The Top 10 Fastest Bikes in The World 2023

If you’re looking for the Top 10 Fastest Bikes in The World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Fastest Bikes in The World.

Speed ​​is one of the most exciting and exhilarating aspects of motorcycle riding, and many riders are constantly looking for the fastest motorcycles on the market. Owning a fast motorcycle is the dream of many motorcyclists. Compared with cars, motorcycles can bring more excitement to people. As the speed increases, the secretion of adrenaline will bring endless pleasure to people. This is also the driving force for people to continue to pursue extreme speed. But how fast is the fastest motorcycle you can buy in the world? Here is a ranking of the top 10 fastest bikes in the world, according to their top speed.

Top 10 Fastest Bikes in The World

10. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R (301 km/h)

Top 10 Fastest Bikes in The World 2023

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R is one of the fastest bikes in the world. As a large motorcycle with large displacement, high horsepower, and heavyweight, its praise is not limited to its 1441cc straight-four engine and muscular body. It only takes 2.7 seconds to accelerate to 100 meters. The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R uses a 1199CC inline four-cylinder engine. It is a ninja sports motorcycle manufactured by Kawasaki from 2000 to 2006. Its maximum power can reach 190 horsepower. The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R can accelerate to 100km/h in 2.7 seconds, its top speed is locked at 301km/h due to Kawasaki’s original factory speed limiter, and it retails for around $4,000.

Basic Parameters

Engine type: inline four-cylinder four-stroke DOHC [double overhead camshaft] four-stroke

Engine Displacement: 1198cc

Cylinder: 83 x 55.4mm

Gear position: Six gears

Wheelbase: 57.1 in.

Front tire: 120/70-17

Compression ratio: 12.2:1

Rear tire: 200/50-17

Fuel tank volume: 19 L

Front Suspension: 4.7 inches of travel

Dry weight: 210KG

Rear Suspension: 5.5 inches of travel

6-piston TOKICO opposing calipers, 320mm brake discs, and 43MM inverted front forks were the basic configuration for the 12R at that time, and the front Ram-Air duct was more prominent and exaggerated than the same series 6R and 9R.

9. BMW s1000rr (303 km/h)

Top 10 Fastest Bikes in The World 2023

The position of BMW is naturally indispensable in the motorcycle speed ranking. The BMW S1000rr is a super motorcycle. The first model was released in 2009. At that time, it was considered the best model in the liter class. It uses a four-stroke inline four-cylinder water-cooled engine, with a total displacement of 999cc, it can provide a maximum of 193 horsepower/13000rpm, a maximum torque of 112Nm/9750rpm, and can accelerate to 100km/h in 2.3 seconds. In the “rainy day” mode, the engine output will be controlled at 150 horsepower.

The output of torque will also become smooth, the aluminum alloy frame is adopted, and the body weight is only 206.5KG when the gasoline is fully loaded.

Basic Parameters

L x W x H: 2056 x 826 x -mm

Wheelbase: 1432mm

Seat height: 820mm

Net weight: 204kg

Engine: form Water-cooled four-stroke inline four-cylinder DOHC 16 valves

Bore x stroke: 80 x 49.7 mm

Compression ratio: 13.0:1

Displacement: 999 cc

highest horsepower: 193ps/13000rpm

Maximum torque: 11.48kg-m/9750rpm

Frame: Aluminum alloy double wing beam

Transmission system: Wet multi-disc 6 front speed, chain drive

Fuel Supply: BMS-KP Electronic Fuel Injection

Trailing distance: 95.9mm

The front suspension system: 46mm inverted sleeve front fork, 120mm travel

Rear Suspension System: Single-tube spring shock absorber, compression and rebound adjustment, 130mm travel

Tires (front): 120/70 ZR17

Tire (rear): 190/55-ZR17

Front braking system: Dual 320mm floating discs + dual-piston calipers

Rear braking system: Single 220mm disc + single piston floating caliper

Oil cylinder capacity: 17.5 liters

8. Suzuki GSX1300R (312 km/h)

Top 10 Fastest Bikes in The World 2023

Suzuki GSX1300R is a high-performance heavy-duty locomotive manufactured by Suzuki in Japan since 1999. In addition to the original model code, its product alias “Falcon” is also a widely known way of addressing it. The concept of its special front shape is imitated from a bird that can dive rapidly – the peregrine falcon. It is unique. Air intake holes and aerodynamics make the drag coefficient of this car extremely low.

