Amarnath Pigeons: Mythical Creatures of Immortality

If you’re looking for the Mystery of Immortal Amarnath Pigeons, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Story of Amarnath Cave & Mystery of Immortal Amarnath Pigeons.

Every year, Hindu devotees make a pilgrimage to the sacred Amarnath Cave, one of the most revered Hindu shrines, near Baltal, Kashmir, India. Amarnath Cave has been a place of worship since ancient times, with references found in many ancient texts.

Amarnath cave is one of the major places of Lord Shiva. Amarnath cave is located in Jammu and Kashmir India. Not only India but many devotees from every corner of the world visit Amarnath cave every year. Come to visit the Amarnath cave located in Jammu Kashmir is very ancient and full of mysteries, so let us tell you today about some of the secrets of the Amarnath cave and immortal Amarnath pigeons, which you will be surprised to hear.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the Mystery & Story of Amarnath Cave & Immortal Amarnath Pigeons that will blow your mind!

About Amarnath Cave

Mystery & Story of Amarnath Cave & Immortal Amarnath Pigeons

According to Hindus, this is the cave where Shiva explained the secrets of life and eternity to his divine consort Parvati. The cave itself is covered with snow most of the year except during the summer period when it is open for pilgrims. The cave is located at an altitude of 3,888 meters (12,756 feet).

This holy cave of Amarnath is situated at a distance of one hundred and thirty-five kilometers from the city of Srinagar and at an altitude of fourteen feet above sea level. The inner depth of the holy cave is sixteen meters in width and thirteen meters in height. Devotees believe that if any human being Every time one visits this holy cave, one attains heaven. In this Amarnath cave, a Shivling has formed automatically.

To visit this cave people come from India as well as from many cities around the world. Devotees believe that once one visits this cave, he attains salvation. Devotees of Shiva believe that the throat of Mata Sati had fallen here. There is the importance and if you come to Amarnath Dham, you get many times more fruit than going to any other pilgrimage site. It is a belief that the fruit that one gets after thousand years of penance is found only by visiting the Amarnath cave.

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Story of Amarnath Cave and Shivling

Mystery & Story of Amarnath Cave & Immortal Amarnath Pigeons

Let us now tell you who discovered this Amarnath cave. Yes, curiosity must have come into the mind of all of you who after all, first went or saw the Amarnath cave, then today we will tell you all about different secrets.

First of all, let us know that a Muslim shepherd named Buta Malik discovered this Amarnath cave. It is a belief that one day while grazing the goats, the shepherd had gone too far, due to which he reached the forest. He had reached the forest due to losing his way. He was sitting in a lonely deserted place when a man disguised as a monk came there. And he gave wood to that shepherd and sent him to the house by showing the right path. When the shepherd reached home, that wood had turned into a diamond, he become very happy.

As it happens to all human beings, whenever we get happiness, we get very excited and started dancing because of it, but when he returned, curiosity settled at the place where he had met the monk. No one was there when he came there, so a Shivling was built there, so it is believed that Lord Bholenath gives darshan to those who come to this place. There is not just one cave near the Amarnath cave, but when you pass through the Amravati River, you will get to see many small caves.

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Story of Immortal Amarnath Pigeons

Mystery & Story of Amarnath Cave & Immortal Amarnath Pigeons

It is believed that Lord Bholenath narrated the immortal story to Mother Parvati at this place. A pair of pigeons are seen here by devotees who go to worship. It is believed that this pair is none other than Lord Shankar. And Mother Parvatiji and anyone who sees this pair of Amarnath pigeons become blessed.

Amarnath Pigeons Story

Once Devarshi Narad went to Mount Kailash to meet Lord Shiva, but lord shiva was not there, only Mother Parvati was sitting there. Lord Bhole Nath had actually gone to some other place. So Devarshi Narad asked maa Parvati why lord Shiva wears Mundamala around his neck. When he asked this question to Mata Parvati, Mata Parvati refused to give any answer saying that she also does not know why lord shiva wears Mundamala around his neck.

When Lord Bholenath came back, Mother Parvati asked him, ”O Bhole Nath, why do you wear Mundamala around your neck?

Then Bholenath replied ”O Goddess Parvati, as many times as you have taken birth as a human, I wear that number of garlands

then Parvati ji asked, ”Swami, my body is mortal, I get death again and again. But you are immortal. Tell me the reason.”

Lord Bhole Nath said to Goddess Parvati, ‘‘All this is because of Amar Katha”,

on this Parvati Ji insisted on swami, ”You also tell me the Amar Katha.”

Lord Shiva hesitated for years but finally, he was forced to agree to narrate the Amar Katha. As you all know, when the wife becomes stubborn in her life, then the husband has to obey. Now the problem was where should Amar Katha be told. Yes, because by mistake if that story falls in the ear of any creature or in the ear of any devil or in the ear of any demon, then that too will become immortal.

After this Lord Shiva got into thinking, then Lord Shiva took Mother Parvati along with her to the Amarnath cave and told her about the Amar Katha.

Shiv ji He took off the snake adorning his neck and the moon adorned his forehead, after that, they entered the cave with Parvati ji. Mother Parvati fell asleep while listening to the story of being immortal from Shivji, during this time two children of pigeons were born in that cave and they heard the whole story from Shivji.

When Shiv ji came to know that two pigeons have heard the story of being immortal, then he go ahead to kill them. The pigeons told Shivji that if you kill them, then the story of being immortal will be proven false. Then lord shiva gave a boon to those pigeons that you will stay at this place for ages and ages. will live as a symbol of Shiv Parvati.

Whoever will see you in the cave of Amarnath, will get the virtue of seeing Shiva and Parvati. These pigeons living in the cave of Amarnath are immortal. Even today devotees get darshan of these amaranth pigeons. It is said that even today the devotees get the darshan of these pigeons here and in this way, this cave became the witness of the immortal story.

Some Facts About Amarnath Cave

  • In order to narrate the story to Parvati ji, Mahadev first left his vehicle, Nandi, in search of a secret place, the place where he left Nandi is today known as Pahalgam. Amarnath Yatra starts from this place. A little further from here, Lord Shiva separated the moon from his locks, that place is called Chandanwadi. After this Ganga ji was released in Panchtarni and Kanthabhushan Sarpo was released in Sheshnag, thus the place got its name Sheshnag.
  • Not only does the formation of the snow Shivling inside the Amarnath cave take place miraculously, but numerous other marvels are also witnessed there. Here, four to five figurines are mechanically produced from the ice in the cave each year. These representations portray several gods and goddesses.
  • One of the sculptures in the cave is of Lord Shiva, also known as Baba Amarnath. Together with Lord Ganesha and Mother Parvati, other gods, and goddesses also take on physical shape. The devotees get a flood of euphoria when they see these figures.
  • In addition to being one of the 51 Shaktipeeths, Baba Amarnath Temple is a mythical shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. One of the 51 famous Shaktipeeths, the mata Parvati Peeth inside the cave, is located there.

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