Fatal Follies: The 25 Dumbest Ways People Died

If you’re looking for the Dumbest Ways People Died, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the 25 Dumbest Ways People Died in this world.

Death is a natural phenomenon that cannot be changed by any living thing, of course, including us humans. Therefore, even if it is full of fear, we must face it bravely. However, if it is a normal death, there is nothing strange, but some people because The death is caused by his extremely stupid way really makes people angry and laugh at the same time. Just like the saying on the Internet, “If you don’t seek death, you won’t die.” There are still some such people in reality. Today we will talk about The Dumbest Ways People Died. These 25 people who ultimately lost their lives because of their stupid actions!

Dumbest Ways People Died

1. Death in cockroach-eating competition

Dumbest Ways People Died

Edward Archbold, a man in the United States, participated in a bug-eating contest sponsored by a Florida reptile store in 2012. Archbold gobbled down a series of cockroaches and worms, only to discover His respiratory tract was blocked by the influx of the body parts they chewed, and he later died after rescue treatment failed. This incident attracted a lot of attention. Some people said, why participate in such a disgusting competition? It’s really hard to understand! I think this is one of the dumbest ways people died.

2. Man pulled his underwear covered his head and suffocated to death.

Dumbest Ways People Died

This bizarre incident occurred in 2014. Brad Davis, 33, had an argument with his stepfather Denver St Clair at home, resulting in a scuffle between the two parties. , in the process, the strong Brad Davis grabbed his stepfather’s underwear, pulled it up to his head, and covered it, causing the old man to suffocate to death. Although Brad Davis said afterward that he had no malicious intent and that it was just a “prank” at the time, after the court trial, it was still ruled as a murder.

3. Head was stuck in a rabbit hole

Dumbest Ways People Died

Stephen Whinfrey was an amateur hunter who enjoyed catching rabbits near his home outside Doncaster, South Yorkshire when he became trapped while tracking one on New Year’s Day 2015. , and then died of suffocation. Later, because he failed to attend the family dinner, his family was very worried about calling the police. On January 2, the police found that Stephen Winfrey’s head was stuck in the rabbit hole. The hole was too narrow, causing suffocation. die.

Such bizarre but more stupid deaths have attracted the attention of many people. No one can understand why this man put his head into the cave. Looking at the history of the world, this incredible way of death is really There are only a handful of them.

4. Forgot to bring a parachute

Dumbest Ways People Died

Skydiving is an extreme sport that requires athletes to have rich experience and abilities. Ivan McGuire was an excellent skydiver and has participated in many competitions. However, in 1988, He decided to take his camera and film it two miles above North Carolina.

After the plane reached the appropriate height, the confident Iwan McGuire jumped under the camera. There was no problem at first, and the picture taken by the camera in his hand was also great, but when he was about to land, At a high altitude, Iwan McGuire discovered a fatal problem. He forgot to bring his parachute. As you can imagine, he died in the dumbest way. For a professional skydiver, this is really… It’s unimaginable.

5. Rare laughter to death

Dumbest Ways People Died

The concept of laughing to death may seem ironic since laughter is often a symbol of lively celebrations and joie de vivre. However, in rare cases, death may occur when brain trauma causes pathological laughter or when laughter causes a sudden loss of consciousness (called syncope).

Chrysippus, a Greek philosopher with a special interest in logic and ethics, was the head of the Stoic school of philosophy and a prolific writer, authoring more than 700 works, in B.C. In 207, he saw a drunken donkey and started laughing after trying to eat figs. He laughed for a few minutes and then began to shake uncontrollably. Foam began to come out of his mouth. Several bystanders rushed to help him. Unfortunately, he suffered an epileptic seizure and died.

6. Died of uncontrolled married life

Dumbest Ways People Died

Uroko Onoja, a Nigerian businessman, believed in polygamy and married a total of 6 wives. However, because he had a good relationship with the youngest wife, he ignored the other 5 wives. This was dissatisfied by them. One day, these 5 ladies forced their husband to live with them. , as a result, Uroko Onoja died unfortunately due to a sudden heart attack. This incident caused a great sensation in the local area. Some people sympathized with the man, while others thought he deserved it.

7. Death due to excessive drinking of water

Dumbest Ways People Died

This is also one of the dumbest ways people die. On January 12, 2007, Jennifer Strange drank nearly 2 gallons (7.6 liters) of water and died over 3 hours during a competition in which the winner would have a chance to win A victory for the video game console Nintendo, the contest, organized by a radio station in Sacramento, California, called “Defend Your Weeds for the Wii,” required contestants to drink as much as they could without peeing. water, and that afternoon, Jennifer Strange died of acute water intoxication.