The horsepower is 175 horsepower, which is produced at 9800 rpm, the maximum torque is 141N·M, which is produced at 7000 rpm, and the dry weight is 215 kg. It can accelerate to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds, and its top speed is 312km/h, is one of the fastest motorcycles in the world.

Basic Parameters

Engine: Water-cooled four-stroke 16-petal DOHC parallel four-cylinder

Bore/Stroke: 81 x 63mm

Displacement: 1298cc

Compression ratio: 11.0:1

Fuel supply: 46mm electronic fuel injection

Maximum horsepower: 175ps/9,800rpm

Maximum torque: 14.1kg-m/7,000rpm

Ignition: control digital ignition/electric tart

Transmission: 6 front-speed chain drive

Length, width, and height: 2140 x 740 x 1165mm

Wheelbase: 1485mm

Seat height: 805mm

Ground distance: 120mm

Oil tank capacity: 22 liters

Dry weight: 215 kg

Front-wheel: 120/70 ZR17

Rear wheel: 190/50 ZR17

Front shock: 43mm all-round adjustment

Rear shock: Progressive-Link single-tube shock absorber, all-round adjustment

7. Honda CBR1100XX (321 km/h)

Top 10 Fastest Bikes in The World 2023

One of the fastest motorcycles in the world, the Honda CBR1100XX was developed in 1996. In the mid-1990s, Honda decided to produce the fastest motorcycle in the world, so this motorcycle was born. It was equipped with Honda’s displacement at the time The engine with the highest and greatest performance, with a horsepower of up to 192 horsepower, a torque of up to 114Nm, a speed of up to 13,000 rpm, and an acceleration of 100 meters in only 2.8 seconds.

CBR1100XX, also known as “Super Blackbird”, is the SR-71, which was the fastest aircraft in the world at the time. In 2000, Honda CBR1100XX set a motorcycle Guinness World Record of 321km/h.

Basic Parameters

Engine type: inline 4 cylinders; DOHC; 4 valves per cylinder

Displacement: 1137cc

Bore stroke ratio: 79X58mm

Compression ratio: 11.0

Fuel supply method: MPG-FI multi-point electronic injection

Maximum power: 164 hp/10000rpm

Maximum torque: 124 Nm/7250rpm

Gearbox: 6-speed sequential

Front Shock Diameter: 43mm

Front brakes: 2X310mm double disc brakes; 6-piston opposed calipers

Rear brake: 256mm single disc brake; 6-piston opposed calipers

Curb weight: 223kg

0-100km/h: 3.2 seconds

0-200km/h: 9.6 seconds

Official top speed: 303km/h

Measured speed: 321km/h

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6. Ducati 1199 panigale R (322 km/h)

Top 10 Fastest Bikes in The World 2023

Ducati 1199 Panigale R has always been at the forefront of the ranking of the fastest motorcycles in the world and has performed well in various top competitions. The whole body is made of carbon fiber, and every detail represents the highest level of human craftsmanship. The four-valve cylinder adopts a super-large bore design and a super-high compression ratio, which is convenient for extracting extreme power.

The maximum horsepower reaches 205 horsepower, while the dry weight is only 162 kg, and even the curb weight is only 184 kg. It can accelerate to 100km/h in 2.8 seconds. h, the price is about 20,000 US dollars. Its top speed is 322 km/h.

