Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World 2023

If you’re looking for the Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World.

Laziness is not only a quality in humans, even animals have this attribute. When it comes to lazy animals. However, in the animal world, there are many very lazy animals, and some even only wake up for a few hours a day, which can be said to be the ultimate in laziness. So do you know which is the laziest animal in the world? Here We will stock the following top 10 laziest animals in the world that is famous for their laziness.

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

10. Cat

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Whether they are domestic cats or wild cats, they sleep for a long time every day. Domestic cats can sleep for more than 16 hours, stray cats in food-poor areas can exceed 10 hours, and stray cats in food-rich areas can also sleep for more than 16 hours a day. When the weather is hot, they may even sleep more than 20 hours to prevent heat stroke.

Cats only move at night. If they can’t find food, they can go without food or drink for several days, and try to reduce exercise to reduce calorie consumption. But they are very fast when hunting. They perfectly interpret “quiet as a virgin, moving like a rabbit”, and they can even be faster than rabbits.

The inclusion of cats in this list is highly controversial, as cats can also go up to 14 hours without sleep when they are active. Because cats are usually known for their laziness, it is difficult to rank them as the 10th. The following are all existences that can easily crush “lazy cats” in terms of laziness.

9. Pygmy Blue Tongue Lizard

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

The pygmy blue-tongue lizard is so elusive that it was once thought extinct until it was first discovered in 1992 and successfully kept in captivity at Monarto Zoo in South Australia. They are native to Australia and live in spidery web caves.

They do not actively catch prey, but like to lie in the cave with their heads up, motionless every day, just waiting for the “pies” to fall from the sky – in the past, The insects, how lazy they are, can be seen. They don’t even leave water for drinking, instead relying on the raindrops and dew that form around the mouth of the burrow.

Lazy as their lifestyle sounds, it’s also a form of hiding from predators. Because they are too weak, they are easily attacked by other slightly larger animals.

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8. Cuckoo

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

The idiom “dove occupying the magpie’s nest” from the Book of Songs is believed to be known to many people. There are many different interpretations of the original “dove”. What kind of bird is it? This article will not discuss people, but there are many behaviors in nature that occupy the nest built by other birds, lay eggs in it, and borrow other birds to help hatch young birds. Parasitism “, and the cuckoo bird here is one of them. So lazy that he doesn’t even want to incubate his own young birds, he just wants to use his “bird” hand to help, who is lazy if they are not lazy?

Birds like the cuckoo also include robins, cowbirds, black-headed ducks, etc. These parasitic birds generally hatch earlier than the original host, and many of their young birds will squeeze the original host’s eggs out of the nest. Nest parasitic birds are not only lazy but also very ruthless!

Nest parasitism is not limited to birds, but also to a very small number of insects.

7. Nurse Shark

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Many genera of sharks need to keep swimming in order to breathe, so it’s hard to imagine a link to laziness, but nurse sharks, also known as nurse sharks, are a special case. They don’t need to migrate like other species and spend most of their time lying motionless on the sea floor as they breathe by actively pumping water-borne air into their gills. They don’t need to eat much and sleep most of the day, only gulping down fish, mollusks, and crustaceans near their mouths at night.

They have amazing suction when swallowing and can swallow large amounts of food. Just swallow it a few times and go back to sleep after you’re done.

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6. Giant Panda

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Giant pandas are also synonymous with laziness. They sleep 10 hours a day, about 3 hours at a time, and can take a nap almost anywhere. And when awake, he is constantly eating bamboo. Because bamboo has low nutritional content, they need to eat about 20 kilograms non-stop to get enough energy. Regardless of whether they are in captivity or in the wild, they don’t have to think about anything else except eating and sleeping, because their natural enemies have almost no natural enemies, and the only natural enemy is themselves.

5. Python

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Pythons are very slow-moving animals, and they are usually inactive. They typically sleep up to 18 hours a day and tire quickly. They seldom catch prey, and when they do, they try to choose larger, less dangerous prey. On average, they only eat once a week, continue to sleep after eating and recharge their energy to prepare for the next hunt. The same goes for their molting, which also takes a week of sleep to prepare.

4. Hippopotamus

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Hippos are very cranky, but luckily they are also very lazy. They sleep 16-20 hours a day. They not only sleep on the land but also sleep by the water. Even the sound of breathing and snoring shakes the water flying all over the sky, and they are not willing to wake up. In addition to sleeping, they graze on the grass by the river. Of course, they also eat a lot for a long time each time, and they can eat for about 5 hours at a time.

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3. Opossum

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

This burden is the “carrying” of carrying its own cubs on its back every day. They need 18-20 hours of sleep every day, move slowly, and once they find a place that can provide food and shelter, they will stay there, eat when they wake up, and go back to sleep after eating. It is not willing to run away when it is in danger, so it stays there and observes to see if the other party can’t get over it. If the other party can’t come over, then it will continue to eat and sleep.

Once the other party comes over, it will enter the state of “playing dead”. Their feigning death skills are very advanced, and they can save them from danger in many cases.

2. Sloth

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Speaking of laziness, the sloth named after the word “lazy” must be mentioned. They sleep up to 20 hours a day, not only sleeping a lot but also moving extremely slowly, almost bringing laziness to the extreme. They hang from trees most of their lives and are only moved when necessary. They can take hours to do one thing well, and then continue to rest.

How slow are sloths? There is such a joke, that is, “Half the sloths die accidentally when they are halfway through the shit.”

1. Koala

Top 10 Laziest Animals in The World

Many people may not imagine that koalas are lazier than sloths. It is the laziest animal in the world. Koala has a gentle temperament, a simple and honest body, and a very slow reaction. No matter whether it is day or night, as long as koalas are on the tree, they will have different sitting and sleeping positions.

The daily lazy sleep time can reach up to 22 hours, leaving only 2 to 4 hours for feeding, activities, personal hygiene Cleaning up, and communicating with other koalas. The reason for this is that koalas are “taking drugs” every day-koalas feed on eucalyptus leaves, but these eucalyptus leaves contain toxins and are high in fiber.

I have said in other articles that high-fiber foods can bring a longer period of satiety, so koalas are not so hungry, and eucalyptus leaves have side effects of paralysis, so they live on eucalyptus almost all their lives. You don’t even need to drink water, just relying on the moisture in the eucalyptus leaves is enough.

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