The Top 10 Animals With The Best Hearing

If you’re looking for the Animals With The Best Hearing, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Animals With The Best Hearing.

There are many kinds of animals around us, and many people also keep some as pets at home. Each animal has certain characteristics, some are agile in movement, some have a very sensitive sense of smell, and each has its characteristics. Survival skills and some have strong hearing. Here is a list of the top 10 animals with the best hearing in the world, which can hear sounds that humans cannot hear.

Top 10 Animals With The Best Hearing

1. Pigeon

Top 10  Animals With The Best Hearing

A pigeon is a small animal that many friends like. It likes to be clean very much, and it is also very docile. People often use white pigeons to symbolize peace. Pigeons have a very powerful hearing system and can hear low-frequency infrasounds very clearly. Yes, they can sense the coming of storms, so they can predict weather changes for people. Pigeons can detect sounds at very low frequencies, as low as 0.5Hz! You may be wondering, how do pigeons hear sounds since they have no ears at all (see the picture above)? Pigeons have ears, but they are covered with feathers.

The key to why pigeons can hear infrasound waves (sounds below 20Hz) is that they have a powerful inner ear, which can obtain ultra-low-frequency information through the response of the head cavity to external vibrations.

As a result, pigeons can detect the sounds of distant storms, earthquakes, and even volcanic eruptions. With their excellent hearing and sense of direction, pigeons are considered the best navigators in the animal kingdom.

2. Elephant

Top 10 Animals With The Best Hearing

Elephants often appear on TV, and everyone is familiar with them. Its characteristics are its long trunk and big ears. Having such big ears should play a role in hearing. Elephants have relatively high intelligence. When encountering times of danger, they can communicate with each other through special sounds, and these sounds can spread to long distances.

Elephants have large ears have a strong ability to perceive low frequencies, and can perceive sounds as low as 16Hz. However, the upper limit of elephants’ high-frequency perception is 12,000Hz, which has not yet reached the highest level of humans (20,000Hz). Another important function of elephant ears is to help them stay cool. Elephants mainly live in areas with hot climates, and their large, thin ears help the body dissipate heat and regulate body temperature.

3. Owl

Top 10 Animals With The Best Hearing

Owls are animals that like to be active at night. Not only do they have an amazing vision system, but their hearing is also equally sensitive. Since they often hunt prey at night, they not only rely on their vision, but their hearing ability can also help them catch food. It has two ears of different sizes, and the height of the two ears is also different, which allows it to determine the source of the sound.

Owls’ hearing is more sensitive than other birds, with the most sensitive area usually around 5000Hz. It is said that barn owls can hear sounds higher than 8500Hz, allowing them to accurately capture prey. This is also the frequency range of prey such as mice, voles, or shrews, even if these prey are hidden 5 feet under the soil, snow, or leaves, they can’t escape the owl’s “trap”.

Owls mostly appear at night when there is no light, and they mainly rely on the time difference caused by the different shapes of their two ears to determine their position. For example, the left opening of the barn owl’s left ear is higher than the right ear – so the sound from below the owl will reach the right ear first. This time difference can help it determine the specific location of the sound source and catch various small prey in the dark.

4. Horse

Top 10 Animals With The Best Hearing

Everyone’s impression of horses is their running ability. In many costume films and TV dramas, horses are used as a means of transportation. There seems to be very little about horses’ hearing ability. Horses have very good hearing. , which helps it respond quickly when encountering emergencies.

Horses have excellent hearing, with a frequency perception range between 14 and 25,000 Hz, surpassing elephants in both low and high frequencies. A horse’s ears are controlled by more than 10 muscles and can also rotate 180 degrees and accurately locate the source of sound.

5. Rat

Top 10 Animals With The Best Hearing

Rats are very unpopular animals because they often eat human food and spread diseases, so everyone hates rats, but rats still live tenaciously on the earth and are still alive. It reproduces well, which has a lot to do with its very high intelligence and its extremely sensitive hearing. They can detect very small sounds quickly and defend themselves immediately.

A rat can hear sounds between 80 and 90,000 Hz. There is also a saying that it is between 200 and 90,000 Hz. Regardless, they are an animal that is very sensitive to high-frequency sounds.

6. Bat

Top 10 Animals With The Best Hearing

Bats are also animals that only come out at night. Their vision is not very good. They mainly rely on their powerful auditory system to capture prey. They can use ultrasonic systems to accurately determine the location of prey, and they can still detect prey in dark environments. Catches prey very quickly.

In recent years, various viruses have made people afraid of bats, but bats’ hearing is unique on Earth: it uses excellent echolocation to sense all sound signals. They first emit high-frequency “squeaking” sounds when flying, and then use the echoes for positioning and navigation, thereby determining the specific locations of various objects, including prey. But bats have very poor eyesight.

7. Dog

Top 10 Animals With The Best Hearing

Dogs are one of mankind’s most loyal friends. They can give people a lot of help, such as shepherd dogs, guide dogs, drug detection dogs, etc. They are all dogs with great functions. In everyone’s impression, dogs may be the most important. The good thing is probably its sense of smell. They also have super hearing, which can help them accurately identify directions.

As we all know, dogs have good hearing, and their frequency perception range is between 67 and 45,000 Hz. Generally, dogs respond better to high-frequency sounds than low-frequency sounds.

8. Cat

Top 10 Animals With The Best Hearing

Cats are also animals that people often keep as pets, and they are also very popular animals. It is one of the animals with the best hearing among pets. It is said that there are 32 flexible muscles in the cat’s ears, which can help the cat’s ears to function very well. Easily turning its direction, its hearing also helps it catch prey in dark places.

A cat’s hearing range is between 45 and 64,000 Hz. Its ears are controlled by more than 30 muscles and have strong rotation ability, up to 180 degrees. In contrast, the human ear is controlled by only three muscles, and only a well-trained person can make the ear vibrate slightly.

9. Moth

Top 10 Animals With The Best Hearing

You may not have thought that the animal with the best hearing on earth is a moth. The giant wax moth among them can sense high-frequency sound waves (absolute ultrasonic waves) up to 300,000 Hz, which is 15 times the maximum hearing limit for us humans (20,000 Hz)! Although they have sensitive hearing, they cannot escape the “eyes” of bats. Bats can use high-frequency echolocation (like radar) to capture such moths.

10. Dolphin

Top 10 Animals With The Best Hearing

Dolphins are animals that live in the ocean. They have very smart brains and can communicate information over very long distances through ultrasound so that they can avoid danger or find mates. Dolphins are also very friendly animals to humans. They are very cute, but due to human capture and environmental damage, their numbers are gradually decreasing, so we must pay attention to environmental protection. Let this smart animal not disappear because of us.

Dolphins have excellent hearing and vision, as well as using echolocation to “hear” where they are going (similar to bats). Dolphins emit a “squeak” sound that bounces back when it encounters an object and is sensed by a receiving organ located in its lower jaw. This function allows dolphins to not only hunt efficiently but also avoid potential dangers.


The above are the top 10 animals with the best hearing in the animal kingdom. Although we humans are very capable and can even transform nature, these creatures living with us on the earth also have their survival skills. I hope humans can surpass them. More and more people know how to protect animals.

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