The Top 10 Ugliest Monkeys In The World

If you’re looking for the Ugliest Monkeys in The World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Ugliest Monkeys in The World.

There are currently more than 200 species of monkeys in the world. Their appearance characteristics vary, and many species look very strange, and some even look scary. So which monkeys look ugly? Which monkey is considered the least attractive? Let’s take a look at the 10 Ugliest monkeys in the world.

Top 10 Ugliest Monkeys In The World

10. Golden-Headed Lion Tamarin

Ugliest Monkeys In The World

The tropical region of Brazil is the home of the golden-headed lion tamarin. The hair on its body is mostly dark black, while its head shows a beautiful golden color. The golden-headed lion tamarin is one of the rarest and most colorful primates in the world. The appearance of this animal is extremely strange, especially the hair around its face is orange, dense long, and shaped like a mane. Such features make the golden-headed lion tamarin look like a miniature lion, which naturally attracts people’s attention.

9. Spider-Monkey

Ugliest Monkeys In The World

Spider monkeys are considered a very special and interesting species of monkey. Its limbs are very slender, its head is relatively small and round, and it has a long tail. The spider monkey got its name because of its shape and the way it jumps up trees resembles a giant black spider. The most uncomfortable thing is their deep blue eyes, which give people a zombie-like feel. When you look at spider monkeys, it’s as if they want to suck your soul into them.

8. Hamlyn’s monkey

Ugliest Monkeys In The World

The Hamlyn’s monkey is a unique monkey with an owl-like face. The fur on its body is mainly black and gray, with a unique golden spot on its forehead and a white vein in the middle of its nose, which is eye-catching. Not only that, the owl-faced vervet monkey’s buttocks are also bright blue, which is very bright and eye-catching.

This amazing monkey is mainly found in Congo, northwestern Rwanda, and Uganda. They usually form groups and like to be together. Their daily diet consists mainly of leaves and wild fruits, which are very healthy. Their activity times have two peaks, namely early morning and late afternoon or evening.

7. Tarsier

Ugliest Monkeys In The World

The tarsier is a rare species of small monkey and by far the smallest monkey in the world. Their most eye-catching feature is their unique eyes – they are located in the center of the entire small face, with two large, round, pie-like eyes. The diameter of these big eyes can exceed 1 centimeter.

Tarsier is also one of the ugliest monkeys in the world. They look very strange, like aliens, both ugly and cute. Scientific research shows that the origin of tarsiers can be traced back to 60 million years ago. They are highly specialized primates with excellent visual and hearing abilities and are very intelligent.

6. Aye-aye

Ugliest Monkeys In The World

The aye-aye is a very peculiar-looking primate that is not large and looks very similar to a big-eyed lemur. However, its face is even more terrifying. Its ears are very round and large, its muzzle is relatively short, and its entire face looks like a giant mouse. It is precisely because of the terrifying appearance of the aye-aye and the shrill screams it makes that the locals once regarded it as a symbol of witches and would completely expel and kill it.

5. Black-Capped Capuchin

Ugliest Monkeys In The World

The “black-capped capuchin monkey” is a new species that split from the “genus Capuchin” in 2012, forming a new “genus” together with several other species. The most striking feature of these monkeys is the black tufts of hair on their heads, which from a distance look very much like the hoods worn by Capuchin monks. Therefore, they also have a common name called “capuchin monkey”.

Female monkeys of black-capped hanging monkeys generally have pointed faces, while male monkeys have square faces. Some adult male black-capped monkeys have “powerful” appearance characteristics such as square faces and beards. They can be said to be the most peculiar-looking species among monkeys.

4. Pied Tamarin

Ugliest Monkeys In The World

The Pied tamarin monkey is also called the black-and-white tamarin or the two-color tamarin monkey. It is named after its main colors of black, white, and brown. It mainly lives in the Brazilian region of the Amazon rainforest. This monkey is an endangered species of primate.

Compared with other monkeys, the face of the black and white tamarisk monkey does not look like the red, funny, and cute monkey face. On the contrary, the face of the black and white tamarisk monkey looks a bit scary, especially when it shows its mouth wide open and its fangs exposed, like a ferocious green-faced tusked beast.

3. Proboscis

Ugliest Monkeys In The World

When it comes to monkeys with unique appearances, proboscis monkeys are undoubtedly one of them. Proboscis is one of the ugliest monkeys in the world. These proboscis monkeys have surprisingly large noses. Especially for male proboscis monkeys, their noses become larger and larger as they age, eventually forming a large nose that is as red as an eggplant.

When they are excited, their big noses will stand up or move up and down, giving people a very excited feeling. The noses of female proboscis monkeys are relatively normal. Because this big nose always hangs in front of the mouth, dangling, when they eat, they have to tilt it to one side.

2. Monk Saki

Ugliest Monkeys In The World

The white-faced monk-Saki monkey is the smallest monkey in the genus monk-faced monkey, and their appearance is quite special. Their faces are round and slightly flat, covered with short and dense hairs, somewhat like the face of an old monk. White-faced monk-faced monkeys also show gender differences, with males being larger and there are obvious differences in coat color between males and females.

The male’s entire body is black, with only the face white; the female’s fur is shorter and mottled brown, with two pale vertical lines from the eyes to the nose, and sometimes the chest area may be filled with orange-brown. The fur extends all the way to the abdomen.

1. Bald Uakari

Ugliest Monkeys In The World

The bald uakari monkey is considered a variant of the white bald monkey and lives mainly in the deep forests of Brazil, Peru, and Colombia. This monkey is eye-catching with its bright red head. Therefore, people in South America gave it an interesting nickname – “British monkey”.

The red bald uakari is considered the ugliest monkey in the world. There is almost no fat under its facial skin, and the bones on its neck are also prominent, giving people a devilish impression. It can be said to be the “fur monkey” in the monkey world. Thousands of feet”.


The top 10 ugliest monkeys in the world mainly count the weird-looking monkey species and are summarized based on related lists on the Internet. They are for entertainment reference only.

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