14 of The Most Stupid Criminals in The World

If you’re looking for the Stupid Criminals in the world, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the 14 Most Stupid Criminals in the world Ever.

When it comes to criminals, they are generally very vicious and cunning in our minds, and we are very disgusted and afraid of them. However, there are also some criminals in the world who may break the traditional impression in this regard, because they are very stupid criminals, and very funny. Their behavior really makes people “dumbfounded”. I don’t know how to evaluate them. So based on this aspect, today we will share about the most stupid criminals in the world. It sounds incredible, but they are The 14 dumbest criminals in real life!

14 Most Stupid Criminals in The World

what’s interesting is that there are also many stupid criminals in this world, and their criminal behavior seems to tell people to catch them quickly. Their foolish behavior led to their quick capture. Next, let us take a look at the 13 stupid criminals who were caught relying on extremely stupid criminal acts.

1. Andrew Hennells

Most Stupid Criminals

Now is the era of the Internet. Many people like to take selfies on social media, but can you believe it? Criminals are actually willing to try such a trend. 32-year-old Andrew Hennells bragged about robbing a supermarket on Facebook and openly displayed the knives used to commit the crime. Needless to say, Andrew Hennells After being reported by netizens, the police quickly identified him. In the end, this stupid criminal was sentenced to four years in prison. I really have nothing to say about this man’s “brainless” behavior!

2. Lukasz Chojnowski

Most Stupid Criminals

The criminal behavior of burglary is generally very hateful, but some thefts are very “laughing and laughing”. A retired couple from Lancashire, England, came home from a holiday in 2014 and found that There was a thief (Lukasz Chojnowski) sleeping on his bed, he was surprised to see that his room had been cleaned, and even the unwashed dishes were washed.

The thief seemed very “enthusiastic”. Finally, after the police received the call from the couple, they quickly arrested this strange thief. It is understood that the criminal was 28 years old and had no legitimate occupation, so he thought For committing the theft, he was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay a £200 fine.

3. Mohammad Ahsan

Most Stupid Criminals

Terrorists have always been the public enemies of mankind. They often do crazy things. However, because they are despised by all mankind, the whereabouts of these people are very mysterious and rarely appear in public. However, there is an Afghan The “Taliban” commander did something that is difficult for the world to understand.

According to reports, in 2012, a man named Mohammad Ahsan told the police that he was a “mid- to low-level Taliban commander” and was suspected of organizing many terrorist attacks. He pointed to a photo on a wanted warrant and claimed That was himself. Because he had a falling out with the “Taliban“, he came to surrender.

In the end, the man asked for US$100 for the viewfinder. At first, the police did not believe what he said, but after repeated comparisons, confirming his identity, and successfully arresting him so easily, it sounds incredible!

4. Logan James

Most Stupid Criminals

We have all seen arrogant criminals, but criminals who openly taunt the police on the Internet are probably too rare. A 19-year-old man named Logan James was sentenced for blasphemy, common assault, and knife possession, but he was wanted for violating the conditions of his release from prison. However, what is surprising is that Logan James actually posted a video of himself on Facebook, openly mocking the police’s ability.

It is really a crazy behavior of “if you don’t commit suicide, you will not die”. Naturally, I suffered the retaliation I deserved. Not only was I successfully arrested by the police, but I was also ridiculed. I really deserved it!

5. James Allan

Most Stupid Criminals

In 2012, a supermarket’s CCTV recorded a hilarious robbery incident. During the robbery attempt, the 29-year-old criminal James Allan was moving the shelves when a wine bottle fell down, causing James to suddenly · Allan felt very scared and wanted to leave immediately, but he could not open the door.

So he put on a hood and threatened the cashier with a toy gun to demand money. However, the cashier saw through the criminal’s trick and wisely chose to call the police. In the end, James Allen was not only caught but was also arrested for robbery. He was sentenced to three years in prison. I just want to say: This is the result of self-destruction if you do too much injustice.

6. Christopher Badman

Most Stupid Criminals

Everyone has learned the story of deception in school. However, a real-life version of deception actually took place in the UK. Christopher Badman from South Wales prepared to commit a robbery in a hotel. In order not to be discovered, he actually used plastic to steal. The bag was placed over his head.

