13 Weird Looking People in The World

If you’re looking for the weird looking people in the world, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the 13 weird looking people in the world.

The world is a big place and full of weird things. There are also animals with their own deformities. The same is true for humans. There will also be deformed individuals. But now that the medical level is advanced, fetuses with deformities have been discovered during the development period. Avoid similar The birth of a deformed child seen in this article! The following 13 weird looking people in the world will make you frown.

Weird Looking People in The World

There are many weird looking people in the world, and each one is really weirder than the last. Some of these people are because of their appearance, some are because of what they do, and they are all unconventional people. Below, I introduce you to the 13 weird looking people in the world.

1. Joseph Merrick

weird looking people in the world

Joseph Merrick achieved great personal fame during his lifetime. He was not only a celebrity in London social circles but also well-known around the world. Merrick was born with Proteus Syndrome in 1862, a rare disease that causes patients’ bones to become deformed, thickened, and develop huge lumps. 

Merrick’s mother died when he was 11 years old, and his biological father and stepmother were unwilling to raise him, so he had to leave home and go to Leicester to make a living. After the success of “The Elephant Man”, Merrick toured Europe. After the tour, he returned to London and stayed at the Royal London Hospital. From time to time, he was visited by dignitaries, including Alexander, Princess of Wales. Della. Because his head was large and heavy, Merrick always slept sitting up.

One night in 1890, he tried to lie down to sleep like a normal person. Unexpectedly, he accidentally dislocated his cervical joint and died of suffocation. He was only 27 years old.

2. Didier Montalvo

weird looking people in the world

Didier Montalvo, a boy from rural Colombia, suffered from a strange disease called congenital giant melanoma nevus. That huge nevus grew on his body at an extremely fast speed until it covered his entire back. Since Montalvo seemed to have a turtle shell on his back, his friends naturally nicknamed him “Turtle Boy”.

The day Montalvo was conceived coincided with a solar eclipse. Some local superstitious people believed that he was cursed or simply a messenger of the devil. They banned their children from playing with him, and local schools were unwilling to admit him.

After British doctor Neil Bulstrode heard about Montalvo’s condition, he made a special trip to Colombia to treat him. He removed the mole on the montalvo’s back through multiple surgeries. After the operation, Montalvo was no different from other children of the same age, and the school accepted him. Now he lives a happy and normal life.

3. José Mestre

weird looking people in the world

When he was 14 years old, Portuguese José Mestre developed a tumor on his face, and his mouth began to swell as if he had been severely beaten in a boxing match. At first, Mestre also tried to get treatment. Unfortunately, he met several quack doctors who delayed his condition. When the tumor grew bigger, he could no longer afford to pay for medical treatment. Mestre simply refused treatment.

Over the past 40 years, the tumor on his face grew to more than 5 kilograms. As a result, he lost sight in one eye and his entire face was covered. It was quite difficult to eat, sleep, and even breathe.

In 2010, Mestre finally went to Chicago for treatment. Doctors performed four operations on him to remove the tumor and reconstruct his facial features. The operations were quite successful, and he started a new life.

4. Rudy Santos

weird looking people in the world

Rudy Santos suffers from the extremely rare parasitic twin disease. At the age of 66, he is also the longest-surviving patient with the disease. Santos has two arms and one leg on his pelvis and abdomen. He also has a pair of extra ripples and an incompletely developed head with hair and an ear. The extra organs belonged to Santos’s twin fetuses, who had grown together during the pregnancy.

Santos was very popular in the 1970s and 1980s. He performed with a circus under the stage name “Octopus Man” and could earn up to 20,000 Philippine pesos a night. The strange thing is that just when his fame was at its peak, he suddenly disappeared.

In 2008, Santos, who had returned to poverty, went to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor said that he could operate to remove the extra organs in his body. After some consideration, he refused the operation on the grounds that he had become accustomed to it over the years.

5. Petero Byakatonda

weird looking people in the world

Petero Byakatonda grew up in a rural town in Uganda. He is a patient with Cruzon syndrome, which affects one in every 25,000 births, but his condition is particularly severe. Cruzon syndrome can cause cranial deformity, pushing the eyeball out of the socket, which can lead to vision and hearing problems. In developed countries, children can be treated as soon as they are born, but Byakatonda is not so lucky. The hospital closest to his home All hundreds of kilometers away.

The strange appearance caused a lot of trouble for Byakatonda. Neighbors were reluctant to approach him. He had hardly left the house since he was born. Later, a passing doctor happened to discover Byakatonda’s condition and actively contacted him for treatment in the United States. He underwent two surgeries that almost killed him, but finally survived and his condition was cured. control.

6. Dede Koswara

weird looking people in the world

Dede Koswara, an Indonesian man, suffered from a severe fungal infection, scientifically known as epidermodysplasia verruciformis, which causes large areas of hard fungus to grow on the patient’s skin, which looks very much like tree bark. The fungus can be found all over the body, but the hands and feet are the most common areas. The fungus on Koswara’s hands and feet has grown to a weight of about 6 kilograms, which has brought great inconvenience to his life. 

In 2008, Koswara went to the United States for treatment. The doctor removed the fungus from his body and then performed a skin graft on the excision site. However, the operation did not stop the growth of the fungus. After a while, the bark-like fungus grows again. Koswara underwent another surgery in 2011 and died of multiple complications five years later.

