The Top 10 Sweetest Language in The World

If you’re looking for the Top 10 Sweetest Language in The World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Sweetest Language in The World.

There are many languages ​​in the world. Which languages ​​are recognized as the world’s Sweetest languages? The following is the ranking of the top 10 Sweetest languages in the world ​​searched and compiled by the editor for reference. I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

Top 10 Sweetest Language in The World

10. Hindi

Top 10 Sweetest Language in The World

The official languages ​​of India are English and Hindi, but people in southern India do not speak Hindi, and more than 500 million people in northern India speak Hindi. It can be said that there are a lot of people who speak Hindi, but the international influence is very small, and it can barely squeeze into the top 10 Sweetest Language in The World. If the entire population of more than 1 billion in India speaks Hindi, this language can still be ranked higher.

9. Japanese

Top 10 Sweetest Language in The World

In the past 20 years, the influence of the Japanese has been declining because Japan’s economy has been bad. But as an island country with a small area, it is not easy to be ranked in this position. Japan has a population of 130 million, but outside of Japan, except for Japanese expatriates, almost no one speaks Japanese. This is the sorrow of the Japanese, and it is also a congenital deficiency of the island country. Japan has invaded many countries in history, especially North Korea and South Korea, which were the hardest-hit areas of Japanese aggression, but it is quite strange that Japan has not assimilated any country in terms of language.

8. German

Top 10 Sweetest Language in The World

Countries that speak German as their mother tongue include Germany and Austria in Europe, with a population of about 100 million. Other countries such as Switzerland and Belgium also have a considerable number of German-speaking populations, and there are also a small number of German-speaking people in Britain and France. The biggest difference between Germany and Japan is that Germany is a land country, and German has a certain market in other Western European countries besides Germany and Austria.

Germany is the absolute leader in the EU. Looking at Western Europe, if Germany ranks second economically and politically, no one dares to be number one. The disadvantage of German is that Germany was a defeated country in World War II, and many of Germany’s overseas rights were infinitely compressed, so very few people outside Europe speak German.

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7. Arabic

Top 10 Sweetest Language in The World

Compared with German and Japanese, the biggest advantage of Arabic is its large population, with about 360 million people. The second biggest advantage is the large geographical area, in West Asia and North Africa, including more than 20 countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, and Monaco. It is also one of the sweetest Language in The World.

In addition, from the perspective of wealth, the Arab region has a lot of oil, rich people, and a large economic aggregate. The disadvantage of the Arab region is that the level of manufacturing and technology is not as good as that of Germany and Japan, but this does not affect the status of Arabic, because, among the higher-ranked languages, the level of technology is not high.

6. Russian

Top 10 Sweetest Language in The World

Russian is roughly spoken in 15 countries of the former Soviet Union, with a population of about 300 million. The biggest feature of the Russian language is that it covers a large area. The former Soviet Union covers more than 20 million square kilometers. China, the United States, and Japan are not so big. If the economies of the countries of the former Soviet Union were stronger, Russia could have been ranked higher.

5. Portuguese

Top 10 Sweetest Language in The World

Portuguese is the official language of more than 200 million people worldwide, mostly in Portugal’s former colonies. This includes Brazil, an emerging big country, as well as countries such as Angola and Guinea in Africa, whose international influence is greater than the latter languages, which can only be said to be local languages ​​and have not yet spread to the world.

Some readers may not know that Macau, China still regards Portuguese as one of the official languages. The status of the Portuguese language today has little to do with the country of Portugal. It is just a microcosm of the pirate country that conquered the earth hundreds of years ago.

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4. Spanish

Top 10 Sweetest Language in The World

There are about 500 million Spanish speakers and 23 countries as official languages. In addition to Spain, in Mexico in Central America and Argentina in South America, Spanish is the official language. In addition, there are many Spanish-speaking people in other countries in the world. The first language in the United States is English, and the second language is Spanish. Spanish, in every sense, is an upgraded version of Portuguese.

3. French

Top 10 Sweetest Language in The World

There are about 340 million French speakers, and 34 countries serve as official languages. Like Spanish, French covers a very wide range, especially in some English-speaking countries, such as Canada, where French is the second most spoken language, and nearly half of the countries in Africa also use French as their official language. In Europe, France’s economic and political status is stronger than that of Spain, which is an important reason why French ranks ahead of Spanish as the sweetest Language in The World.

2. Finnish

Top 10 Sweetest Language in The World

The Finnish language is the official language of Finland and also speak in Sweden in minority. Finnish sounds super sweet and sexy, like singing, but most netizens think it is the most perverted and sweetest language in the world that is not suitable for human learning, because it is completely impossible to learn Finnish with the help of other languages.

In terms of difficulty, it belongs to the single Uralic language family, and the Uralic language family has only two branches, the Finnish branch, and the Hungarian branch. However, when a Finn meets a Hungarian, it can only perform a dialogue between chicken and duck.

1. English   

Top 10 Sweetest Language in The World

The population of English as an official language exceeds 1 billion, and 73 countries use it as an official language. The standard language of the United Nations is also English. The United States and Canada in North America, the United Kingdom in Europe, Australia in Oceania, India in Asia, and more than half of the countries in Africa all use English as their official language.

From the territory of the English-speaking countries, it is undoubtedly the first. From the economy of English-speaking countries, it is also the first. From a military point of view, it is the first. Except that the population is slightly smaller than Chinese, in other respects, English is well-deserved as the world’s sweetest language.

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