Basic Parameters

Displacement: 1198 CC

Power: 143Kw @ 10750rpm

Engine type: 2 cylinders

Stroke: 4 stroke

Torque: 132Nm @ 9000rpm

Cooling system: water cooling

Ignition: Electric start

Fuel supply system: EFI

Transmission mode: chain drive

Compression ratio: 12.5:1

Gearbox: 6 front speeds

Number of stalls: 6

Vehicle length: 2075 mm

Vehicle width: 810 mm

Vehicle height: 1100mm

Seat height: 825 mm

Number of riders: 2 people

Curb weight: 190.5 kg

Empty weight: 166.5 kg

Fuel tank capacity: 17 liters

ABS device: Standard

5. Lightning Ls-218 (351 km/h)

Top 10 Fastest Bikes in The World 2023

Lightning Ls-218 is the only pure electric model among the top ten fastest motorcycles in the world, and it is also the fastest electric motorcycle in the world. Model 218 represents the top speed up to miles. Although many people have objections to electric vehicles, this speed can definitely silence those opponents. The acceleration performance of this car is also obvious to all. Accelerates to 100km/h, and it retails for $38,000. Its model 218 represents a top speed of 218 miles/hour, which is equivalent to 351 kilometers/hour.

Basic Parameters

Engine type: Water-cooled permanent magnet AC motor

Battery pack: 380V 12.0 kwh cruising range up to 160 – 192 km

380V 15.0 kwh cruising range up to 193 – 241 km

380V 20.0 kwh cruising range up to 258 – 290 km

Gearbox: gearless

Peak Horsepower: 200hp @ 10,500rpm

Peak torque: 228Nm

Seat height: 813mm

Front Wheel: 120/70 ZR17

Rear: 190/50 ZR17

Front brake: 320mm twin disc Brembo four calipers

Rear brake: 260mm single disc Brembo dual calipers

Dry weight: 225 kg (12.0 kwh battery pack)

Top speed: 351 km/h

4. Kawasaki Ninja H2 (365 km/h)

Top 10 Fastest Bikes in The World 2023

Kawasaki Ninja H2 was launched in 2015. Its design has a strong sense of power and has become a product representing Kawasaki’s industrial aesthetics. No matter from every angle, it is endowed with unprecedented performance and style. The weird shape makes it look like it comes from outside. space. With powerful performance, it can crush any supercar on the road.

In 2016, racing driver Kenan Sofiglu used Kawasaki H2 to participate in the competition, and its top speed reached 365km/h in the competition. The Kawasaki H2 uses a 998cc inline four-cylinder supercharged engine that can output up to 300 horsepower, which allows it to accelerate to 100km/h in 2.7 seconds and is priced at $32,000.

Basic Parameters

Engine type: four-stroke, water-cooled, DOHC, inline four-cylinder engine, supercharged

Fuel supply method: electronic injection system

Bore*Stroke: 76*55mm

Displacement: 998cc

Compression Ratio: Variation Category

Maximum Torque: 104.9 lb-ft @ 11,000 rpm

Transmission mode: 6-speed chain transmission with sliding clutch

Frame type: steel pipe braided frame

Front suspension: 43mm KYB fully adjustable inverted front fork, 120mm travel

Rear suspension: Ohlins TTX36 shock absorber, 135mm travel

Front-wheel set: 120/70 ZR17

Rear wheel set: 200/55 ZR17

Front Brakes: Radial mount, opposed 4-piston Brembo Stylema®, semi-floating 330mm dual discs, KIBS ABS

Rear brake: Brembo opposed dual-piston calipers, 250mm disc, Kibs ABS system

Wheelbase: 1455mm

Length, width, and height: 2085*770*1125mm

Wet weight: 238 kg

Sitting height: 825mm

Fuel tank: 20.5L

Top speed: 226 mph (approximately 365 km/h)

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3. Kawasaki H2r (400 km/h)

Top 10 Fastest Bikes in The World 2023

Kawasaki H2r is one of the top ten fastest motorcycles in the world. It is a magic car under Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. It can run 180 in first gear, and the top speed can break 400. It uses a supercharged engine with a displacement of 998cc and runs at 14,000rpm It can burst out a maximum power of 230kW (310 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 156Nm. The research and development of this engine have received a lot of technical assistance from the Kawasaki Heavy Industries Aerospace Department. It is equivalent to a 1L engine with a displacement of 300 horsepower.

