Hidden Secrets & The Unsolved Mysteries of Himalayas 

If you’re looking for the Hidden Secrets & Unsolved Mysteries of Himalayas, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Hidden Secrets & Unsolved Mysteries of Himalayas.

In fact, there are many rumors about the Himalayas, the most famous of which is the vacuum inside the Himalayas. Simply put, some people think that the interior of the Himalayas is a vacuum. In fact, this is the same as the vacuum theory of the earth.

As we all know, the Himalayas are the highest peaks in the world, and they are famous all over the world. At present, few people can climb to the top of the Himalayas. It is covered with snow all year round, covering the Himalayas with a particularly mysterious veil. There are many Hidden Secrets & The Unsolved Mysteries of Himalayas. Let’s see here.

Secrets & Mysteries of Himalayas 

The magic of nature

Secrets & Mysteries of Himalayas 

The magic of nature is that it is changing all the time. Even though today’s technological civilization has developed to the point where it is now, some mysterious phenomena in nature still cannot be explained by science. You are like the Bermuda Triangle, and it is precise because of their existence that they declare this sovereignty to human beings. In this piece of nature, human beings are not the masters of nature, but human beings are just a speck of dust in the development of nature for trillions of years.

Just like the Himalayas, the world’s first mountain range confirms this sentence to a certain extent. In ancient times, the Himalayas were just an ocean. Under the constant movement of the earth, after tens of thousands of years of development, it has become the largest mountain range in the world. In the Himalayas, there is also Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, and the height of the peak is rising at a slow rate every year due to the continuous movement of the earth.

The adventure team discovers a lake never seen before

Due to the atmospheric pressure, the higher the location, the lower the temperature. So the Himalayas are covered with snow all year round, until once the ice and snow melted, people found a surprising scene in the lake. With today’s mountaineering equipment becoming more and more advanced, people can use this advanced equipment to go to places they have never been able to reach before. Climbing the world’s highest peak became the hottest thing at that time.

So every year, many people come to challenge the world’s highest peak, and many of them stay on this mountain forever because of the harsh yellow environment. An adventure team once discovered a mysterious lake on a mountainside in the Himalayas, and this lake had not been detected by the expedition team or satellites before. Because the Himalayas are covered by ice and snow all year round, this lake has been concealed by glacial water, which has led to people not discovering this lake. When the ice and snow melted, the river passed through this lake again, which made this lake appear in the world. before. And when the temperature drops, the river will be frozen again by ice and snow.

Mystery of Skeleton lake in Himalayas 

Secrets & Mysteries of Himalayas 

Global warming caused by environmental damage has led to the widespread melting of the Himalayas. And the lake that had not been discovered before appeared in front of people like this. However, when people discovered this seemingly ordinary lake, they found an unusual side. There were hundreds of human remains in it, and there were even Some remains that appeared directly around the lake, so the lake is also called “Skeleton Lake” by the locals.

And where did the corpses in this lake come from? Why are there hundreds of remains in this lake? There are many speculations among the local people. Some people think that this is a member of the Japanese expedition team. Because of an accident, he died directly at my place. No one has seen it, and it has been here.

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Mystery of Snowman in Himalayas

Secrets & Mysteries of Himalayas 

It was once reported that a “snowman” appeared in the Himalayas. This creature resembled a human being, with snow-white long hair all over its body, running fast on the snow, and leaving huge footprints.

At that time, for this matter, the government also specially organized a team of professional scientists to go to the Himalayas to investigate, but obviously, no answer was found in the end. Some people said that this was someone else’s prank and that there is no such thing as a snowman in the world. Others believe that the possibility of the existence of snowmen in the Himalayas is very high. If there are primitive people in the primitive forest tribes, why can’t primitive people live in the Himalayas?

In short, there have always been different opinions on this issue, and it depends on which point of view everyone is willing to believe.

However, in addition to the Yeti, people have also discovered that there seems to be another mystery in the Himalayas-the hollow inside.

It has to be said that this is a very bold guess and assumption.

Some time ago, scientists conducted research on the Himalayas and discovered this secret. Judging from the data detected by various instruments, the Himalayas are hollow.

Relying on the existing advanced equipment, scientists have detected that the conductivity of the Himalayas is 100 times higher than normal at a place 100km away from the Himalayas. Therefore, scientists speculate that there are many liquids under the Himalayas, and in the liquids, it is very likely that new species live.