7. Minh Anh

weird looking people in the world

Vietnamese boy Minh Anh is an orphan. He was born with a strange skin disease that causes his skin to become scaly and peel off. Some doctors believe that Yingming’s strange disease is a sequelae of the chemical weapon Agent Orange used by the US military during the Vietnam War. His body temperature is higher than normal. If he does not bathe regularly, his skin will become very uncomfortable. In the orphanage, people called Yingming “Fish Boy”.

He was stubborn and would retaliate violently when he felt bullied by staff and other children. For this reason, he was often tied to the bed. Ms. Brenda Smith, an Englishman, met Yingming when he was very young. Later, she went to Vietnam to visit him almost every year, and the two formed a deep friendship. With Smith’s help, Yingming’s temper has improved greatly, and he now goes swimming once a week, his favorite sport.

8. Martin Laurello

weird looking people in the world

This man became known as Martin Laurello, who was born Martin Emmerling in 1886 in Nuremberg, Germany. At the age of 20, he began his acting career in Europe and brought his performances to the United States in 1921. He also worked for the Ringling family’s Barnum & Bailey brothers acrobatic troupe and performed in Coney Island several times.

He also worked for the Royal American Vaudeville Troupe called “Dick’s Strongest” until 1945, when he appeared in Ripley’s acrobatics with the seven-year-old Lobster Boy “Popeye Perry” and “Junior Stiles”.

9. Kim Goodman

weird looking people in the world

Kim Goodman from the United States can make her eyeballs protrude 11 mm outside the orbit. Obtained the “Guinness World Records” in Los Angeles, California, USA. Kim discovers her unique and somewhat surprising talents after a sudden hit to her head while wearing a hockey cap. At that time, one of her eyeballs protruded much more than usual. From then on, whenever Kim yawned, her eyes would pop out.

10. Victoria Wright

weird looking people in the world

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any images of Wright’s childhood. However, according to her introduction, her facial swelling began when she was 4 years old. It was diagnosed that this was not mandibular hyperplasia, but some kind of fibrous tissue hyperplasia. Her chin grew larger as she aged, and by age 13 the fibrous tissue began to press on her eyeballs, causing them to bulge outward.

Her huge chin followed her throughout her childhood, causing much ridicule and abuse. It just so happened that “Toy Story” was released at that time. Because of her big chin and protruding eyeballs, the female Buzz Lightyear also became another name for her.

But Wright is lucky. She has many good friends. They know that people are beyond appearances. Under this astonishing face, Wright is a shining person. With the support of her friends, Wright became stronger and stronger. She was kind-hearted and believed that although she had such a face, there was no need for her to shut herself up at home and not face strangers.

Some people would indeed care about her face. But this wasn’t necessarily a sign of malice. She greeted them with a smile, letting everyone know that she was cheerful and not as bad as she looked.

11. James Carlton

weird looking people in the world

We have seen all kinds of weird things in life, but you have never seen someone who is willing to die and have his head reshaped to look like a dog’s head. It looks impossible to look at.

A man in Brazil longed to turn into a dog, so he spent his own money to become the world’s first “human dog”. Below are real-life photos documenting the entire process of the man’s plastic surgery to become a dog’s head! In fact, this man was a very handsome young man before the surgery.

But one day, the man suddenly decided to have plastic surgery on his head. The man said that he has admired dogs very much throughout his life. He felt that although dogs cannot talk like humans, they are very understanding of human nature.

As a result, despite the unanimous opposition of his family, the man paid his own money and insisted on completing the surgery. However, this caused the man’s friends to directly cut off their relationship with the man. They felt that the man’s behavior was indeed a bit abnormal.

12. Lalit Patidar

weird looking people in the world

Lalit Patidar was born with congenital hirsutism. His entire face is covered in hair, a condition also known as “werewolf syndrome.” There are various types of hirsutism, with the congenital (from birth) form being the rarest. It’s unclear how many people suffer from the strange disease, but online estimates suggest only around 50 people have been diagnosed. This incurable disease causes a person’s face, arms and other parts of the body to be covered in fine hairs that can grow up to 5cm long.

Lalit said: “I was born with too much hair and it made me different. Sometimes I wished I could be like other kids but there was nothing I could do about it. I was used to the way I lived and I Usually feel comfortable with myself.”

The kids at Lalit School have accepted him for who he is and no one treats him any differently. His principal, Babulal Makwana, said: “Lalit has good academic performance and excels in sports. He is very popular in the class and everyone likes him.”

13. Xia Yuanhai

weird looking people in the world

Xia Yuanhai in Chongqing, China, has a strange disease that looks like an alien. His face is abnormally swollen, twice the size of an ordinary person’s head, and it is also weirdly shaped, making people look a bit scary.

But this sick man’s strange disease looks like an alien and he is helpless. Now it is precisely because of this strange disease that his teeth have become fragmented and his hearing has also deteriorated. When Xia Yuanhai was a boy, his appearance was completely normal.

But at some point, his face began to proliferate as he aged. Due to the increased cell reproduction rate, facial organs and tissues continued to expand. The shape of Xia Yuanhai’s head has completely changed. As a result, I now see this man with a strange disease that looks like an alien, but there is no good solution.


These were the above-mentioned 13 weird looking People in The World. There are many weird looking People in the world are exist. Most of them are weird just because of disease. Leave a message in the comment area for discussion.

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