The control performance of Kawasaki H2R is very good. Many motorcycles have some drift when they reach the speed of 200, but this Kawasaki H2R has been very stable until the speed of 400 km/h. The Kawasaki H2R also has some high-tech products such as a very powerful camshaft, which is a real motorcycle enthusiast’s dream.

Basic Parameters

Displacement: 998 CC

Power: 228kW@14000rpm

Engine form: 4 cylinders

Stroke: 4 stroke

Torque: 165 Nm@12500 rpm

Cooling system: water cooling

Ignition: Electric

Fuel supply system: Fuel Injection

Transmission mode: chain drive

Compression ratio: 8.3:1

Gearbox: 6-speed

Number of stalls: 6

Vehicle length: 2070mm

Vehicle width: 770mm

Vehicle height: 1160mm

Clear height from the ground: 130mm

Seat height: 830mm

Number of riders: 2 people

Curb Weight: 216kg

Fuel tank capacity: 17 liters

2. American MTT Y2K (402km/h)

Top 10 Fastest Bikes in The World 2023

The American MTT Y2K motorcycle is produced by the Marine Corps Turbine Technology Company in Louisiana, USA. It is the fastest mass-produced motorcycle in history. The top speed of 402km/h comes from the MTT official. MTT assures the owner that it can reach such a top speed. From YouTube Judging from the video published on the Internet, although no car owner has ridden it to such a speed, it still has the strength to hit 402km/h. The engine it carries makes it many reputations in motorcycles, such as “aircraft carrier on land.

American MTT Y2K has a maximum speed greater than 402km/h, but it complies with the traffic regulations of most countries such as Europe and the United States and can be driven on the road; more importantly, Y2K is not a means of transportation, and most people do not have the ability to ride. Only those top riders who already have experience in riding super motorcycles and have passed proper skill training can fully enjoy the endless fun brought by Y2K.

American MTT Y2K directly uses the Allison 250 turbo engine designed and manufactured by MTT. As long as the engine is started, a vigorous and powerful exhaust sound will immediately emerge from the exhaust pipe, and the turbulent power will spurt out. At 2000r/min, it can burst out a powerful torque of 575.8Nm; at 5200r/min, it can release an astonishing power of 238.6kW, while the engine mass is only 60.75kg, which is the most powerful among mass-produced motorcycles in the world The engine has already won the Guinness Book of World Records.

Although the dry weight of the American MTT Y2K vehicle is as high as 226.8kg, the power heart of its equipment is directly used to drive the engine used by Bell Helicopter and Rolls-Royce C18 limousine. After loading 6 fully armed soldiers, a Bell helicopter has a mass of more than 2268kg; a fully loaded Rolls-Royce C18 has a mass of at least 1500kg. It is not difficult to see that the mass of a Y2K is only 1/10 of a Bell helicopter.

Rolls-Royce 1/7 of the C18, so the specific power of the Y2K has reached a jaw-dropping 1.052kW/kg, and the specific torque has reached a dizzying 2.54Nm/kg, which is 10 times that of the Bell Helicopter and that of the Rolls-Royce C18. 7 times or more. Obviously, it is more than enough for Y2K to run above 400km/h. In fact, the top speed of Y2K can be improved a lot.

1. Dodge Tomahawk (680 km/h)

Top 10 Fastest Bikes in The World 2023

The Dodge Tomahawk has always been the fastest bike in the world. This is a motorcycle produced by the Chrysler Motor Company of the United States. The theory is that the motorcycle design can achieve limited speed. Although it has not created any speed records, everyone believes that its top speed can reach 480km/h-680km/h. This figure comes from the American magazine “Popular Science”. This is the result of their prediction.

Analysts believe that this figure Calculations derived from the power and final drives do not take into account air resistance, rolling resistance, and stability. As for how fast it can run, no one has dared to challenge its extreme speed so far.

The Dodge Tomahawk has two front and rear wheels and a huge engine. It’s like a combination of Batman and Batmobile. The maximum speed can reach 676 kilometers per hour. Although it will be affected by air pressure and temperature, people have every reason to worship its peak speed. However, when peak speed is reached, falling off the motorcycle will no longer be an accident.

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