Water intoxication, also known as water intoxication or hyperhydration, is a brain dysfunction that occurs when an individual consumes excessive amounts of water. Excess water in the body dilutes the blood, causing an electrolyte imbalance that results in increased sodium concentration between cells and the external environment.

The lack of equilibrium in the gradient allows excess water to enter the cell. This can cause cells to swell, so drinking a lot of water is also dangerous, but the organizers did not inform the contestants of this. Later, after a court review, the organizers paid $16,577,118 in compensation to Jennifer Strange’s family.

8. Dead while holding a grenade to take pictures

Dumbest Ways People Died

People nowadays love to take selfies, but accidents occur every year due to selfies. For example, some people will fall off a cliff, and some people will be hit by a roaring train. But this is not the weirdest thing. In Russia, there was a 26-year-old man named Alexander Sasha Chechik. When he took a selfie, he held a grenade and pulled off the safety catch. He also sent the photos he took to his friends, proudly telling them that he had pulled the safety catch.

This man believed that as long as he didn’t let go, the grenade would not explode. But not all grenades are like this, and apparently, the grenade exploded and killed him.

9. Riding a motorcycle without a helmet to protest against the helmet rule

Dumbest Ways People Died

In July 2011, motorcycle helmet protests took place in New York as the city was enforcing a safety law requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets at all times. Obviously, there are a lot of people who don’t like this and maybe it makes them look less cool on their Harley. So, to protest the new law, many people rode motorcycles through the city, but in the process, one man’s motorcycle overturned and he hit his head and died.

Doctors, after reviewing medical reports, concluded he would have survived had he been wearing a helmet. Moreover, the 55-year-old deceased had not worn a helmet during his 30 years of driving experience.

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10. In order to prove the firmness of the window glass

Dumbest Ways People Died

One day, a Canadian lawyer named Garry Hoy decided to prove that his 24th-floor windows were impenetrable, so he used his body to slam into the windows. And more than once he hit the window by jogging. His statement seemed to be correct. The glass was indeed not shattered, but popped out suddenly and broke after reaching the ground. He himself fell from the 24-story building and died.

11. Died by elephant dung

Dumbest Ways People Died

At zoos, sometimes keepers need to help elephants with some digestive issues. An animal caretaker named Stefan thought of a unique way to help the elephants. He prepared some laxatives for the elephants and then waited for the elephants to defecate. And when the elephant started to defecate, he happened to be hiding behind the elephant. As a result, the keeper was hit by elephant dung and buried in a pile of elephant dung. It stayed in the excrement pile for an hour and eventually died of suffocation.

12. Hit by a plane while listening to music with headphones

Dumbest Ways People Died

In 2010, a man was listening to an iPod in South Carolina, wearing headphones and turning the volume to maximum. And at one point, a plane hit him. Because the man was listening to the music so intently, he didn’t notice the sound of the huge aircraft engine getting closer and closer behind him. He eventually died from it.

13. Fell to death while connected to wifi

Dumbest Ways People Died

When there is free wifi available around us but not at home, we may try our best to connect to it. A 23-year-old Spaniard did what many people do and tried to connect to surrounding wifi in his own home. For this reason, he who lived on the second floor climbed up the balcony railing and waved his mobile phone. As a result, he accidentally fell from the balcony and eventually died.

14. Died after playing online games for 50 consecutive hours

Dumbest Ways People Died

Electronic games are very developed in South Korea, and there are many Internet cafes in South Korea. A 28-year-old Korean man surfed the Internet in an Internet cafe and played an online game called “StarCraft.” He operated the computer non-stop for 50 hours. Except for going to the bathroom from time to time, he almost stayed in front of the computer and played games. Eventually, he died of dehydration and heart failure.

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15. U.S. Navy pilots performing a seat change on a plane

Dumbest Ways People Died

In 2017, two U.S. Navy pilots seemed a little too excited about the stunt scenes in the movie “Top Gun.” They decided to completely abandon safety regulations and perform some thrilling stunts during the flight.

They lowered the aircraft’s flight altitude to 64 meters, which is a full 90 meters lower than the minimum allowed altitude. During this process, the plane flew at an alarming speed. But as they swapped the control sticks back and forth, the plane was bound to descend. Because it descended too low and too slowly, one of the pilots gave up control to the co-pilot, but it was too late. In the end, the T-45C Goshawk fighter jet crashed before it could eject safely. The two pilots lost their lives in such a stupid way.

16. The man who inserted the air hose into his body

Dumbest Ways People Died

Two bored buddies at a plywood manufacturing plant in India decided to play with air hoses commonly used in industrial machinery. After blowing the dust off their clothes, they decided to take their play to the next level, which resulted in them stripping naked.

