Top 10 Most Expensive Water in The World

If you’re looking for the Top 10 Most Expensive Water in The World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Most Expensive Water in The World.

Water is a necessity in our lives, and over the past few years, a number of businesses have tapped into its potential to turn it into a luxury commodity, competing with designer handbags and watches. According to research, the market for expensive bottled water is growing at 9% per year and is now worth trillions globally.

Why is expensive bottled water sought after by many? Because the water comes from pure water deep in the world, some merchants even choose to decorate the bottle with gemstones and gold, as if it is a work of art, thereby driving up the price.

High-end bottled water even has its own connoisseurs who are familiar with the various filtration processes and combinations that can pair specific kinds of water with specific foods and dishes. Unexpectedly, a simple bottle of water can be so high-end. Let’s open our eyes together and see the top 10 most expensive water in the world!

Most Expensive Water in The World

10. Bling H2O

Top 10 most expensive water in the world

Origin: US  

Price: 38.98$/bottle (750ML)

Bling H2O (golden sparkling water), this airless natural mineral water is taken from the Great Cloud Mountain in Tennessee, USA, and the bottle is inlaid with 64 A Swarovski crystal, sealed with a cork, looks a lot like a bottle of champagne. Bottled from the source, after nine refining processes, it can be officially listed after passing the NSF certification. This water was initially only available to some actors and athletes but has now expanded its sales. But Bling H2O makes its target market clear in its tagline: “It’s not for everyone…just for those who sparkle.

9. Iluliaq

Top 10 most expensive water in the world

Origin: Denmark  

Price: 50$/bottle(750ML)

Iluliaq originates from the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier in Greenland, which has been a UNESCO-protected area since 2004. The ice is carried onto the ship by local workers and then transported to vats to melt naturally. To ensure the unique quality of the water, the elegant glass bottles, and stoppers are autoclaved, filled, and sealed individually according to each customer’s needs. The yield of Iluliaq is limited due to dependence on environmental factors and natural factors.

The company does not stock the bottles to ensure that the items delivered are of the freshest quality. To do this, each bottle is dated and the customer’s name is written on the label. Production is very limited as it is entirely handmade, not industrial water

8. Salve

Top 10 most expensive water in the world

Origin: Brazil

Price: 90$/bottle (750ML)

Salve mineral water, known as “the cleanest water in the world”, comes from the purest mineral spring in the world. The minerals contained in the water are all-natural, not filtered water and artificially added minerals. The bottle body packaging is simple and generous, the price is not too high, and the quality is guaranteed. The world-famous richest man Bill Gates only drinks this kind of water. Quality of life is really not something to brag about.

7. Svalbardi

Top 10 most expensive water in the world

Origin: Norway

Price: 106$/bottle (750ML)

Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water is sourced from freshly flaked icebergs on glaciers in remote fjords around the Svalbard archipelago in northern Norway. Individual iceberg fragments are carefully selected for the right properties and then manually lifted out of the water by boats equipped with special equipment. The ice is then transported back to the Arctic outpost in Longyearbyen, where it is melted and bottled. The water bottle is made of the highest quality extra flint glass and is recyclable. Wood caps in arctic driftwood colors come from sustainably sourced forests. A bottle that stands out on the table and stands out from other premium beverages. In 2016, this water was awarded: The Best Tasting Water Gold Award.

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6. Fillico

Top 10 most expensive water in the world

Origin: Japan

Price: 219$/bottle (750ML)

Fillico, the water source is low-hardness natural mineral water from the Kobe area of ​​Japan, known as one of the most expensive water in the world. The shape design of the water bottle refers to the king and queen in chess. It is authorized by Katsura Yumi (a luxurious and gorgeous Japanese wedding dress) to specially customize Fillico mineral water. The frost flower decoration pattern on the bottle is perfectly combined with Swarovski crystal and gold coating Full of extravagance, the gorgeous gold crown bottle cap, and angel wings are exquisitely equipped with the bottle body.

Moreover, the bottle body is handmade, and only 5,000 bottles are produced each month, which is regarded as a status symbol. Luxurious without losing the grade, I don’t know if the local tyrants dare to drink too much!

5. Kona Nigari

Top 10 most expensive water in the world

Origin: US

Price: 402$/bottle (750ML)

Kona Nigari is bottled water sold in Japan. This mineral water is salt water collected thousands of feet below the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii, USA. After a thorough desalination process, it can be eaten, and the later optimization process is even more complicated. The water is rich in sea minerals and is said to aid in weight loss, improve skin texture, and reduce stress. As a result, Japan imports nearly 80,000 bottles every day, and a bottle costs $402.

4. Bling H2O The 10000

Top 10 most expensive water in the world

Origin: US

Price: 2700$/bottle (750ML)

Bling H2O (Glittering Water) The water in the luxury collection comes from ancient free-flowing springs in Southern California’s Palomar Mountains. It can take up to 125 years for the water to flow and filter to the source. Naturally alkalized water gives it a wonderful flavor. The water is transported in stainless steel tanks to Bling’s facility where it is bottled. Ten Thousand is their most expensive bottle, studded with over 10,000 Swarovski crystals and available in a variety of colors.

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3. Exousia Gold

Top 10 most expensive water in the world

Price: 24000$/bottle (750ML)

Exousia Gold, the bottle body is made of 24K gold. The water quality of this mineral water is obtained through a special distillation method. Added to the water is a special substance extracted from pure gold, this liquid works due to the wonderful interaction of pure gold exousia with water particles. In this golden water, any tiny gold fragments will not be seen, which has a stress-relieving and anti-aging effect. Known as the Dom Perignon of mineral water and the Ferrari of high-end drinks. Gold mixed with water, foreigners really open their minds!

2. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

Top 10 most expensive water in the world

Origin: France, Fiji

Price: 60000$/bottle (750ML)

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani (Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani), whose water source comes from France Or Fiji. Fiji’s fresh water is recognized by the upper class as the purest source of water, which is groundwater filtered through clay and natural rock formations. The bottle was designed by tequila celebrity designer Fernando Altamirano and is made of 24k pure gold. It also contains gold matte, silver matte, crystals, and other precious materials.

At the same time, the water also contains 5 mg of gold powder, and the bottle is also equipped with a special leather case. It is said that it is the top mineral water that even the local rich dare not drink freely.

1. Beverly Hills 90H2O

Top 10 most expensive water in the world

Origin: US

Price: 100000$/bottle (1000ML)

Beverly Hills 90H20 (Beverly Hills 90H2O), won the “World’s Best Mineral Water Award” and is known as “the ultimate in water selected” for the global market to enjoy. The water source comes from high-quality spring water high in the North Los Angeles Mountains of California. It tastes silky and smooth, crisp, and has excellent health properties of natural alkalinity and high electrolytes.

What’s even more amazing is that each bottle has a platinum cap, and the caps are decorated with 600 G/VS white diamonds and 250 black diamonds, with a total weight of 14 carats. And each bottle comes with 4 premium crystal glasses. It is the most expensive water bottle in the world.

It is said that after drinking it, some people said that it was a bit like drinking fruit juice. After taking a sip, the whole body felt comfortable, as if many elves were jumping, refreshed, which is a bit exaggerated.

As the winner of the world’s best water award, Beverly Hills 90H20 mineral water has been produced and designed by the world’s top expert team, including the famous water sommelier: Martin Riese. They spend months experimenting with the mineral content of the water, trying to find just the right balance and combination. It’s a lengthy process involving tasting after tasting, pairing different versions of the water with various foods and wines to achieve just the right flavor profile, which is the main reason it’s the most expensive water in the world.

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