The Strongest Top 10 Air Force in The World

If you’re looking for the Strongest Top 10 Air Force in The World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Strongest Top 10 Air Force in The World.

The air force’s importance in contemporary combat is unquestionable. It is the main combat force on the battlefield, and it is also an important strategic force in high-tech local wars. To make a small summary of the ranking of the strongest and most powerful top 10 air force in the world.

Strongest Top 10 Air Force in The World

10. Egypt


As the leading military force on the African continent, Egypt has a total of more than 1,100 aircraft. The Egyptian Air Force has installed many advanced fighter jets from other countries, and there are still more than 200 F-16 fighter jets in active service. In addition, Egypt was the first customer to purchase the “Rafale” fighter, and its strength should not be underestimated.

9. Germany

Top 10 Air Force in The World

Compared with the all-powerful situation during World War I and World War II, today’s Luftwaffe seems to have lost its glory in the past. Most of the “Typhoon” fighters it owns are in a grounded state, and Tornado is also facing replacement problems. Even basic airframe maintenance has stopped. However, Germany still has a strong industrial foundation and high-quality military personnel. The military strength seems to be declining, and it can be restored in a short time when it is really needed.

8. Turkey

Top 10 Air Force in The World

Turkey is considered one of the most powerful air forces in NATO. Because it has maintained a close ally relationship with the United States for a long time, the Turkish Air Force is equipped with almost all American fighters. The main fighter in active service is still the American-made F-16. Currently, Turkey plans to develop fifth-generation stealth fighters and plans to allocate 160 billion U.S. dollars to build a modern air force.

7. Israel

Top 10 Air Force in The World

With a land area of ​​just over 20,000 square kilometers, Israel’s victory in many local wars is inseparable from its powerful air power and rich actual combat experience. A variety of advanced combat aircraft and weapons and equipment of the Israeli Air Force come from the United States and other Western countries. The total number of aircraft is more than 650. Coupled with the military atmosphere of all soldiers and high-level pilots, a powerful Israeli Air Force has been formed.

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6. India

Top 10 Air Force in The World

The Indian Air Force was established in 1932. The strength of the Indian Air Force is actually quite controversial. It does have strong “hardware strength”, with a large number of military aircraft and much-advanced combat aircraft, but most of this hard power comes from other countries. For example, most of the aircraft equipped by the Indian Air Force come from Russia and Western countries. However, its domestically produced LCA “Glorious” fighter has a lot of slots. However, the strength bought is also strength. If only in terms of hardware conditions, the Indian Air Force is still ranked first in the world.

As far as the main aviation unit is concerned, the many Su-30Mk and Rafale it is equipped with are the best among the third-generation aircraft (called the fourth-generation in Russia) in the world today, and the age of the aircraft is relatively new, while the MiG 21 and Mirage 2000 are even more advanced. It has attracted much attention because of its outstanding performance.

5. France

Top 10 Air Force in The World

France’s air force was Founded in 1909. The French Air Force is the earliest country in the world to establish a military aviation force. France not only has strong air power but also has a very developed domestic aircraft manufacturing industry. Founded after the end of World War II, France’s Dassault Aviation is now a leading manufacturer of European fighter jets. The “Rafale” fighter it designed and manufactured is also very popular in the international arms sales market and was once sold at a price of 240 million US dollars. to India.

However, during the air strike against Libya in 2011, the shortcomings of the French Air Force were exposed, and there was a serious shortage of precision-guided munitions during the operation. In general, although the French Air Force has outstanding high-performance fighters, it needs to increase research and development and investment in sensor pods and weapons inventory, which is an urgent problem to be solved.

4. Great Britain

Top 10 Air Force in The World

The British Royal Air Force has a long history. It played a major role in the face of Nazi Germany during World War II. It blocked Nazi Germany with more than 2,000 fighters and 2,500 bombers with more than 2,000 fighters and 800 bombers. Today’s British Royal Air Force may not be as brilliant as it used to be, but a dead camel is bigger than a horse. The total number of British aircraft is more than 800. The main fighters of the Royal Air Force are now European “Typhoon” fighters and F-35 fighters purchased from the United States.

In addition, the Royal Air Force also has various types of combat aircraft. Perhaps it does not have too prominent advantages, but its deep family background also makes it have no outstanding shortcomings.

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3. China

Top 10 Air Force in The World

The Chinese Air Force is also developing relatively fast. It was established in 1949. The strength of Chinese Air Force ranks first in Asia, and it has also successfully entered the first echelon in the world. The total number of aircraft in China is nearly 3,000, second only to Russia, and it is the second country after the United States to have fifth-generation stealth fighters and has a large number of main fighters such as J-20, J-16, J-11, and Su-30MKK, Su-35 and other Russian-made fighters. After the J-20 is mass-produced and a large number of second and third-generation fighters are replaced, the strength of the Chinese Air Force will be further improved.

2. Russia

Top 10 Air Force in The World

The Russian Air Force was established in 1991. The current Russian Air Force can be regarded as the “finished product” after several twists and turns, and it is well-deserved as the world’s second-largest air force. The Russian Air Force has a total of more than 3,700 military aircraft, of which more than 1,300 are helicopters. From the perspective of the scale of military aircraft, Russia still has a big gap compared with the United States, but it still has advantages compared with other countries.

The number of Russian helicopters is the largest in the world, and the number of fighters is less than that of China. However, it must be considered that China still has a large number of second and third-generation fighters in active service, and the field of bombers is also firmly seated as the second in the world. Additionally, the fifth-generation stealth fighter Su-57 from Russia is anticipated to go into service in 2019.

1. United States

Top 10 Air Force in The World

There is no doubt that the United States has the most advanced and powerful and strongest air force in the world, with a total of 13,762 military aircraft equipped. The U.S. Air Force was established in 1947. It is mainly composed of strategic forces, tactical forces, aerospace forces, and special operations forces. Excluding the combat aircraft equipped by the navy and army, the number of aircraft owned by the U.S. Air Force far exceeds that of China, Russia, Britain, France, India, and other air force powers.

The U.S. Air Force’s huge fighter fleet is dominated by mature fourth-generation aircraft. The number of F-16 series fighters is nearly 1,000, which is more than the total number of aircraft in many countries.

The U.S. Air Force takes the lead in the field of fifth-generation aircraft The F-22 fighter, which went into service in 2005, remains the world’s most technologically advanced fifth-generation aircraft. It can be said that the U.S. Air Force has almost no model shortcomings, and fighter jets, bombers, special operations aircraft, early warning aircraft, aerial refueling aircraft, helicopters, trainer aircraft, and other models all have quantitative or qualitative advantages.

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