The Top 10 Best Lawyers in The World 2024

If you’re looking for the Best Lawyers in The World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Best Lawyers in The World 2024.

When people hear lawyers, they only think of the glamor of lawyers, but they cannot see the responsibility and dedication behind them. The more important responsibility of a lawyer is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the client and defend the dignity of the law. Knowing the law, obeying the law, using it, and protecting the law are indispensable.

The law industry is an industry full of talents. Every year, major law schools recruit several students. However, only about 330,000 people in the country have obtained practice qualification certificates. The probability of lawyers changing careers is quite high. They can enter the judicial system or work in legal work. Those who have been sticking to the position of lawyers for many years are worthy of respect. They are more tenacious than ordinary people, and they have paid more than ordinary people to have a place in the industry.

Here are some of the best lawyers in the world, some of whom have no doubt struggled to get to where they are today. Passing the bar exam is a daunting task, and many people need to pass it more than two times.

The best law schools in America are Yale and Harvard, from which many of the wealthy lawyers mentioned in this article came.

The top 10 best lawyers in the world mentioned below all have impressive case records. Some have recovered hundreds of millions of compensation for their clients, and some have even exonerated their clients from murder charges. Some of them also sat in the dock and were convicted of crimes. Read the complete article and see which is the best lawyer in the world.

Top 10 Best Lawyers in The World

10. John Branca

Top 10 Best Lawyers in The World

A noted entertainment law attorney, Joe Branca has represented The Rolling Stones, Carlos Santana, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, and Michael Jordan.

Branca’s practice ranges from iconic rock performances, and sales of singers’ past work, to the creation of major global record labels and music industry investments. He is currently the executor of Michael Jackson’s estate and has been deeply involved in the superstar’s career. He was involved in the release negotiations of “Thriller”, ensuring that the record had a sufficient budget, and also helped Jackson purchase the copyright of some songs and drafted his will. He is not only the best lawyer in the world, but also the most trusted lawyer.

9. Vernon Jordan

Top 10 Best Lawyers in The World

Vernon Jordan grew up in the 1950s when Georgia was still under racial segregation, so he was passionate about fighting for civil rights and eventually became one of the best lawyers in the world.

As a young man, Jordan struggled to find a good job, but he was always discouraged because of his race, but he finally received a degree from Howard University Law School in 1960. He joined the office of a civil rights activist, represented racial discrimination cases, worked non-stop, and eventually became a political adviser to President Bill Clinton.

Jordan received many awards during his career, including the Barnard Honor Award from Barnard College.

8. Roy Black

Top 10 Best Lawyers in The World

Roy Black is the most prestigious and highest-paid criminal defense attorney in America today. Blake was born in New York, the only child in his family. After his mother remarried, he had an English stepfather – the beginning of his most rigorous British preparatory education. At the age of 14, their family moved to Jamaica.

On the coast of the beautiful Caribbean Sea, he spent the most precious youth years of his life, and also developed superb water sports skills, and thus won a swimming scholarship from the University of Miami. Later, he finally entered the University of Miami Law School as he wished. There, he was an excellent student.

When he took the Florida bar exam in 1970, he earned the highest score in the state. Like many lawyers who aspire to criminal law, Black started out in the public defender’s office, but he quickly attracted attention. His outstanding legal talent and unique personality make him change from an amiable country lawyer into a shrewd master of cross-examination in an instant. Much later, when his private practice enjoyed a string of successes, he explained why.

He said: “It’s pointless to have the desire to win because everyone wants to win. It’s the actions you take to win that make the difference.” Throughout his illustrious career, Roy Black’s income has always been people’s. the focus of discussion. Miami District Attorney Michael Bender was sharply critical: “Roy represents the man who can pay—you’re basically innocent until you prove penniless.” Indeed, his pay continued to increase.

7. Willie E. Gary

Top 10 Best Lawyers in The World

Will Gary has fought against several large companies in his life, and he is often called a “huge killer” because he is very good at fighting for the interests of his clients.

