Top 10 Ugliest Car in The World Ever Made

If you’re searching for the Ugliest Car in the World, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Ugliest Cars in the World.

Modern people not only look at performance and cost-effectiveness when buying a car but also value appearance. In this era of looking at appearances, the appearance of a car is also very important. However, there are still many car brands that have designed many cars with strange shapes. We will give you a list of the top 10 ugliest cars in the world ever made. Let’s see which cars are on the list is the ugliest car in the world.

Top 10 Ugliest Car in The World

10. Aston Martin Lagonda Wagons (Launched in 1976)

Top 10 Ugliest Cars in The World

Langonda Wagons is a car launched by Aston Martin from 1976 to 1990. It looks a bit like the travel version of the old Santana. It has a super long body, a short and wide front, and a straight rear, which looks like an elongated face and swollen buttocks. The whole car is like a gloomy “coffin”, which makes people panic. With its weird shape, it is too easy to be regarded as a hearse when walking on the road. And don’t you think it’s even uglier for such an ugly car that costs about $150,000?

9. Chery QQ me (Launched in 2009)

Top 10 Ugliest Cars in The World

Among the self-owned brands, Chery QQ is a well-known model and has almost become synonymous with Chery. In 2009, Chery paid a lot of money to invite an Italian company to design the QQ me model. It originally wanted to design a fashion and trendy effect similar to the Beetle and MINI, but the final result was that the front face and the rear end were silly and unclear.

Chery can be said to have created a spectacle in the history of global automobiles – the rear of the car looks like the front of the car. If you are driving at high speed and see a car in the distance that seems to be “retrograde” towards you, don’t panic, you must have encountered Chery QQ me.

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8. Nissan S Cargo (Launched in 1988)

Top 10 Ugliest Cars in The World

At the end of 1988, the S-cargo minivan was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. It was built by Nissan’s special vehicle department. It had a 1.5-liter engine and a 3-speed automatic transmission, which was considered luxurious for miniature cars at that time. But the short front, the round body, and the butt-like rear end make it look like a piece of flattened bread. There are also windows shaped like pizza slices, and small wheels with obviously wrong proportions, which make the shape of this car very ridiculous.

At that time, many companies bought it and spray-painted advertisements on the body as a mobile promotional vehicle. A small number of vehicles even entered the Australian and New Zealand markets.

7. Citroen Ami (Launched in 1961)

Top 10 Ugliest Cars in The World

This Ami is a small car produced by French Citroen from 1961 to 1978, and it was also the highest-selling model in France at that time. Its shape subverted people’s aesthetics at that time. The maverick rear-sloping rear windshield shape resembles a “big back head”.

The square headlight shape that looks inconspicuous now was also deviant at the time. The French seem to want to prove their aerodynamic prowess with this Citroen Ami. Although it looks so weird, it appeared in the comic version of Tintin’s Adventures.

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6. Dongfeng coupe (Launched in 2007)

Top 10 Ugliest Cars in The World

When the Dongfeng coupe was launched in 2007, it was claimed to be one of the models carefully crafted by Dongfeng Motor Company with independent intellectual property rights. However, before people know how high-end it is, they are shocked by its astonishing shape.

In addition to the exaggerated front face, the folding fan-shaped tail is also desperate, like a high-arched The bellows are covered so that you can’t even see the rear window. Designers say this is their specially designed tail canopy that can be raised and lowered. EXM? Did I see a fake convertible? It must be.

5. Toyota Will Vi (Launched in 2000 )

Top 10 Ugliest Cars in The World

In 2000, Toyota planned to launch a small car, Will Vi, aimed at young consumers, and deliberately designed the car’s appearance to be relatively advanced. Its front face looks cute, but if you turn the camera to the rear of the car, you will be shocked by its unique shape: the rear of the car seems to have been chopped off, which is really unbearable for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder!

It is said that the appearance design of WiLL Vi is based on Cinderella: the fairy turns the pumpkin into a carriage and takes Cinderella to the ball, so she meets the prince. Toyota tried to use a fairytale-like appearance design to win the recognition of young consumer groups, but in the end, it announced the discontinuation of production in 2001 due to poor sales.

4. Reliant Robin (Launched in 1973)

Top 10 Ugliest Cars in The World

Robin is a three-wheeled car launched by the British Reliant Motor Company in 1973. It adopts a 2-door hatchback body design and is very small in size. The appearance of the body without one wheel looks weird. It is one of the ugliest cars in the world. The Robin’s body is made of fiberglass, which is light in weight. The British call it a “plastic pig”. With the three-wheel design of the front and rear, the driving stability is very bad, and it is difficult to corner.

It is easy to overturn when driving, so it has become the object of ridicule in many film and television works. For example, in many funny short films of “Mr. Bean”, you can often see a blue Robin being overturned by Mr. Bean’s MINI in the parking lot.

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3. Fiat Multipla (Launched in 1998)

Top 10 Ugliest Cars in The World

There are many Fiat star models, but the Multipla became famous in World War I in 1998 not because of its awesome performance, but because of its wonderful shape. Its car looks like a wrinkle stacked with old birthday stars, and with the wrinkle as the dividing line, there are a pair of small round eyes on the top, middle, and bottom, and it looks like an alien creature with multiple eyes when facing the front.

As weird as the front face design is the interior layout of the Multipla: it can also seat three people in the front row! Think about the feeling of being a light bulb, and you will know how awkward it is to ride in this car.

2. Hoffmann 1951(Launched in 1951)

Top 10 Ugliest Cars in The World

The Hoffmann tricycle was produced in 1951. It has a hemispherical body and three wheels in the front and rear. It runs like a seven-star ladybug crawling on the ground. And the seemingly high-end split doors are simply too difficult for people who get on and off the car. To make matters worse, its fuel hole is on the roof, and when refueling, it has to be extended into the car through a fuel pipe.

It has to be said that the designer’s brain hole pierced the sky. When seeing this car, many people will ask: who produced such an ugly car? The answer is Maybach, yes, it is the Maybach known as “Intel in the automotive industry”. Although Maybach has produced many of the world’s top cars, this Hoffmann tricycle, also from Maybach, was once voted the worst car.

1. Aurora safety car (Launched in 1957)

Top 10 Ugliest Cars in The World

The Aurora safety car is a racing car designed by the American Catholic priest Alfred A Juliano. It is based on the chassis of a Buick in 1953. Its appearance was rated as “the ugliest car in the world so far“. In addition, its starting price was as high as 12,000 US dollars, catching up with the top luxury car Cadillac Eldorado Brougham at that time, becoming one of the most expensive cars at that time, and it was decisively rejected by people.

Later, the Aurora Motor Company went bankrupt, and the car was mortgaged to a car repair shop. It was gradually damaged after changing hands several times until British car enthusiast Andy Saunders bought it for $1,500 in 1993. It was completely restored in 2005 and made a stunning debut at that year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​before making its way to the Beaulieu Museum.

It is said that Juliano originally planned to mass-produce Aurora, but on the way from Connecticut to the press conference in New York, it lay down 15 times and entered the repair shop 7 times. In addition, its ugly appearance was too contrary to the aesthetics of the time. The plan was aborted. People say that aesthetics has no borders, but this first ugly award is to Aurora, there is nothing wrong with it.

Looking at these failed cars, some are for a wild idea, some are for a distinctive shape, but completely ignore the inconvenience that these designs may bring, and they are doomed to a short-lived ending. However, their spirit is commendable, because no matter how ugly the design is, it is better than copying, it is original after all! Especially the two domestically produced cars, let us see the efforts made by domestically produced cars to seek breakthroughs.

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