In order to verify the authenticity of this conclusion, scientists specially formed a team to conduct repeated inspections on the Himalayas, which can be said to have scanned and analyzed the entire Himalayas. Using the ultra-wide platform vigorous electron detector to detect the electromagnetic field wind volume around the Himalayas, and then carry out modeling analysis based on these data, and finally get the detailed situation inside the Himalayas.

The results also show that the possibility of a hollow interior in the Himalayas is extremely high. As soon as the news came out, it immediately attracted the attention of countless netizens. Everyone was shocked by the news but soon began to ask new questions, whether there are new creatures in the Himalayas. This goes back to the “snowman” in the Himalayas we mentioned at the beginning. Is there a possibility that the snowman is actually a creature living in the Himalayas? Scientists cannot answer this question. After all, scientists have only analyzed and studied the structure of the Himalayas, and have not really entered the interior of the Himalayas, so they have no way of knowing.

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The Himalayas are “hollow”

Secrets & Mysteries of Himalayas 

According to the current data detected by geology, experts have found that the Indian continental plate is still squeezing northwards, which has led to the rapid increase in the height of Mount Everest. At present, it can increase by about 1cm every year. Therefore, the Himalayas are still in the stage of rapid growth.

Many people think that the mountain range had a certain altitude when it was first formed, but in fact, the Himalayas only reached an altitude of 6,000 meters 3 million years ago, and the actual growth rate is not fast, and it can even be said to be slow.

The Himalayas are relatively mysterious to the world. In fact, most mountain ranges will not increase so fast. In order to solve the mystery of the growth rate of the Himalayas, geological scientists began to study day and night. They used the “earth Electromagnetic detection method” for observation.

The changes in the Himalayas’ magnetic field are observed using a sophisticated machine that detects magnetotellurics, which detects a certain electrical conductivity that scientists study to determine how high the Himalayas have grown.

However, with the deepening of the research on the Himalayas, experts found that the Himalayas are not “solid”, and there is a huge space inside it. This hole hidden in the middle of the world’s highest mountains has attracted the attention of the world. Many people even suspect that there is some kind of mystery in the middle of the mountains.

In fact, the hollow parts of the Himalayas should have been eroded by water. Geological experts have concluded that there are a large number of rocks in the Himalayas. The conductivity of the rocks is very poor at ordinary times, but when the rocks appear in a karst state, they will A large amount of liquid is formed and the conductivity becomes very strong. The claims of mysterious species and alien creatures are more fantasy, without the support of scientific theories, so they cannot be fully believed.

The Mystery of Red Snow in the Himalayas

Secrets & Mysteries of Himalayas 

The Himalayas, the roof of the world, often appear with mysterious red snow in the ice and snow fields above 5,000 meters above sea level. The strange snow scene like blood-stained red silk is amazing. She has been listed as one of the mysterious events in Tibet.

How did the red snow phenomenon form? And why do only the Himalayas have red snow? Common snow is white, have you ever seen red snow? It is said that in the Himalayas, people often see blood-red snow mixed with snow-white snow, which is very conspicuous.

There are many theories about the mystery of the red snow. The locals say that the snowman with red hair made it strange, and some people think that it was spelled by a frozen wizard. Anyway, all kinds of bold myths and other unreliable conjectures make people shudder. It was too late to say, but it was too soon, the expert explained with lightning speed that the red blood on his body was snow. It is composed of early morning, stream water, green algae, and student fiber algae. They mainly have red pigments. The largest Mercedes-Benz can also carry out photosynthesis. The proportion of pigments contained is different, and different colors will appear. However, the pigments contained in this blood date But it’s unusual, it’s actually hemoglobin,

The white snow was dyed red by these early, so after being exposed to the sun. Turned into a piece of red blood, there are many questions about the mystery of Hongxue’s birth. Those algal plants that contain pigments generally grow in humid places. Why do they also exist on the snow-capped Himalayas? It turns out that among the algae there is a kind of blood coat. They are not afraid of severe colds, and they have the ability to emit light. They are especially widely distributed in perennial snow, and they can’t freeze to death at minus 35 degrees Celsius. These snow-covered algae are so tenacious in the towering Himalayas, and they can also produce pigments, but how do they absorb nutrients?

According to the research of botanists, the main source of life is when water is poured into the surrounding moisture. Because it can absorb purple light and blue light, etc., it can improve photosynthetic ability and produce many soluble sugars, thereby reducing the freezing point in cells and making cells The limb structure will not be destroyed at low temperatures. In the low-temperature environment all year round, although the white ball found in the cement is frozen, it is fine. He is still alive and will wake up when the sun shines. Are you satisfied with this explanation? Please leave a message in the comment area to share your experience.

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