Throughout his career, it is reported that Gary has won cases with a total bid of 30 billion, and was listed on Ebony’s “Top 100 Most Influential Black Americans”. Gary founded the first African-American law firm in Florida and currently has 100 employees. He is also deeply involved in charity work and has his own foundation.

Gary owns a private Boeing 737 called “Justice Wing II”

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6. Judy Sheindlin

Top 10 Best Lawyers in The World

The famous TV judge, Judge Judy, is actually a lawyer! Judy Sheindlin passed the New York State Bar Exam and went on to become a corporate attorney in the cosmetics division.

Judy Sheindlin has also been involved in prosecuting numerous family lawsuits, including domestic violence and abuse cases. Known for her eloquence and style, Judy Sheindlin curated a show that featured a real courtroom.

“Judge Judy” began in 1996, and gradually became popular with the audience, and it is still on the air today 20 years later. A lot of courtroom shows came out after that, but they were all parodies of it. Schilling received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2006 and remains one of the wealthiest lawyers in the world.

5. Bill Neukom

Top 10 Best Lawyers in The World

Bill Newcomb, the former legal director of Microsoft Corporation, received his law degree from Stanford University in 1967.

Newcomb was Bill Gates’ legal counsel in 1978 when Microsoft had just 12 employees. For the next 25 years, he was Microsoft’s legal representative, expanding the Microsoft legal department to 600 people. Newcombe has represented Microsoft in a large number of intellectual property cases, and Apple is his old opponent. He retired in 2002.

While working at Microsoft, Newcomb invested in the San Francisco Giants and became the team’s CEO in 2012.

4. William Lerach

Top 10 Best Lawyers in The World

Before his disbarment, William Lerrach was a lawyer who mainly represented fraud cases. Over the course of his career, Lerrah has helped fraud victims recover $45 billion in losses.

The most famous case represented by Lerlage was against Enron, which created the largest class action lawsuit in US history–$7.12 billion. Lerlage sued former Vice President Dick Cheney and the Halliburton Group so much that he was named one of the best lawyers in America.

However, all this only lasted until 2007, when Lerrah was investigated for obstruction of justice and perjury and ended up serving time in prison and being disbarred from the bar.

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3. Wichai Thongtang

Top 10 Best Lawyers in The World

One of the top ten highest-paid lawyers who has entered Thailand’s rich list many times, and is considered to be one of the best and most powerful lawyers in the world. After graduating in 1970, he entered many top Thai companies as a lawyer and learned about Stock markets and investments, in addition to his legal career, is chairman of Cable Thai Holding PLC and owns a 15% stake in Bangkok-based healthcare company Dusit Medical.

2. Joe Jamail

Top 10 Best Lawyers in The World

The late Joe Jamail was the “King of Tort Litigation” and arguably the richest lawyer in the world.

A graduate of the University of Texas School of Law, he represented a good friend against oil giant Texaco in 1985 and won $335,000,000. He was known for his image as an aggressive and outspoken litigator who was considered “rude, uncivilized and vulgar” or even unprofessional.

Jamail’s philanthropy includes donating $15 million to his alma mater.

Plus, he was a former Marine who had a reputation in court for being rude and vulgar. Outside of court, however, he is known for his generous philanthropy.

1. Richard Scruggs

Top 10 Best Lawyers in The World

Scruggs was a former U.S. A6A Navy pilot and the brother-in-law of former U.S. Senator Trent Lotter. His most notable cases include the asbestos case, the Lehman scandal, and the U.S. Ritalin class action. He is still the best lawyer in the world.

But he also has a record of judicial bribery in his legal career. In 2008, he pleaded guilty to bribing a judge and another charge. He was sentenced to a total of 7 years in prison and was released in 2014, but kept his wealth during this period.

Among the top 10 best lawyers above, you can find that they do not rely solely on the profession of lawyers to increase their income. Many of them are also investors or shareholders of the company.


These were the top 10 best lawyers in the world. Which is the best lawyer in the world according to you? Please comment on the name below.

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