Mysterious Story of The Youngest Mother in The World

If you’re looking for the details about the Youngest Mother in The World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Story of The Youngest Mother in The World.

For women, there is an optimal time period for giving birth, and giving birth during that period is the best for both their own physical recovery and the health of the baby. It is common sense that women cannot conceive before they are fully developed, but there is the youngest mother in the world. She gave birth to a baby at the age of 5. Netizens said that this is a child giving birth to a child. let’s discuss the story of the youngest mother in the world.

Who is The Youngest Mother in The World?

Youngest Mother in The World

The incident took place in Peru, a country with a deep tradition of fertility and culture. This girl named Lina Vanessa Medina Vasquez successfully became a mother at the age of 5 years and 7 months, arousing curiosity and confusion around the world.

Lina Medina’s parents are ordinary Peruvians. Her father, Tivucio Medina, makes jewelry for a living, while her mother, Victoria Lothar, is responsible for housework and taking care of the children. Although they lived in a small village, they noticed changes in Lena. Her belly grew rapidly in a short period of time, and it did not look as swollen as usual. Since there were no medical facilities in their small village, Tivusio had to urgently take Lina to the city of Pisco to seek help from a doctor.

However, when they arrived at the hospital, the doctors were shocked by Lena’s condition. After examination, they discovered that the little girl was pregnant.

What’s even more shocking is that she is already 7 months pregnant.

The news stunned Lena’s parents, who were sincerely worried about the girl’s health, but doctors told them Lena was not suffering from anything serious.

Because Lena was too young, doctors decided to perform a cesarean section immediately to ensure the safety of the mother and baby. On May 14, 1939, Lina underwent an emergency cesarean section in Lima and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The child’s name was Gerardo Alejandro Medina, named after his doctors in honor of their help.

Who was the father of Lina Medina’s child?

Youngest Mother in The World

However, there is still no definite answer as to who the father of Lena’s child is. Although her father and brother were suspected and arrested, they were eventually acquitted due to lack of evidence. This incident caused widespread discussion and controversy in Peruvian society. People were shocked and sympathized with the fate of this little girl. At the same time, it also raised deep reflections on social and cultural issues of child protection.

The case of Lina Medina is not just a medical case, it is also a social and cultural event. It has aroused people’s attention and thinking on issues such as child protection, precocious puberty, and incest.

According to one of Lina’s neighbors, Lina once accidentally mentioned in a casual chat that she actually didn’t know who the man was who caused her pregnancy at the age of five. She only remembered that she participated in a local Indian ceremony at the time. During the carnival, he was taken into the grass by an Indian man wearing a mask.

As for who this man was, she, who was only five years old at the time, didn’t know it, let alone what the consequences would be.

Death of Her Son

When Gerardo was 10 years old, a villager who had asked Fernando for testimony was drunk. When he saw Gerardo, he didn’t shut the door and told Horado the truth. Horado ran home to ask Linna for confirmation, and Linna admitted that Gerardo was not her younger brother, but her own son.

Lina was already fifteen years old when Gerardo learned the truth. Over the years, Dr. Losada has never forgotten this girl, and every year, he subsidizes Linna with some money so that she can receive an education. Perhaps in Doctor Losada’s opinion, it was this girl who made him famous in the medical field, so he wanted to repay Linna in this way.

In 1951, after graduating from middle school at the age of 17, Linna was admitted to a medical school with the support of Dr. Losada, where she studied nursing. After graduation, she came to the hospital where Dr. Losada worked and worked as Dr. Losada’s assistant. She had her own income and her own life.

After getting a job, Linna devoted all her energy to the cultivation of her son Gerardo. After receiving her salary every month, except for the basic living expenses, she sent all of them back to her hometown for Horado to study.

Many people have pursued her over the years, but she has never agreed because she was afraid of affecting Gerardo. It wasn’t until 1963, after Horado graduated from college and found a job in another Peruvian city, that she accepted a marriage proposal from a man named Raúl. She was 34 years old at this time.

Strange to say, although Linna gave birth to her first child at the age of five, after marrying Raul, she was unable to conceive a child for a long time. It was not until 1972 that she became a mother again after reaching the age of forty and gave birth to her second son. Counting on the fingers, this child is a full 33 years younger than Gerardo.

For some unknown reason, after work, Gerardo’s health has been poor, and he even suffered from rickets. When the condition was severe, he couldn’t even walk. Although Lina took Horado to many hospitals, she was unable to cure Horado’s illness. In 1979, Horado died unfortunately at the age of 40.

Where is Lina Now?

Youngest Mother in The World

In 1966, Lena found a job in a battery factory, where she met her future husband, Raul Jurado. When Lina was 38 years old, she became pregnant again and gave birth to a second son in April 1972, named Raul after the child’s father.

In 2009, Lina’s husband passed away, when she was 75 years old. Since then, she has lived alone in Sandoval, nicknamed “Little Chicago.” Her son with her husband works as a crew member in an ocean-going company and spends most of the year at sea. She only has time to visit Lina during the holidays.

Linna is now 89 years old. Even among her neighbors, few know that she is the youngest woman in the Guinness Book of Records to give birth to a child. This woman who gave birth to a child at the age of five has always been in good health, which must be said to be a miracle.

The Guinness Book of World Records

After telling Lina’s story, we should feel that the world is so big and full of wonders. To this day, Lina is still the holder of the title of “the youngest mother in the world ” in the Guinness Book of Records.

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