Tragedy struck when one of the men decided to see what would happen when he pushed 6 atmospheres of pressure into his anus. Not only was he in breach of employment regulations, but he also punctured his own intestines, and within minutes he died of severe internal bleeding.

17. Head stuck in movie theater seats

Dumbest Ways People Died

When most people go to the cinema, they may be able to enjoy the dramatic scenes shown on the big screen. But there was a man who showed an extremely dramatic scene next to him. The man booked tickets in the VIP area of ​​the cinema, perhaps hoping he could have a good time. However, he accidentally dropped his phone under the seat and tried to pick it up, but ended up getting his head stuck in the footrest. To make matters worse, he suffered cardiac arrest and died in the hospital.

18. Jumped from Victoria Falls to pick up his glasses

Dumbest Ways People Died

Michael, 50, from the United States, was a very smart man. Not only was he president of a university, he was also a respected geography lecturer on the lecture circuit, but even such a smart man made fatal mistakes. During a trip to the Victoria Falls Bridge, he was happily taking photos of his girlfriend when his glasses fell off the edge of the bridge. He thought that without them, he would not be able to appreciate the spectacular Victoria Falls, so he tried to pick them up but fell 12 meters from a height and died on the spot.

19. Inserted a whale bone into his urethra

Dumbest Ways People Died

Also from a very smart person doing stupid things. America’s founding father Gouverneur Morris took his own life prematurely through an incredible DIY medical procedure. When Morris began suffering from a blocked urethra, he took action of his own. By inserting a whale bone into his urethra, he ended up infecting himself with a fatal disease. Eventually, he died on November 6, 1816.

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20. Checking a grenade

Dumbest Ways People Died

In Germany, a man accidentally discovered a hand grenade from World War II. The man was extremely curious and wanted to understand how the grenade worked. When he got home, he put it in a vise and tried to see it perfectly in half. As a result, the chainsaw detonated the grenade and the man died from fatal head injuries. An autopsy revealed that very little brain matter remained in his skull.

21. A prisoner who bit a wire and died while repairing a TV

Dumbest Ways People Died

Michael Anderson Godwin of South Carolina, USA, was a lucky prisoner because his death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. One night in 1989, he discovered that the television in his cell was broken, so he planned to fix it himself. But he seemed to have foolishly used his teeth as pliers, biting down on a live wire while sitting on a metal toilet in his cell and eventually electrocuting himself. He may have escaped execution by the electric chair, but fate seemed unwilling to let him escape the ordeal.

22. Suffocated to death by a plastic bag put over his head

Dumbest Ways People Died

In 2002, when a Brazilian farmer discovered a beehive, he thought of a way to drive away the bees, even using a torch. However, he was worried that he would be attacked by the bees, so he prepared a plastic bag for himself and put it on his head. The plan seemed sound, but he didn’t seem to have considered whether he should poke a few holes in his plastic bag to make it easier for him to breathe.

Perhaps it was his fear of bees that made him ignore this point at all. After he had been away for a long time and failed to return home, his wife went out to look for him and found him suffocated beneath the hive.

23. Died by welding grenades

Dumbest Ways People Died

One afternoon in 2005, a man named Marco decided to clean the chimney in his house. But when he tried using a simple broom, he realized it was too small. So he began to improvise, using a chain to pull the broom and a weight to hold the broom in place, and then used this special little device to clean the chimney. However, he chose a grenade as the weight when creating this gadget. When he turned on the welding equipment, the grenade exploded as soon as the flames hit it, killing him instantly.

24. Gave himself an enema and died

Dumbest Ways People Died

Michael, a store owner in Texas, was an alcoholic who couldn’t drink alcohol by mouth because of a sore throat. Therefore, he was addicted to alcohol and thought of other ways to drink alcohol, and the method he used was enemas. One night, he decided to drink. He used an enema to pour himself 3 liters of sherry. The alcohol was continuously and rapidly absorbed into his body. As a result, he was found dead the next morning. Toxicology reports showed the alcohol content in his system reached 0.47%

25. Forgot to pull the handbrake and was hit by her own car

Dumbest Ways People Died

In the UK, a 58-year-old woman was driving when she suddenly realized that she had forgotten something when she left home. She immediately stopped the car, but she turned off the phone and applied the handbrake. As she was checking the trunk, the car began to move backward and eventually crushed her.


These were the 25 Dumbest Ways People Died. Because they did something that was obviously harmful to themselves and ended up losing their lives because of it. Do you know of any other Dumbest Ways People Died? You can leave a comment below!

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