He thought this would be safer, but his extremely stupid behavior had been clearly recorded by the camera in the corridor, and he would soon be caught by the police. With a large amount of evidence, Christopher Badman could only confess and was eventually sentenced to 16 months in prison and fined 900 pounds.

7. Dean Smith

Maybe many criminals like to disguise themselves before committing a crime. As a result, their cleverness is mistaken for their cleverness, which makes them self-defeating. Dean Smith, a 27-year-old man from the UK, is wearing a blue hoodie and a pair of sunglasses. The attire attracted attention. He came to the bank and pretended to withdraw money at first. Later, holding a knife, he asked the bank staff behind the glass partition for money.

As a result, the bank immediately called the police. Although the man also discovered the danger and fled the scene immediately, because of his clothing, it gave the police convenience in solving the case, so it did not take long to successfully arrest him. Dean Smith was very concerned about his He also regretted his actions and admitted that he was very stupid. In the end, he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for attempted robbery.

8. Paul Robert Benson

Most Stupid Criminals

Manchester United, a team from the English Football League, has many crazy fans around the world, but sometimes their fans can also be people who commit petty theft. In 2015, a man named Paul Robert Benson stole items totaling £104.54 from a Tesco store in Belfast, England. After realizing he had been caught shoplifting by store employees, he quickly fled the scene with the goods. 

Criminals often hope they can avoid being identified, but this foolish thief was wearing his favorite Manchester United jersey. Crucially, it had his name Benson printed in large letters on the back. , and also marked the number 22. Surveillance footage captured his jersey, and police quickly found and captured him through surveillance footage.

9. Andrew Kelley

Andrew Kelley, 23, is a car enthusiast from Leeds. He had numerous traffic violations and Kelley was so proud of his actions that he posted videos of them on the Internet. There are about 80 video clips – ranging from petrol theft to drug use and illegal racing.

Leeds City Councilor Les Carter said: “Kyle appears to be the most stupid criminal in Leeds.”

10. The thief stuck in the pipe

Most Stupid Criminals

In 2018, police and firefighters in California were called to an abandoned Chinese restaurant after someone claimed they heard cries for help inside the building. But when they arrived, nothing was found inside the hotel. It turns out that the sound came from a grease hole in the restaurant, and a man was trying to break into the room through the hole to steal. The thief was stuck there for two days until firefighters and police arrived to free him.

11. Thief who steals police car

On July 27, 2017, a thief was wandering in the urban area of ​​Fort Pierce, Florida, USA. When he found that the key of the car was not removed and the car was turning on the ignition, he opened the door and prepared to steal the car. Enter the cab. 

But this stupid thief ignored one important thing. What he planned to steal was a police car, and there was a policeman in the passenger seat of the police car. Obviously, the police officer in the passenger seat quickly caught the thief who came to the door.

12. Albert Bailey

There is no doubt that this criminal, Albert Bailey, is one of the stupidest criminals in the world. The man and his partner planned a bank robbery mission. But they didn’t seem to have any plans, and they didn’t do any stealing, not even an ice cream.

The funniest thing is that the two robbers called the bank before entering the bank to say that they were going to rob. The incident occurred in Connecticut, USA. According to the thieves, they warned the bank in advance and the bank collected all the cash.

These two are truly geniuses in the world of robbers. Shortly after the call, Bailey sent his partner into the bank with a note telling the bank they were the robbers who had just called.

Police later arrested them, and Bailey and his partner were charged with first-degree robbery and sentenced to nine years in prison.

13. Zachary Tentoni

Most Stupid Criminals

If you rob, leave nothing behind, otherwise, you will become Barbie Q.

And this robber robbed a woman’s wallet. Although he turned around and ran away, in order to put the wallet into his pocket, he threw out the contents of his pants pocket, and the things thrown out were his birth certificate and his Mother’s letter.

And just like that, the police easily found Zachary Tentoni from Southington, Connecticut.


Through the above-mentioned stupid criminals, we are reminded not to try to do something illegal. In the end, you will harm yourself also. It is really not worth the loss. I hope you can understand this. What do you want to say about this? You can leave a message in the comment box below.

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