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If you’re looking for The Konark Temple Mystery, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss The Konark Temple Mystery.

Countless ancient temples are scattered around the world, most of which remain unsolved mysteries, astounding historians and archaeologists with their beauty and complexity of ancient structures.

Most of the temples were built without the use of modern tools, but they show the precision that modern lasers, power tools, and heavy machinery can only achieve.

How did the ancients transport stones weighing 50 tons? How do they build walls, blocks of limestone, and andesite that look as if they were laser cut? How could the ancients carve out entire temples and caves without modern technology?

In this article, we are going to take a look at The Konark Temple Mystery that will blow your mind!

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About The Konark Temple Mystery

Konark temple mystery

The Konark Sun Temple is located in Konark, Odisha near the Bay of Bengal. It was built by the 13th-century Kalinga king Narasimha Deva and is one of the holy places of Brahmanism. In 1984, the Sun God Temple shows the image of the sun god Surya driving a chariot. The 24 wheels are decorated with character patterns, and the chariot is pulled by 6 horses. Today, most of them have been destroyed, and only half of the original remains, but these ruined buildings still retain their charm of the past, deeply attracting tourists from all over the world. It is rare to have such a unique concept as the Temple of the Sun, and such a large number of well-preserved group sculpture buildings. In 1984, the Konark Sun Temple was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The architecture of The Konark Temple

The entire temple is designed in the shape of the chariot of the sun god Surya, decorated with 12 pairs of wheels and seven horses. This temple is one of the most solemn buildings in India. It not only lies in its magnificent shape and perfect proportion but also reflects a kind of religious harmony. Its lines and cartouches, and its fine animal and human figures, make it special among Hindu temples.

The outer walls of the temple and the auditorium have exquisite carvings. The dance hall (Nata Mandir) and dining hall (Bhoga-Mandap) in the temple collapsed, leaving only some ruins. There are three statues of gods in the temple, representing the morning sun, noon sun, and evening sun respectively. The entire temple is 857 feet long and 540 feet wide, facing northeast.

The Sculpture of The Konark Temple

Konark temple mystery

The temple is covered with thousands of patterns and statues, reflecting various realms and scenes of heaven, gods, and people, including music, dance, love, hunting, war, and court life, as well as birds, animals, plants, and geometric figures Etc, beautiful and elegant, fascinating.

The bottom row of the temple has 1452 elephants of different shapes. There are motifs of the king himself riding on the back of an elephant, with servants carrying parasols. The warriors held swords and shields and drove elephants and horses to fight. Deer being chased by hunters or shot in the forest. There is a picture of an old woman on a pilgrimage, which is considered the most moving.

She is blessing her son, while her daughter-in-law is worshiping at her feet, and her grandson is leaning on her. There are also scenes of pilgrims wearing food and other useful things and making meals on the road in an ox cart.

The middle group of carvings on the temple wall shows many grotesque things, such as monsters with a lion’s head and an elephant body, a lion’s head and a human body, and Nagamanasa. Different forms of men and women can also be seen in this row of sculptures.

The temple is full of images expressing sexual love, which is one of the biggest features of the temple sculptures. Its bold and straightforward performance makes the witnesses immediately have complex impulses of enthusiasm and a little shyness. Its expression of the “carnival of life” The artistic expression and craftsmanship is considered the best among the many temples in the area. The famous Indian ancient book “Kama Sutra” describes a total of sixty-four sex techniques with eight moves and eight moves.

The sculpture also shows people’s anatomical knowledge at that time. For example, in a scene where a man lifts a woman and the woman hugs the man’s neck, the muscle contraction is just right. This cannot be sculpted without profound anatomical knowledge.

On the three sides of the temple, there are statues of the sun god, that is, the statues of the lion face, elephant, and horse, which make the whole temple more beautiful.

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The Majestic “The Chariot of the Sun” – Konark Temple Mystery

Konark temple mystery

The temple, shaped in the shape of a giant chariot, has some finely carved features, such as carved stone wheels, columns, and walls, and the main part of the building is in ruins. The ancients dedicated it to Surya, the sun god. ), the name of the temple “Konark” is derived from the Sanskrit words, “Kona” which means corner or angle, and “Ark” which means the sun. The temple has 24 carved wheels adorned with 7 horses who are depicted as if pulling the temple.

The wheels of the Konark Sun Temple are not just wheels. They are actually sundials, and the shadows of the spokes of the wheels can be used to accurately predict the time.”

Originally, the ancients built the temple at the mouth of the Chandrabhaga River, but since then, the water level of the river has dropped.

The main structure of the temple collapsed in the 17th century, and many believe that the collapsed structure contained 52 tons of magnets at the top. Experts believe the collapsed magnet allowed the main statue of the temple to float in mid-air.

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