 65th contest since the Miss World beauty pageant was held, and it is the seventh time that this event has been held in China. In the 2015 event, a total of 114 contestants from 114 countries and regions participated in the competition for the Miss World crown.

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2. Karolina Bilawska

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World

Polish beauty Karolina Bilowska was crowned the 70th Miss World during the finals in Puerto Rico on March 17, 2022. During her tenure, Karolina Birowska has maintained her beauty and traveled around the world Her figure remained.

The Polish beauty impresses with elegance and classy style with every appearance. With the postponement of the UAE’s Miss World 2023 pageant to the end of the year, Carolina Bilauska continues her tenure. Karolina Birowska is 23 years old, 1.79 meters tall, with big round eyes, a bright smile, and striking blond hair.

The 23-year-old beauty is a well-known model and lady in her hometown. In the competition, Karolina Birowska also entered the top 13 of the “Top Models”.

Karolina Birowska is a graduate of the Faculty of Management at the Oder University of Technology. Currently, she is studying at Polichnica Ozka’s Master of Business. With this victory, Karolina Bilawska gave Poland her second Miss World crown.

1. Aishwarya Rai

Top 10 Most Beautiful Miss World

Aishwarya Rai is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She won the Miss World crown in 1994. Now she is already a Bollywood superstar with a lot of work. She is not only an Indian national treasure beauty, but also a world-renowned face. She continues to travel the world, especially at the Cannes Film Festival, stunning the audience in all kinds of gowns.

After graduating from university, Aishwarya Rai worked as a model in her spare time. Her extraordinary beauty and elegant demeanor were quickly favored by many commercial companies. Aishwarya Rai has done commercials for many well-known companies, most notably for Indian sarees and Pepsi. In 1994, Aishwarya won the first prize in the “Miss World” beauty pageant held in South Africa and later entered Bollywood and achieved great success.

Aishwarya Rai was praised by foreign media as “the most beautiful woman in the world”. woman”. In 2014, on the occasion of her 20th anniversary of winning the title, the Miss World Organization held a special celebration and called her “the most successful Miss World champion in history”.

when we mention India, Bollywood, and beauties, our first impression is Aishwarya Rai, who is also recognized as the most beautiful Miss World in the world.

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